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In The Multiverse, there are infinite worlds, infinite realities and infinite possibilities...

Earth-2 is designated for the Justice Society of America, All-Star Squadron, Young All-Stars, and original Infinity, Inc..

Earth-1 is home to the Justice League of America, Teen Titans and Batman and The Outsiders.

There's Earth-S, for the Shazam Family. There's Earth-X, where the Freedom Fighters continued to fight Hitler's Nazi Axis...not to be confused with Marvel's Earth X. Don't get me started on all the various different Marvel realities. Those really seem to be infinite!

Earth-Bob Haney, or Earth-B explains the original, classic Teen Titans. Ding Dong Daddy and maybe Mad Mod.

As fans, I think we carve out a reality of infinite possibility. A What If...?. or Elseworlds.

I call mine - - Earth-Dave.

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