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Words to be said about independent comics

I'm going to be honest with everyone that reads this. Lately i haven't really found any mainsteam comics that have interested me. I'm not writing this just to get a gift pack but, i am writing this because it really is sad how underrated some independent or alternative comics are.  Lately i have been liking my comics just like my music....... underground. There is a lot more genres and unique arts in todays indepndent comics that are really and truely more capturing than mainstream comics. Instead of your same heroes over and over again you get new heroes and new idea's.  
Today I feel like the same idea's are being repeated daily with the comics that are on the big shelves. That is the reason i have been getting independent comics is because it brings a new flavor and something that make me actually want to take idea's from them that are really creative and put them into trauma. Take for instance the classic Slowpoke or one of archaia's favorites robotika. What great stories that really just brought something new to the table and had such a great reactions from the people. Through determination and hard work a small titles turned into a big one. The same thing applies to all underground comics. 
The thing that i am trying to get across is these independent comics give us readers a breath of fresh air from their exotic arts to thier breath taking storys and whether i get anything for this or not i am glad i got to get this message out. 
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Trauma's official Watchmen review

Well the staff have gave their opinion on the movie so why not hear from a fellow viner

Who watches the watchmen
Who watches the watchmen

First off let me say i was very pleased with the result of this movie. Graphics were amazing and characters were very well described in this movie. Now Watchmen was one of my very first comic books i have ever read along side Spiderman and Batman. So I was scared to death about this movie and if they would make it corny and what not. I also was scared about the time of the movie. It is a 2 1/2 hour movie so if your looking for a quick flick this is not what you should watch. Also, if you have not read the comic do NOT! go to the movie. The people i went with never read it and when the movie got alittle slow they just about fell asleep.

I will start with the flaws and bad things about this movie and end on a good note. Like I said before if you have not read the comic the movie feels very drawn out and not really relevant. But! It is if it wasn't the characters would not appeal to the audience and make as much sense without it. Also, for all the young readers out there may not be able to see this movie from all of the nudity in it. The Mr. Manhattan thing is different because that is his look and well its just a private part but, the sex scenes really suprised me. I felt for a second that I was watching a superhero porn flick. It lasted a good couple minutes and really caught me off guard. So all of the young ones most likely will not make it to this movie. Some mistakes were made like for the fact that The Comedian was using weapons that weren't out in that time period but that is minor. If you do not like slow motion and if it ticks you off then do not go to this movie because all of the fight scenes have a couple slow motion parts. I enjoyed the slow motion but, thats just me. The last thing that a lot of people were complaining about was rorschach's voice was over done but, thats something that gives him that detective look and makes him that much cooler in my opinion.

NOW! The positives

The graphics were amazing in this movie and left me in awe. Including when it came to Mr. Manhattan Wow! He was perfected in this movie and really added some action packed fun. In the movie there is a huge explosion and it looks like it was actually happening so that was great. Also, rorschach's mask had something going on at all times in the movie and really kept me interested in his look. From explosions to floating blue men this movie had great graphics. Now I will talk about the characters in this movie cause they were pretty much perfected. The were well thought out and matched the comic. The movie really described the characters well enough that people who haven't read the novel could understand them. We will start with Nite Owl. With Owl you could feel the retired vibe and almost kinda of boy scout look. But, when he got into his suit man he started to kick some villain butt. It was so natural on how he went from a retired normal guy to getting a natural high off being the superhero he once was. He was played very well and you really understood his perspective on masked hero's. Next we will go to ozzy. Now out of all the characters this was my least favorite but, it was still good. He was alittle shadowed for well all of readers know why I don't want to give it away. But, you for sure saw his personality and I will tell you one thing he can kick some Butt! Holy crap man he was a beast when he fought which made his nerdy look turn into a stud one. Silk Spectre is next and may I get a hand clap. She was a very good actress. The role was played perfectly. You really felt for her when she had to be just like her mom and when her and Mr. Manhattan were having trouble in their relationship. When she was with Nite Owl you saw a true connection and some sweet fighting. She was a huge part of the movie. The comedian was Great! What a complete Bad A$$. He was so cruel and played perfect. He made the movie hilarious hence the name Comedian. I loved his character. Only two more next i'll talk about Mr. Manhattan. He was very well acted and you could feel him losing his humanity. Also the guy is just a beast and well the graphics he gave were Sweet! Last and the one i have been waiting to talk about is Rorschach. All I can say is Perfected. He was my favorite in the comic and in this movie. His fight scenes were crazy and he was a no mercy fighter. You felt his detective side and his disturbed side. He was perfect in this movie and really added a boom. The Minutemen were great in the movie too in the flash backs and the characters were great. The message of the comic really came out in this movie and it is action packed.

