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Top five comic Movie Villains

Top Five best comic based movie villains

There have been alot of movies that have been based off great comics of the world. Some not as good but, others great. But, as everyone knows what makes a great hero or comic based movie is a villain. Without a villain there is no action and no purpose. Almost all of your greatest hero movies have a villain. Im going to tell you the top five best villains out of several hero movies. You will know most of them and if you don't then you will want to know them. Some of them are funny and well some just crazy. Im now going to reveal Trauma's top five movie villains.

5. Abomination

Abomination from the 2008 Incredible Hulk played by Tim Roth was great. He was just one bad dude you did not want to mess with. The way he tried to take on hulk even without the power of Abomination was great. When he did turn into Abomination it took him to another level and the way he worked in the movie was fantastic. His body movements went with the character and his personality did too. This was one great villain to help make this movie even better. So great job Tim Roth your preformance was a great one.


Bullseye played by Colin Farrel was one of the best villain characters in a not so good movie. He played the character so well that it made me like DareDevil. He was funny,bad, and just sick at the same time. His preformance was one i will never forget. He was sick and twisted and yet just his actions amazed you. He became the character and thats what all actors need to do. For a not so good movie Colin made the most of it. I will tell you the motorcycle scene will just be in my head forever making him in this top five.

3. Magneto

Ian McKellen was Magneto! I felt he could have been straight in the comic. He had the look for the part and also just the skills to become the Magneto of the real world. His preformance was a great one. The way he showed his hatred towards the human race and his speeches during the movies made it even better. Being Magneto for three movies must have been hard but, he pulled it off. What he did was took the great comic book villain and made him real.

2. Green Goblin

In my thought the best Spiderman movie number one it had a kick butt villain.  Willem Dafoe made this movie really pop. Placing him as one of the best super villains a movie could ask for. He was sophisticated in the beginning and became the crazy masked villain in a matter of seconds. This made me love Green Goblin again. The costume looked amazing on him and his voice went well with the character. He is definetly one of my favorite villain actors yet. You couldn't ask for a better preformance.

1. The Joker

Yes from the latest movie the Dark Knight Heath ledger takes number one. His preformance was the best villain acting in a hero movie i have ever seen yet. He became the joker and made it into his own style. Still though it was almost like he was the exact joker that came from the comics. His material was great and the way he moved his body was perfect for the role. As you know he has passed away but, he went out with a bang. Without him the Dark Knight wouldn't have been nearly as good as it turned out to be. This is a great actor using his skills to make a role come to life.

R.i.p. Heath Ledger

Hope you all liked this cause i gave my true opinion so hoped you all liked it.