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M.E.R.T. (CvnU team)

The Team
The Team

The Military Enforcement Reconnaissance Team or MERT for short is a privately funded tactical team made of the worlds 4 top skilled humans in the art of killing. Officially they dont exist and even off the record only few besides there employer know there existence. All traces and documents gone, no weaknesses like family or friends, there what the world needs in the "perfect" killer.

the team

Musashi(the Employer)
Musashi(the Employer)

The leader of the team known to the world is Billionaire Kai Musashi of Azura Robotics but MERT not knowing his true identity they only know him as , "the Employer", as the team have never met face to face.

Chuck "shear shot" Mikey

Chuck Mikey is an ex-Delta force soldier reported KIA 2 years ago in a top secret American military operation. He is known for his attitude when his orders are not followed to the "T" most information on him is black listed of Feb. 2013. Chuck is nicknamed "shear shot" for sniping a Russian general from over 9712m beating Rob Furlong 5x over. his preferred weapon is SCAR-H

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