I can say way more positives then negatives about this movie. If you have a baby leave it at home! I loved the movie and i give it a 5/5 stars

Out of everyone my favorite characters were rorschach, mr. manhattan, and the comedian

You need to see this movie and believe me you won't be disapointed

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Top five comic Movie Villains

Top Five best comic based movie villains

There have been alot of movies that have been based off great comics of the world. Some not as good but, others great. But, as everyone knows what makes a great hero or comic based movie is a villain. Without a villain there is no action and no purpose. Almost all of your greatest hero movies have a villain. Im going to tell you the top five best villains out of several hero movies. You will know most of them and if you don't then you will want to know them. Some of them are funny and well some just crazy. Im now going to reveal Trauma's top five movie villains.

5. Abomination

Abomination from the 2008 Incredible Hulk played by Tim Roth was great. He was just one bad dude you did not want to mess with. The way he tried to take on hulk even without the power of Abomination was great. When he did turn into Abomination it took him to another level and the way he worked in the movie was fantastic. His body movements went with the character and his personality did too. This was one great villain to help make this movie even better. So great job Tim Roth your preformance was a great one.


Bullseye played by Colin Farrel was one of the best villain characters in a not so good movie. He played the character so well that it made me like DareDevil. He was funny,bad, and just sick at the same time. His preformance was one i will never forget. He was sick and twisted and yet just his actions amazed you. He became the character and thats what all actors need to do. For a not so good movie Colin made the most of it. I will tell you the motorcycle scene will just be in my head forever making him in this top five.

3. Magneto

Ian McKellen was Magneto! I felt he could have been straight in the comic. He had the look for the part and also just the skills to become the Magneto of the real world. His preformance was a great one. The way he showed his hatred towards the human race and his speeches during the movies made it even better. Being Magneto for three movies must have been hard but, he pulled it off. What he did was took the great comic book villain and made him real.

2. Green Goblin

In my thought the best Spiderman movie number one it had a kick butt villain.  Willem Dafoe made this movie really pop. Placing him as one of the best super villains a movie could ask for. He was sophisticated in the beginning and became the crazy masked villain in a matter of seconds. This made me love Green Goblin again. The costume looked amazing on him and his voice went well with the character. He is definetly one of my favorite villain actors yet. You couldn't ask for a better preformance.

1. The Joker

Yes from the latest movie the Dark Knight Heath ledger takes number one. His preformance was the best villain acting in a hero movie i have ever seen yet. He became the joker and made it into his own style. Still though it was almost like he was the exact joker that came from the comics. His material was great and the way he moved his body was perfect for the role. As you know he has passed away but, he went out with a bang. Without him the Dark Knight wouldn't have been nearly as good as it turned out to be. This is a great actor using his skills to make a role come to life.

R.i.p. Heath Ledger

Hope you all liked this cause i gave my true opinion so hoped you all liked it.


911 and soldier tribute

To all of the soldiers and for the memory of 911

In comics there has been alot of characters that have made history in the armed forces and served in the army of comics. I doing to this to show how heroes of the army, marines, navy and all of the other armed forces have influenced comics and that we still remeber those soldiers and 911.

Sgt.Rock- Sgt. Rock is one of the biggest war comic book hero. He has been shown to be a rough and tough man in the comics. But, still shows love to his team to show brother hood. He Showed alot in the comics and kept is a influence to me in comics of my dream of going into the armed forces.


