Comic book series you should be reading

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  • The retcon aside, Amazing Spider-man rocks. The characters are awesome, the stories are awesome, everything is pretty awesome.

  • Old school Spider-man is surprisingly good, I would definitely suggest picking it up.

  • Probably the best thing to come out of Brightest Day, Generation Lost never fails to please.

  • The current volume of Green Lantern is amazing. Read it!

  • Corps is just as good if not better than it's Green Lantern big brother.

  • Guy Gardner is my favorite Green Lantern and this series does him justice. With Peter Tomasi writing, it rarely fails to wow! The supporting cast is also really solid, with characters like Kilowag and Sodam Yat taking the forefront.

  • Dick Grayson is Batman and Damian Wayne is Robin, it's brilliant.

  • Civil War is a little old now but it was a seriously awesome story line and seems to be making it's way back into the big Marvel picture.

  • Was one of the best comic book series out there. Period. Sad to see the first volume coming to an end, I thoroughly enjoyed it.

  • The first few volumes are amazing, read "Kitchen Irish" if you get a chance. It's pretty awesome.

  • Captain America couldn't have been given a better run, though it starts to wear thin towards the end, the majority of the volume is amazing!

  • Geoff Johns really knows how to breathe new life into a series. I'm not sure what the upcoming relaunch of the DC Universe will bring, but the current volume of The Flash is amazing.