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Words to be said about independent comics

I'm going to be honest with everyone that reads this. Lately i haven't really found any mainsteam comics that have interested me. I'm not writing this just to get a gift pack but, i am writing this because it really is sad how underrated some independent or alternative comics are.  Lately i have been liking my comics just like my music....... underground. There is a lot more genres and unique arts in todays indepndent comics that are really and truely more capturing than mainstream comics. Instead of your same heroes over and over again you get new heroes and new idea's.  
Today I feel like the same idea's are being repeated daily with the comics that are on the big shelves. That is the reason i have been getting independent comics is because it brings a new flavor and something that make me actually want to take idea's from them that are really creative and put them into trauma. Take for instance the classic Slowpoke or one of archaia's favorites robotika. What great stories that really just brought something new to the table and had such a great reactions from the people. Through determination and hard work a small titles turned into a big one. The same thing applies to all underground comics. 
The thing that i am trying to get across is these independent comics give us readers a breath of fresh air from their exotic arts to thier breath taking storys and whether i get anything for this or not i am glad i got to get this message out. 
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