Captian America- A true soldier! Another huge inspiration to me in the comics. He served his country and was like a symbol of America. In the comics he served his country like a true man just like everyone in the armed forces today. He fought for what he believed in and just like our soldiers he had heart.


General Hawk- Being the leader of the GI Joe team wasn't the only great thing about Hawk. No he cared for each soldier like they were family similar to our Army, Marine, Navy, ect... leaders. Each one of those soldiers were somethin special to him. He became the leader of one of the most known army teams ever in comics!


Nick Fury- Nick was a veteran of war. He led another great team of soldiers. He believes in what most soldiers believe in. One the country comes first. Two respect and honor. Three team work and brotherhood. This is how he became the great leader of shield. He was a truely great soldier in comics and in the readers mind.


Bucky Barnes- Bucky was the loyal sidekick of Steve Rogers. He sacrificed his life against the nazi's in the comics as the soldiers did against Saddam Hussien. He was a loyal and loving person and fought hard and never gave up in comics he was just starting out and yet he still showed to be a great soldier. He has now become one of the symbols for America in comics and that is Captian America.

I wrote this so people will never forget what the soldiers have done for America and to remember all of the people who died during 911 and to give thanks to all of the fire fighters who pulled together. We will never forget you guys and will always remember those who died.

We will always remember you



Justice league burning rpg HFC Traumas posts

It had been a long day for the vampire Trauma. Nothing had seem to gone right. Trauma had been ambushed by the worthless pieces of meat called Police. Trauma couldn't do a thing but go with them. He was too weak out in the bright sun. They caught him with his pants down and trauma knew better. It wouln't of happened if they didn't have the green arrow with them. They took him to a padded cell in a heavy guarded jail. All doors were locked and the fences were electrical they would shock trauma even if he took a leak on it. But, he couldn't even get to those fences with out a little death. Trauma sat in the padded room to think. He banged hs head against the pads so hard that his head was bleeding. All he did was sit there and write the letters in his own blood HFC. Trauma knew he had to get out of there. He stands up and goes to the door.  Now trauma knew he could easily just teleport. But, for some reason the room he was in wouldnt allow him to use his powers. Trauma began to scream.

"let me out!"

Trauma started to ram his body into the door. Traumaknew they would call security. Trauma just kept raming his self into the door. He then waited as a security guard approached the door. He opeed a little slot that showed his eyes. he told trauma to get up against the wall. Trauma just stood there. The security guard called a group of heavly armed officers to come and get me to calm down. They knocked and told trauma to get down or they would use force. Trauma just waited. He smirked as he looked up.

"Why dont you come make me"

They banged open the door. As they tried to get trauma down. There were four men but, trauma knew he could take them even in a straight jacket. The first officer came in with the rest with a night stick. Trauma jumped towards him as he bit his neck. With his fangs sinked into the officers  neck trauma rips his neck open. The officer fell down and bled to death. The other oficers came right towards trauma. They tried to beat him down. Trauma started to fight back. He kicked one of the officers down and as he was on the ground he stomped on his head. Trauma fiercly killed the other tow officers. He sucked them dry of any blood they had.

Trauma finaly escaped the cell. When he got out of the cell his powers worked again his fangs were getting longer. Trauma started to run. He shapeshifted his arms into what looked like giant knifes and cut through the straight jacket. He then teleported out to the front of the building. He lookedaround seeing the spot lights looking for him. Trauma just walked into the shadows and disapeared.

Later, a black mass appears from the ground in a restraunt. The black mass disapeared and reveals trauma in the kitchen of the restraunt. everyone rted to scream and trauma grapped a knife.

"ohh shut up!"

Trauma slaughtered everyone in the restraunt. He walks out the front door with blood all over his lips and shirt. He looked down and noticed a knife in his leg where a chef stabbed him. Trauma pulls out the knife and heals. He looks to the sky as rain began to fall.

"I swear Green arrow i will find you and kill you and i know exactly how."

