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Kai Musashi (CVnU bio)

"If all you can do with them is hurt others, you don't deserve your swords."

Name: Kai Musashi

Alias: Musashi's blade

Height: 5'11

Age: 31

Affiliation: SHIELD(former)SWORD(former) Azura Robotics(Founder)M.E.R.T.(Leader)

Species: Human, mutation

Birthplace: Kyoto, Japan

Race: Japanese

Gender: Male

powers and abilities


Musashi's sword: Five years ago An unknown organization broke into the dojo holding was Musashi's sword and stole it. When they bring it back to their facility some unknown aura came from the blade, when SWORD got wind of the information they sent a specialist out that they had in Hong Kong at the time he was part of the Japanese branch of SHIELDS his name was agent Kai. When Kai got to the facility all the way in Japan he picked up the sword and edit forever changed his life. Unknowingly Musashi's actual soul possessed and after mutual understanding in the subconscious he regained his body and Kai shared the essence of his body with Musashi himself! After doing this Kai went rogue 48 hours after coming back and his handlers wondering where he's been he told them quote," strengthening my blade". Apparently without anybody knowing and how it happened the blade of his katana was made of adamanteum and could not break. To this day only him and the soul Musashi that's within him are the only ones that knows this.

blade hands
blade hands

Blade Hands: if Musashi ever lost his sword in battle he would call his inner power to in a sense turn his hands into blades themselves (as shown in gif). Still being and looking like his hands its believed that his chi becomes extremely dense and forms a negative barrier or coating around his hands that when applying to positive chi(normal) it counteracts another acting as a sharp blade.

side step
side step

Side Step: side step is a speed ability surpassing even Speed Cops abilities to run extremely fast. using gravity and contraindicating his chi at his feet he can practically hit past 300 mile an hour. in doing this however can leave internal orgin stress of the G-force that cant be avoided as well as the extreme drain in chi.(will add more)

death ear's
death ear's

Death Ear's: like the, "Blade Hands" ability Kai uses his chi foucesing it to a "snap" of his fingers to not just brake the sound barrier but deal damage to anything near by and adding a shock wave to it strong enough to topple objects such as tree's.(will add more)


  1. Master swordsman: Kai is now a master swordsman in the art of Musashi's gifts since the two share the same body Kai obtains all of Musashi's gifts of the mastery of the katana.
  2. Assassin: Over the years before I started working for shield he was a personal assassin for the Japanese government doing all their dirty work he was hired by shield years later because he got fed up with zone government and almost killed the Prime Minister and Japan's present. His techniques are also on the same levels as the black widow.
  3. Weapons expert: Since Kai being assassin for the Japanese government he is at extensive training and sidearms assault rifles and all other types of weaponry but what is best at this is soared since he has combined his soul with Musashi's he has a skill in practice and as much training as a U.S. Navy seal or Delta force Marine.
  4. Strategist: Before Musashi's soul got fused with Kai's used to be an expert strategist
    a work of being an assassin. He knows how the tactically read his opponent before his opponent strikes upon that he can counteract his moves before he makes them. But when it comes to superpowers that does not work.


Arc LH five SideArm:

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Similar to a plasma gun the ark gun has more of a railgun aspect to it in being a side arm is more powerful than a 50 caliber if this was a 50 caliber assault rifle could be enough to stop a tank. Using the same source similar to what Hydra use back in World War I is unlimited energy which never running out of ammunition because it has none, but it does have to recharge after several shots. Kai only uses this is not using his sword or if he needs to kill somebody if from a distance.


part 1

When Kai was a child he was an orphan living out on the streets in Western Kyoto Japan. His mother and father died in a car accident in Tokyo when they were on a business trip together since then he's never been the same scarred for life over the remorse of his father and mother losing most of his feelings like empathy and love he grew up with private education with it at his uncle's on by the age of 21 he got his first full-time job in a dojo. The time he was 25 he learned all that he can from his own dojo so he set off to see the sights around the world America, Greece, Italy and the United Kingdom but then one night he met someone that will change him the rest of his life that man was Haseo yashimora! 4 years later hes a part of a spec ops group known as the "Hunters", there job was to gather special people around the world and gather them in a secure location to brief them on technology to further the goal of starting up an organization called SWORD. During the attack on SWORD HQ he was cough in the bombings and barley survived.

part 2

After his recovery in the hospital months later he quit SWORD and took up his father's old job on his passing, Azura Robotics enterprises! Near the end of 2014 Kai Musashi created a special team of humans to do his dirty work, they where known as M.E.R.T. , a four man team mad up of the best killers in the world. In 2015 Kai Musashi became the worlds leading industry in robotics. Musashi today works for Yashimora's as his right hand man. Musashi is building STRIKE a robot army to increase there numbers worldwide.

