A Brief Guide About Blockchain And Its Use

Let’s have a look at the following apps:

1. Blockfolio

It is a fast keeping app that offers complete cryptocurrency management and provides a number of tools to keep track of your investment portfolio. You can access the exchange market information. The app has a very clean interface and available for both iPhone and Android users. The main features of the Blockfolio app.

Blockfolio developers also launched a translator app that has been getting only positive reviews. You can get Translator in the app store.

Portfolio overview- You can view all your investments at one place and get details on each coin.

  • Price Notifications- Notifications for the price will help you to track the latest price whenever the price crosses a certain threshold.
  • Charts and order book- With the help of charts, you can easily read candlesticks and feature graphs. In order for books, you will get a real-time update of buy/sell orders from the exchange.
  • Over 2000 cryptocurrencies- You can keep track of 2000+ cryptocurrencies including Ethereum, Bitcoin, Ripple, Litecoin, Dash and many more.

2. Bitcoin Checker

It is a very popular and robust cryptocurrency app for the people who invest in cryptocurrency. With this amazing app, you can see the latest price of most of the cryptocurrencies all around the world. Moreover, you can also observe how the price evolved during the last few months on over 80 exchanges. The app is free and has a very simple UI, rich notification bar, displays coin prices in subunits.

The great part of the app is that it allows users to customize the app according to their needs.

3. Mycelium Bitcoin Wallet

It’s a wallet app by which you can send and receive bitcoin payments. It is 100% secure, fast and compatible with all devices. Android is its core platform, though it is available for iPhone users too. It is a fast app with easy to install the widget and takes you straight to your wallet after downloading. it has a card which is a container for your coins and the app is battery operated.

4. Gliph

It is a free and secure messenger app for Android and iPhone users. With the help of this app, users can chat and make payments securely. Moreover, buying and selling of goods is also an option for users with popular cryptocurrencies.

How to get started for blockchain development?

If you have a solid interest in development, get your hands dirty in blockchain development. When something is new, there is a very rare breed we find in a development. Those who strongly want to follow their passion must take this chance seriously to learn and get updated about blockchain. In the coming years, you would have lots of opportunities.

Crypto apps are highly demanding nowadays. These apps are very effective as there will be a huge amount of users’ data where you can offer themselves according to their interests.

To dive into the depth of development you should undergo the following points-

Strong your roots on Blockchain –Understand how data is stored in blocks, learn nodes and its decentralized nature. Learn all ins and outs related to technology.

See where it is required –like who is hiring blockchain developers. Most probably, music sectors, gaming industries, and distribution industries are looking forward to collaborating with blockchain development services in order to maintain the integrity of their information.

Look at the platforms- in present times, the two prominent platforms are – Bitcoin and Ethereum. Maximally applications are built on one of these two. These platforms are public, so all users and apps can share the entire ledger.

Become your own teacher – there are lots of online sources available to help you in learning blockchain development. There are video tutorials, which are informative one. Readable sources are there to make you robust in coding. You just have to search according to your preference and make one or two of them you're favorite.

To start learning quickly, it is best to sign up for any blockchain cloud provider. IBM Blockchain and Microsoft Azure Blockchain are extremely good to master the skills and closely understand the technology.

Let’s Wrap Up

“Blockchain is the next big thing after internet”, this phrase is often heard by all of us. It is still new as it has passed only eight years. But the good thing is in that little time, it has given much to us. Without any further ado, let’s explore what exactly it is behind the scenes. Understand the environment and fundamentals of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

Hope you liked the article, kindly share your views on it. We’ll love to receive your response here. We wish you good luck on your blockchain journey

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