Trauma was still stareing into the moon as the rain fell. This was a beautiful sight for him. He walked around the town. He saw the drunks and the hookers in the street. Every time he passed one he could only smirk and laugh under his breath. The blood on traumas shirt from all of the killings and began to pur down as the rain washed most of it away. Trauma knew he had to get back to The Hellfire Club to get his gear. But, before he did trauma walked past a music store. He looked at it and saw no one was there. There was a big glass window and in it was a guitar, a bass, piano, and a violin. Trauma stared right at the violin. He closed his eyes and then teleported into the store. All of the suden a alarm goes off and trauma realizes that there had been a motion detector. Trauma hurried and grapped the violin. He then teleported back to the streets. He walked down the street careing the violin in his hand. He could hear the police coming.  As the police were coming to check out the store trauma walked in the middle of the street just playing the violin.

In the bright moons light trauma had walked and eventually he made it to the Hellfire Club. All he could do is get on one knee and play the violin in the moon light infront of the the place he considered home.

"ahhh home sweet home"

Trauma pitched the violin and walked into the building. He saw no one there. But, they could have just been away. Trauma had no idea what had been goin on for the past weeks. All he knew is that he wanted revenge against The green arrow. Trauma walked to his room to get his gear. He saw his bed was made and everything was were it was suppose to be. He walked to his closet and got his armor. This armor consists of a just a shirt and a trench coat and pants with black leather boats. He also had shoulder guards made of a strong metal. The vampire walked to the armory and got his guns and sword. As trauma walked out the door he picked up a brush on a counter and brushed his long hair. Trauma then tossed the brush.

The vampire looked around and saw the rain had stopped. He was just right outside the club. He thought of were the Green Arrow had been. Thats when trauma thought of it. Everyone knew the Green Arrow had a resort he escaped to for a break on the caribbeans. Now all trauma had to do was think real hard about the caribbeans and think of its attributes to teleport there. He thought long and hard and squinted his eyes hard and just like that "poof!" A cloud of smoke was left behind in front of the club. Trauma opened his eyes to see a sun that was bright.


Trauma covered his eyes as he jumped into the shadow of a tree. He made it though into the caribbeans. Now trauma just had to wait for night so he could be at full power to fight the Green arrow. As trauma sat there a local with a boat passed. Trauma askes him a question.

"where can i find the Green Arrow it's very important."

The local pointed towards a structure covered in trees and made of what looked like sticks and palm tree leaves. Trauma looked at it though he could see only a little of it there was an arrow on the ground in front of it. He knew thats were he was. Trauma stayed down and layed low. As the hours passed trauma saw the night comeing. After another hour it was finally dark. Trauma stood up and started to walk towards the arrows hide out. As trauma came closer to the hide out he could hear the arrow. He walked and approached the door the talking stopped. Something was very wrong here. Trauma waited and right when he opens the door of the hut.  The Green Arrow jumps out and round house kicks trauma. Trauma flew back and landed on his back. He then jumps up to his feet.

Trauma:"well now look what we have here looks like its time for a little pay back"

Green Arrow:"The only thing thats going to happen here is me kicking your a$$"

Trauma: " we will see abou that"

Trauma jumps back and pulls out his gun loaded with highly explosive rounds. He began to unload a full clip. But, Green Arrow jumped back and started to dodge the bullets. But, the explosions of the bullets made Green arrow fly back and hit his head against a tree. Trauma saw blood come down from his face. The Green arrow then pulls out his bow and shoots a arrow at trauma. The arrow hit trauma in the stomach going through his flesh. Trauma looked down to see that half the arrow was in his stomach.


Trauma pulls out the arrow from his stomach and heals his insides but the pain was still there. Now Trauma knew this was about to get serious.

Trauma:"you will die Green arrow"

Green Arrow:"as will you"

Trauma waited to make his next move.

Trauma starred in the eyes of the great green arrow. He could see the blood rushing down the forehead of Green Arrow. Trauma look down to see the blood still on his stomach. Trauma took his finger and and touched the blood on his own stomach. He then licked the blood of his finger. Traumas fangs grew longer and longer. Trauma began to think off a way to kill the Green Arrow and how much he will enjoy it. But, first he wanted to toy with the green arrow first and make him go crazy. Trauma smirked and started to laugh at the fool dressed in green.


