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I Wish Zsasz Was Dead

(Medium Spoilers for Streets Of Gotham #11)
**Spoiler Space***
So in Streets of Gotham #11, it really looks like Damian Wayne slices Zsasz in half, Darth Maul style.  But he doesn't.  According to the Batbrat, he pulled the deathblow at the last minute and stopped short of severing Zsasz's spince.  That's nice.  But I wish he hadn't, and here's why.

Basically, I think SoG #11 was a great opportunity to get rid of a redundant character in a dramatic way that would give some more dramatic structure to Bruce's return.  I have no idea what they're going to do with Damian when Bruce gets back; I have a feeling he might die, and this makes me sad.  He's a great character BECAUSE he doesn't adhere to the same values and morals as the rest of the Batfam, and that makes him dangerous.  I'd much rather see him as an exiled wild card than a dead good guy.