(Under construction)


M.E.R.T. (CvnU team)

The Team
The Team

The Military Enforcement Reconnaissance Team or MERT for short is a privately funded tactical team made of the worlds 4 top skilled humans in the art of killing. Officially they dont exist and even off the record only few besides there employer know there existence. All traces and documents gone, no weaknesses like family or friends, there what the world needs in the "perfect" killer.

the team

Musashi(the Employer)
Musashi(the Employer)

The leader of the team known to the world is Billionaire Kai Musashi of Azura Robotics but MERT not knowing his true identity they only know him as , "the Employer", as the team have never met face to face.

Chuck "shear shot" Mikey

Chuck Mikey is an ex-Delta force soldier reported KIA 2 years ago in a top secret American military operation. He is known for his attitude when his orders are not followed to the "T" most information on him is black listed of Feb. 2013. Chuck is nicknamed "shear shot" for sniping a Russian general from over 9712m beating Rob Furlong 5x over. his preferred weapon is SCAR-H

(under construction)

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The technologies of SWORD

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The Anti-mutant semiautomatic handgun or "Rhino" Is better known as is a fast firing handgun that has the stopping power to take down lower tier mutants it firing it 7.65 mm assault rifle size rounds as the stopping power of an M-16. Agents of SWORD all carry these weapons as their standard sidearms agent Musashi carries two of them.

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Swords main assault rifle the X-L20 is a highly advanced plasma-based semiautomatic machine gun that has the equivalent stopping power of the main gun of the armored personnel carriers hundred millimeter cannon at full auto mode it also has a mix plasma and kinetic projectile ammunition that has the stopping power the kill lower tier mutants in can fire 80 times before reloading the 7.0x zoom scope is built into the gun and cannot be detached.

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The body armor of assault force SWORD member has enough armor to withstand any projectile handheld-based weapon but is no match for say heat vision from a super mutants eyes. Its advanced heads-up display in the helmet cam can detect any hostile intentions of a human or immune 60 m away with the and integrated AI system transmitting all away from the Hub it knows where it's and enemy is in 360° at all times when they're in the field. As enough pockets to carry 12 magazines of the main assault rifles clips and two magazines of the SideArm clips. It also has a mini jet pack on the back given them enhance park-core abilities letting them jump rooftop to rooftop and so on the vision cameras and the heads up display monitor allows in the sea infrared night vision and even x-ray vision to appoint.

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The standard governmental issued strategic weaponized operation Regiment division SUV is a bulletproof mini tank on wheels without the gun. It can go up to 120 miles an hour on open freeway has 32 miles a gallon and has a small interface that connect to the AI at the central hub given the vehicles front windshield a small heads-up display this SUV can fit five agents inside and is the main driven vehicle by the organization

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The Rhino is the main battle tank of the organization SWORD and has enough armor to withstand the intense heat from a higher med mutants heat vision. The main hundred and 50 mm cannon that's on this main battle tank fires three type shells heat round sable round anti-mutant round, and also has a 40 mm chain gun on the top that can be used mocha troll from inside the tank tank can reach up to 70 miles an hour on flat terrain and can be used in all weather terrains.

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The Mech is a five-story tall machine that has more maneuverability, armor and firepower then the main battle tank. It can reach speeds of 121 miles an hour on flat terrain and can walk like a human crab stuffed with its hands like a human for its main armament it uses I hundred and 50 mm giant assault rifle that carries 140 the hundred and 150 rounds and the Mac can reload this gun up to three times can also be given giant rocket launchers are giant cannons to be mounted onto it they handle the super mutants of the higher tiers the pilot is enclosed in the chest of the machine surrounded by a highly sophisticated heads-up display with a very elaborate consuls at pilot describes driving one of these flying a predator drone from the U.S. Air Force. SWORD only has 20 of these in stock so they are used on security and defense is only.

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Although SWORD uses multiple air forces such as the F 35's F-22's and as the picture you see here the jet known as the X to even the air carriers their station around the world they all have one thing in common they use missiles most of these missiles are the standard missiles you know what everyday life that use kinetic energy and mass destruction some new technology thanks to some of our scientists has added in the tip of these some of these missiles and anti-mutagen which will render its target upon head and her not dead but mostly stun since the mutants are invincible against modern technology via bullets and missiles.

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Simply known as an air carrier they are the primary transportation and firepower of SWORD each of these air carriers carries 18 triple barrel hundred and 20 mm anti-mutant cannons up to 30 aircraft, 1000 infantry and 12 gunships each air carrier can be strategically positioned and defending and nation a city even a capital the main purpose of these ships are defense wait for the enemy to attack you instead of you attacking enemy most are equipped well light shield technology to withstand higher tier mutants laser beams or any type of projectile weaponry but I can go down into the three hits, SWORD has 20 of these right now station almost every city in America as via contract by Pres. stark of national protection in agreeing that he will find everything.