Green Arrow:"whats so funny"

Trauma:"I just realized that right after im done with you im going to watch Black canary die ahahaha"

Green Arrow:"you sack of shi...."

Green arrow runs straight towards trauma with an arrow in his hand. He jumps in the air Above Trauma. As he started to come down Trauma cocked his arm back. The green arrow then came down on Trauma shoving the arrow in Traumas neck. But, Trauma then punched the Green arrow under his chin launching him into the air. The Green Arrow still high in the air was bleeding from his mouth. Trauma jumped in the air with the arrow in his neck and went right towards his foe. He grapped Green Arrows arm and throws him down to the roof of his hut. Green Arrow falls straight through his hut hitting the ground hard. Trauma then falls tto the ground. Trauma trying to breath gets on his knees as he trys to pull the arrow out. Trauma could see the Green arrow getting up. Trauma had to pull it out quick.

Trauma:"ohhhh god ahhhhh"

Trauma pulls out the arrow and blood begin to squirt out. The vampire falls face down screaming trying to heal. He gets his skin to heal over the wound to stop the bleeding but, his neck on the inside is in alot of pain. Thats when Trauma heres something land right next to him. He looks over and sees and arrow. he then looks up to the Greeen arrow.

Trauma:"ha you missed."

Green arrow:" not in my book."

The arrow next to trauma then explodes sending trauma flying back hitting the sand hard. Trauma just lays there for a second. He then starts to get on one knee. Part of his face is burn't. Trauma gets up on his feet with blood covering his face. He could see that the Green arrows jaw was broken and that he was in pain too. Trauma flicks his hand and a playing card appears. The card had an aura around it because this was not an ordinary card the was almost like a magic playing card that could only be controled by trauma and could cut through anything. Trauma looks up towards the Green arrow and throws the card at amazeing speed towards him. The Green arrow runs from the card and right when its about to hit him he ducks. The card than swings around still following the Green Arrow.  The green Arrow tried jumping oer the card but, right when he did this the card sliced through his leg.

Green Arrow:"ahhhhhh"

Half of the playing card had gone through his leg. Sliceing halfway through it. Trauma laughed at the Green arrow as he hold his leg. The card disapears as it comes back to trauma. Green Arrow limps to a stick that he uses as a cane. He gets to a tree to lean on. He then draws another arrow and launches it directly at trauma. Trauma tries to teleport but right when he did the arrow struck his shoulder. Trauma yelped as it impaled his shoulder. But, Something was wrong after teleporting about twenty feet away from The Green arrow trauma heres a beeping. At that time he knew it was a trick arrow. Trauma pulls it out as fast as he can and right when hes about to throw the arrow away. It makes a small explosion revealing a bright light.

Trauma:"Noo not the light."

The green arrow smiled as his trick arrow burn't up Trauma. Trauma then waved his hand causeing a shadow he manuplated to cover the arrow and destroy it. Traums arms and face were badly burn't. Trauma waits on the ground and tries to gasp for air. All he could here was the Green Arrow taunting him.

Green Arrow:" whats wrong don't like a little light."

Trauma:" Im going to make you suffer."

Trauma looks around as his face still burns and is in alot of pain. His foe in green had been ready to get another arrow out. Trauma couldn't take much more of this. He looked to a hotel about twenty stories up. Trauma thought that would be the best place to go to get some time away from the Green Arrow. Trauma looked to green arrow for a minute.

Trauma:"So do you think you can actually beat me."

Green Arrow:"I can try."

The vampire laughed at the foolish human. But, he knew he wasnt so foolish. Trauma had to get to that hotel. He was bleeding almost from everywhere. Trauma squints his eyes as he teleports to the hotels main lobby. The Green Arrow watched as Trauma diaspeared. He had no idea where the vampire had gone. thats when He hears a scream from the lobby. The Green Arrow knew he was in there. So he rushes over to the lobby. The people were so happy to see the Green Arrow. Everyone was screaming his name for help. He notices blood leading a an elevator and on the elevator door was and bloody handprint. The Green Arrow rushed upstair out of sight of the locals. Trauma sat in the elevaotr in pain he couldn't believe how much pain he was in. Blood was everywhere on the floor. Trauma was headed for the highest level. Thats when the elevator came to a stop.

