Batman '66 Meets The Teen Titans

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Go buy Batman '66 Meets the Legion of Super-Heroes one-shot by the Allreds. Lee Allred wrote it. Mike and Laura Allred provide the art and cover. Either read it digitally or buy the "floppy". I personally still go for the actual comic book. I read a Tenth Doctor trade paperback on a tablet, and I really do not believe there is a way to read comics digitally - even though they have been formatted to fit a screen. It think the device should accommodate the story and the comic book and not the other way around. "But I digress."

This is not a review.

The awesome one-shot introduces a couple of elements into continuity.

First, the Legion of Super-Heroes are in the Batman '66 Universe. The final issue of Batman '66 did show that George Reeves' Superman and all THOSE characters were in the same universe. One of the cool jokes is that the Legion has come back to get help from THE greatest teen hero. They ask, Where are Giant Robin, Zebra Robin, Mermaid Robin and Giant Turtle Olsen. Giant Turtle Olsen! Yeah. Couple things. All of those characters are Jimmy Olsen. Second, the next best World's Finest team is Robin and Jimmy. They're Bro's

Another thing the one-shot introduces to the Batman '66 Universe is, Time Travel. Time Travel! King Tut has already traveled back to ancient Egypt through a mystical sarcophagus. He brought back an ancient elixir that provided the origin for Killer Croc! So, now, we have the potential for Adam West's Batman to team-up with characters like Jonah Hex and Kamandi. As an aside, there's a comment by Ferro Lad that hints at multiple timelines and realities, which could also mean infinite universes. I'm no rocket-brain surgeon; so, that's a "guesculation" (mash-up of guess and speculation)

Finally, the whole point of the story, the Legion needs Robin's help. In return they want to offer him Legion membership. Batman's reply is that HE needs Robin's help as much if not more, on a regular basis. He SAYS that he's sure that Robin can find other teen super-heroes in the '66 time period to partner with!

Mind = blown.

It's the simple things really.

Hello '66 Teen Titans!

Here's what I'm getting at: Batman '66 Meets The Teen Titans.

Since it's the '60's and Beach Movies were a thing - along with Flipper - and that time The Joker tried to steal that surfer's mojo - the first Teen Titan would have to be Aqualad. I would say probably Frankie Avalon, Fabian Forte or somebody like that. Maybe Luke Halpin from Flipper, just color his hair dark.

It's gets tricky from here. Batman '66 Meets Wonder Woman '77 shows that Wonder Girl is on Paradise Island. Since Wonder Woman is a recluse in the '60's, it would be a stretch for Wonder Girl to come to Gotham. Unless there was a spark when she and Robin met. And Batusi'd.

With Aqualad on the team, I would suggest Jimmy Olsen. He could do any one of a couple things. He could be the original Dial H for Hero. Since it's the '60's, borrow some special effects from Star Trek and make that dial look more like a futuristic flip-phone. That could explain his transformations. He could also be Elastic Lad.

I would also suggest Supergirl.

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I have absolutely no idea how this image came about. It looks like it may be an homage to Supergirl's first appearance. Sandra Dee was a big star in the '60's. So was Patty Duke and Sally Field.

I might suggest Johnny Crawford from The Rifleman as Speedy, if he were able to come across more as a marksman than as a Robin "one-off" like Green Arrow was kinda like a one-off of Batman. There were plenty of shows that featured kid stars.

Burt Ward appeared in a shot with Lost in Space stars Billy Mumy and Angela Cartwright.

I would have Alfred as part of the group. Batman and maybe Yvonne Craig's Batgirl could make a cameo. She's an adult, like Batman, so she would not be a Teen Titan.

I've got Robin, Aqualad, Supergirl, Jimmy and maybe Speedy. Speedy's on the bubble. How about Wally West's Kid Flash? Is this the right line-up for the time period? Who am I missing?

Now, if we're adapting the origin, where the mentors go rogue, would it be Poison Ivy? I've never really liked The Antithesis. Okay, confession: I never liked Mister Twister, either. I would change that to Weather Wizard partnering with Pied Piper. But, that's just me.

Since Marvel is doing their Legacy characters back to the Stone Age, who would be Teen Titans of '66?