In Recovery

Here's a list of characters who had substance abuse issues and have changed their ways -- just for today.

List items

  • I don't know too much about DC characters... Thanks Wurl124! This case is a pivotal one in comic book history! The Green Arrow turned his back on Speedy, but Green Lantern and Black Canary helped him kick his heroin addiction.

  • I used to hate Tony Stark because he seemed too perfect to me. After reading the "Demon In a Bottle" story arc from Iron Man Vol. 1 # 120 - 128, I saw how real the character can be.

  • Before seeking help at Xavier's, Noriko Ashida used drugs to heal the pain her mutant powers caused.

  • Thanks again Wurl124! Some people need an intervention to kick habits. Evan McCulloch got his intervention from cocaine through a good beat down from Captain Cold! Talk about "tough love!"

  • Henry Hellrung used to go to Alcoholics Anonymous meetings with his drinking buddy, Tony Stark.

  • Thanks eldestrisk, I totally forgot about Theresa Cassidy and Warpath helping her get clean!

  • Sally Floyd started drinking to cope with the unfortunate death of her mutant daughter, Minnie. She started going to Alcoholics Anonymous meetings after her co-workers started to notice her problem.

  • Some people turn to the bottle to help cope with their pain. Well, some dragons do too!

  • Miraclo is no coccaine, but it's still a hell of drug!