Trauma:"what in the world."

Trauma hears several tapping noices above. Thats when a arrow cmes through the top of the elevator. He hits right next to Trauma. Then the arrow makes a small explosion and bright light goes off. Trauma is blinded and is getting burn't. The green Arrow comes bursting down from the top.

Green Arrow:"hello again."

Trauma suprised gets up on his feet. He notices that the Green Arrows leg is tied up with a napkin to cover his wound. Thats when they start to fight. Trauma barely could see anything with the bright light. The Green Arrow punches Trauma right in the stomach with a huge amount of power. The vampire spits blood. Trauma still blinded feels for Green Arrow he then picks him up and slams the green arrow on the ground. Traumas foe landed right on the arrow smashing it. The bright light disapears and trauma could see again but, not before the Green Arrow comes up smashs Traumas face against the elevators walls. Trauma yelps in pain as bones in his face crack. He knows he has to get out of the elevator. Trauma turned around and kicked the Green Arrow in the stomach. This kick sent the man through the elevator door to a narrow hallway of the fifthteenth floor. Trauma walks out of the elevator towards the Green Arrow. The elevator doors were smashed down from the Grren Arrows body. Trauma saw his foe was still on the ground knocked out. He turns to the left noticeing a door that says stairs. Trauma opens the door and starts going up the stairs to the top floor. Green Arrow still bleeding on the floor stands up and wonder where Trauma went again. He then sees the stairs door and knows thats where he went. He opens the door to see trauma slowly getting up the stairs. The green arrows sprints up the stairs after Trauma. Trauma looks down and sees that the Green Arrow is only few steps behin. So trauma looks up the stairs and starts to teleport up the stairs at a great speed. Trauma finally after awhile makes it to the top floor. He stops for a second to catch his breath. Thats when a arrow hit the ceiling. Trauma notices the arrow had a wire connected to it. He looks over the ledge to see that the Green Arrow is pulling himself up with soemthing in his hand. It was like a grapple arrow pulling him him up. Trauma looked away and opened the door to the top floor. Shortly after he went into the top floor the Green Arrow makes it and walks in the top floor after Trauma.


Trauma hides behind a couple boxes. This floor must have been the storage. It was dark almost like it hadn't been used in years. There were cockroaches and rats all over the floor. The walls were covered in spider webs. The rooms walls were windows Trauma could see how high up they were. Trauma hears the Green Arrows foot steps. He waits alittle bit longer and then Trauma jumps out. The Green Arrow turns around throwing a punch to trauma face. Trauma gets knocked back but, then he starts to punch back. Trauma punches Green Arrow straight in the mouth knocking out one of his teeth. They both start to trade punches and kicks. Both of them were bleeding a huge amount of blood. Trauma while fighting pulls an arow out from the Green Arrows case. He then impales the man right in the stomach. The Green Arrow shoves trauma into the window making a crack. He then starts running full speed at trauma diving into him. They both break the window and fall out of the window. Trauma was falling down the twenty story building. He graps the green Arrow in mid air and holds on to him. The Green Arrow punches Trauma off and tries to use a grappling arrow. But, the wire to the air snapped they were going to fast. Trauma was knocked out and was falling fast. The green Arrow pounced on traumas stomach and throws him self to the buildings edges. He then jams two arrow in the sides. The Green Arrow was still up about five stories. Trauma about to hit the ground wakes up and sees the Green Arrow. He squints his eyes and teleports up onto the Green Arrow. He pulls the green Arrow of the edges of the building and they start falling again. Trauma teleports to the ground safely but, not before the Green Arrow launches an arrow at him from the sky. The arrow goes straight through Traumas thigh. The Green Arrow then hits the ground hard.

Trauma falls back down to his knees he then passes out.The Green Arrow lays on the ground. Both men covered in blood. An hour goes by still both of them on the ground. Thats when Trauma begins to move. He turns his head and sees the Green Arrow moving his hand. Trauma starts to talk to him.

