Does There Have to be a Crisis on Infinite Earths?

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I'm hyped about the upcoming CW Network adaptation of Crisis on Infinite Earths! I'm excited about the cameos mostly. I've seen a few episodes of Arrow, The Flash and Supergirl - I liked what I saw; unfortunately, I just haven't had time to binge-watch an entire season or series.

Smallville was the last series that I followed closely. I followed it, because at the heart of the Superman story is a story of adoption. At the time the show was in prime time network run, my wife, Cathy, and I were adopting three children. I followed Jonathan and Martha Kent's story. I really liked John Schneider's Jonathan Kent. I followed Tom Welling's struggle as Clark, with the fitting in, and the maturing into both man and Superman. Yes, it was a more angsty take on the Man of Steel. Early episodes struck me as kinda realistic... For my mileage, the show derailed when Clark did not go to college, yet still ended up a reporter as The Daily Planet. I know Christopher Reeve pulled that same thing off years earlier - somehow that worked! The Smallville microscope... not so much. But then, Smallville was trying very hard NOT to be the previous Superboy. Hence, the "no tights, no flights" commandment, I would imagine.

Photographs of Welling and co-star Erica Durance re-uniting for the CW Crisis are on social media. Michael Rosenbaum shared his reason for NOT reprising his role as Lex Luthor on social media, too.

(One of the cool highlights, is that it is quite possible that the Smallville: Season Eleven comic book storyline will be considered canon!)

Triple threat John Wesley Shipp will be appearing - again - as the '90's The Flash; the legendary Kevin Conroy - who voiced Bruce Wayne and Batman in the '90's Bruce Timm-Paul Dini Batman: The Animated Series - will appear as the older, grizzled Bruce Wayne from Batman Beyond - in live action!!! Brandon Routh will appear as the Kingdom Come Superman. Tyler Hoechlin, from Supergirl, join in as that version of Superman. '66 Robin, the Boy Wonder, Burt Ward is confirmed, but in an unspecified role. There's been rumors of Lynda Carter making an appearance as Wonder Woman. There's fan speculation over other cameos, too.

But, does there have to be a Crisis on Infinite Earths?

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We all know the point of the original Crisis was basically housecleaning. DC had a LOT of characters in so many different places. The point of Crisis then, was to put ALL of their characters in ONE place: one SINGLE Earth, with ONE timeline or history.

The point, then, of Crisis, was to eliminate all of those infinite Earths or realities down to a single timeline - or history - on a single Earth.

So, with Tom Welling, Brandon Routh and Tyler Hoechlin all appearing as a version of Clark Kent, will only ONE survive? There are fans calling for Dean Cain and Teri Hatcher to appear from their Lois and Clark series - but would their version end up being erased? I'd love to see Tim Daly and George Newbern appear. Both voiced the animated Superman, like Kevin Conroy voiced Batman. It would be cool to see John Haymes Newton and Gerard Christopher from the Superboy series appear. But would their versions be eliminated, too?

Is this CW adaptation streamlining DC live action - and possibly animation - continuity?

That's the big question on my mind right now.

Who will survive this live action adaptation?

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