Here's Why I Want Adam West to "Meet" George Reeves

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If you're a "fan-boy" like me, and you saw the link to Alex Ross' website for a few recent prints he did, including George Reeves' Superman flying over Adam West and Burt Ward in the Batmobile you had ONE thought - I know I did. The World's Finest! Give me my Batman '66 Meets Superman '55! Take my money!

I'm not sure why The Adventures of Superman has been designated Superman '55 - maybe it's because that's when the series went from Black and White to Color episodes. I'd love to hear the explanation. Since Batman '66 and Wonder Woman '77 launched, there have been fans, including me, that have been asking for Superman '55.

Let me tell you why I would rather see Adam West and George Reeves team up than Adam West and Christopher Reeve.

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I haven't seen the Wonder Woman film yet. I'm planning to go see it this weekend. (Probably Saturday, June 10th) Here's what I'm thinking: If Wonder Woman is nigh-immortal, she's the line. I can't recommend Batman '66 Meets Wonder Woman '77 highly enough. The most recent issue introduces a '77 Nightwing - Burt Ward's Dick Grayson in bell bottoms! Now there's an image.

I can see Lynda Carter's Diana Prince with Adam West, George Reeves and Jackson Bostwick/John Davy. I can see her with Michael Keaton, Christopher Reeve and John Wesley Shipp, too. I can't see Adam West and Christopher Reeve together. I see Reeve's Superman as more of the Modern Age. An "Earth-One" version of the character along with Keaton's Batman. Adam West's Batman is more of the "Earth-Two" Batman.

I have a pile of comics that starts with The Batman Adventures #25, featuring a '90's mullet Superman and an equally mulleted and bearded Lex Luthor! That was followed by Superman & Batman Magazine, then a few other guest appearances in Gotham Adventures, before Superman: The Animated Series and Superman Adventures debuted. It's cool to see how Kevin Conroy and Tim Daly have embraced their roles as The World's Finest. Tim Daly has a YouTube channel and he and Conroy were in a hilarious video together when Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice came out.

I'd love to see George Reeves' Superman make a comeback. I'm probably one of the few fans that would actually spend money on a Superman '55 style book. I think what would make that and a World's Finest team-up work, is following The Batman Adventures format. Those early issues laid out a Three-Act format, so that an issue was pretty similar to an episode of Batman: The Animated Series. To it's credit, that book changed titles a number times, but it endured for something close to a decade!

If I had any quibbles about the issues of Batman '66 it's that the stories feel rushed and jammed together.

Are you a fan of George Reeves' Superman? I would also recommend watching Ben Affleck in Hollywoodland, it's one of those E! Mysteries and Scandals that AJ Benza used to host. Would you buy and read a Batman '66 Meets Superman '55?

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