Batman '66 Meets The Doctor

Batman '66 Meets Steed and Mrs Peel was a very enjoyable mini-series. I'd only seen a few episodes. Mostly the Dame Diana Rigg episodes and a few more of The New Avengers. I'd seen the film with Ralph Fiennes (Daniel Craig's new "M"), Uma Thurman and Sean Connery. Even though the reviews were not the best, I enjoyed it. I had no idea that Steed and Mrs. Peel had fought Cybernauts...kind of like The Doctor's Cybermen.

Which got me to wondering... What if Batman '66 met The Doctor?

But which Doctor would should it be?

Off the top of my head, I would suggest Jon Pertwee, The Third Doctor. Let me tell you why: Even though The Third Doctor began his tenure in 1970, a full two years after Batman '66 was canceled, this Doctor was much more flashy and colorful. He had a cool car. Oh, and his son Sean Pertwee is Alfred Pennyworth on Gotham. Yeah, kinda flimsy, I know.

I started watching Doctor Who with The Ninth Doctor Christopher Eccleston. He was The Invisible Man on Heroes. I had tried watching The Fourth Doctor, Tom Baker, on PBS in high school. He was running from The Daleks. No disrespect to longtime Doctor Who fans, but It just didn't connect with me. Until Doctor Who #101 - Rose. My wife suggested I give it a try. Everything about that episode clicked - especially when Rose Tyler asked who he was, and he told her. He didn't just say I'm The Doctor, he explained how he was Who he was.

But, really, which Doctor should it be? After seeing An Adventure in Space and Time, I'd say William Hartnell. But he's a little old to stand next to Adam West's Batman. So, I'm wondering if it should be The Fifth Doctor Peter Davidson; David Tennant's The Tenth Doctor; Eleven Matt Smith or even Eccleston's Nine. That might also be determined by the companion. Maybe Susan could develop a brief crush with Robin? Or maybe Rose? Or maybe Martha Jones?

So, I guess it's a couple of questions: Which Doctor and companion should Adam West's Batman meet? Secondly; Which Doctor Who villain and which member of the Batman '66 rogues gallery should team up? The Master (Which iteration?) and The Joker?