Create a Wonder Woman Team-Up Book!

(DISCLAIMER: Intended for entertainment, NOT really from DC Comics)

Congratulations! Welcome to DC Comics' internship program. It's been an incredible weekend! Wonder Woman earns the highest Rotten Tomatoes score of any DC or Marvel film. It earned more than any Marvel film - other than Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 - opening weekend. Despite trailing other DC films at the box office, it looks like it has "legs"; the longevity to earn big over a longer period of time! It's awesome that the film could generate further revenue, by repeat viewings, before heading to the home video market for further revenue.

We here at DC believe that the market is ripe for Wonder Woman. In the vein of Mark Waid's relaunch of The Brave and the Bold, the success of Batman: The Brave and the Bold and DC Comics Presents starring Superman, we think it's time the Amazing Amazon had her own team-up book.

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We're looking for suggestions for creative team. What writer captures Wonder Woman? What artist would be a fit?

Would you go the route of Waid and launch a six-issue arc to start the book, or would you go stand-alone issues. Remember, sales figures count! Who would you team Wonder Woman up first, and in the first few issues?

Remember our motto: Any thing can happen! We're looking to give the Wonder Woman "bump" to our library of characters.

What would you call a Wonder Woman team-up book? Batman inherited The Brave and the Bold. We specifically titled DC Presents for Superman and his co-stars.

Each submission will be considered equally.

(DISCLAIMER: Intended as entertainment. Not really from DC...but wouldn't it be cool if it were?)