Trauma:"we need to finish this now."

Green Arrow;"Agreed"

Both men get up blood on their faces. They both can barely stand. Trauma looks to him and drops his guns and sword. The Green Arrow smirks and drops his bow and arrows.

Green Arrow:"bring it on."

Sweat and blood covered the snad below the two men. Trauma stared into the moon lit water. The vampire rips his shirt off and takes off his trench coat. He stands there looking at the Green Arrow in pants with leather boats nothing else. Trauma cracks his neck and gets into a fighting stance. The Green Arrow looks at Trauma he then charges at him. Green Arrow throws a fist punching trauma hard.  Trauma starts to punch his foe in the kidneys and then punches him in the ribs. Trauma hears a crack when he punches Green arrows ribs.  They jump back from each other.


Trauma:" are you about done yet."

Green Arrow:" I don't know are you?"

Trauma:" Ha!"

Trauma jumps toward  Green Arrow and roundhouse kicks him. The green arrow goes flying back hitting a tree. Trauma runs up to him trying to make a finishing move when a arrow comes flying from the behind of Trauma hitting him straight through his back out his front. Trauma falls on the ground. He looks up to see a figure standing above Trauma.

Trauma:"who...who are you?"

Trauma looks up and the blurry figure becomes clear. It was Connor Hawke the green arrows own blood. Trauma was weak and couldn't take much more.  Connor Hawke picks trauma up and throws him clear to another side. Trauma landed next to his sword and guns. Connor went to check on his father.

Connor:" are you ok?"

Green Arrow:" you actually came."

Trauma picks up his gun and shoots towards connor. The bullet hits him straight in the shoulder. Trauma laughed as Connor screamed.  Connor glared towards Trauma and starts to run towards him. He jumps in the air above trauma with a arrow in hand. Trauma knew he had to time it just right. Trauma put his hand on his sword.  Connor was right about to hit trauma when trauma pulls his sword up. Connor lands straight on the sword impaleing him through the stomach.


Connor hanged on the sword in front of Trauma. He spit blood in Trauma face. The vampire throws connor with the sword to the side.  Trauma stands up and pulls the sword from connor. He then stabs connor again in the throat and pulls his sword out again. Blood squirts everywhere on Trauma as connor loses his life.

Green Arrow:"nooo son!"

The Green Arrow runs and impales Trauma with an Arrow in the middle of his chest. Trauma falls on his knees and spits blood. He graps Green Arrows legs and pulls him down with him. Trauma jumps on him starts punching him in the face. Green arrow than flips on top on trauma punching him non stop. Trauma bleeds every where on the sand. Trauma kicks Green Arrow off. The Green Arrow hits a near by wall of a building hard. Trauma rolls over to his gun and blasts multiple rounds towards him. The green arrow gets strucked by the bullets. Trauma watches Green Arrow get torn up by the bullets. He limps over to his foe leaning against the wall with blood every where.

Trauma:"you are done for."

Green Arrow:"not..not yet"

The Green Arrow stops talking and passes out. Trauma pins him up against the wall. He brings Connor up to the wall by his father. Trauma graps a bag of arrows and moments later he disapears into the darkness.

5 hours later

"This is channel Nine News!"

Female reporter:" My name is rebecca I am here at the Caribbeans and when we came upon this sight it was a sad sad moment. It was said to have been a big fight between the Green Arrow and yes yes we are getting the name Trauma the vampire. Tom i am going to hand it over to you.

Male reporter:" Thank you rebecca. Yes this is a sad day for all. It is seen here that Green Arrow and his son Connor Hawke are pinned up against a wall near the Green Arrows base. The two are pinned up against the wall with arrows in both their feet and hands.On their chests is written in blood the letters H..F..C.  After several tests they are both dead. This is a sad day indeed.


Trauma turns off the TV in his room back at the club. He lays back with a smile on his face.

Trauma:"I did it! I actually did it!

Trauma turns off the lights and goes to a deep sleep.