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Gore for Idiots 0

I'm a gore kind of guy in a few ways. In fact, the main reason I grabbed this is because a goregrind EP that I really enjoy ripped off an image (naughty) from Stitched for its cover illustration, and I thought I couldn't go wrong with it. But, unfortunately I was wrong.I read the series from start to finish, and none of it gripped me. Admittedly, I only really moved to sit down to write a review (of anything) if I loved or hated it, and my views are unashamedly my own, so it's probably unlikely ...

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My new first stop for genuine, GROOd natured laughs 0

Note: This isn't a review for issue #1, it's for the whole first series.I picked up some new issues of Groo a while back, purely because it had Aragones, who I always enjoyed in MAD, on it (and because they were hella cheap!).I was very very pleasantly surprised. Like a lot of people, I thought that it would be difficult for him to carry his earlier work, such as the MAD marginals, which are essentially one-liners, into a fully fledged comic book character and storyline. For over 100 issues no l...

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