VA Comicon November 20-21, 2010!

The BIG horror-themed 2-day show is going to be the largest comic book event EVER in the great Commonwealth of Virginia!  It's going to be held on November 20-21, 2010 in Richmond, VA.  Here are some of the major confirmations to date:  

- Filip Sabilik (Top Cow Publisher)
- Chris Pitzer, the founder of AdHouse Books (
- Comic Collector Live (
- Certified Guaranty Company, LLC (
- Tim Seeley, the creator of Hack / Slash (
- Eva Ink Publishing (Renee Witterstaetter, Michael Golden, Mark Texiera, & Steve Scott will be at their table)
- Fangoria (
- Anime Mid-Atlantic (  

That’s Right!  In an exclusive event partnership, the AMA will host multiple rooms showcasing vendors and creators of Anime and Manga! For two days, the LARGEST Manga and Anime Event in Central VA returns on November 20-21!  Be there as the Anime Mid-Atlantic comes to the VA COMICON, making it the largest pop-culture gathering in Central Virginia EVER!  The first 250 people to attend a short 30 minute software demo will get a FREE CCL Lone Ranger variant with a John Cassaday cover! Sabilik offered to do portfolio reviews for all aspiring Top-Cow artists. CGC will be accepting submissions for all age and grading tiers, and will be accepting submissions for signature series comics.  Seeley DONATED 5 head-shot original drawings to our raffle prizes two-years ago, so I can't wait to see what he's got in store for us this time!  Victory Comics from Falls Church, VA will also be hosting a Sanctioned Magic Tournament (I think that's weird to have at a COMICON).  In addition to all those previously listed, there are also TONS of other comic book personalities and aficionados present. 

The event will be held at:

Ramada Plaza West
6624 W Broad St
Richmond, VA 23230 

For more information, check out:
Official website ->
Twitter ->
Facebook ->

This'll be my second comic book convention EVER.  I'm so stoked!  Are any of you other Comic Viners going to be there as well?  Leave comments!  I just grabbed some Hooters (I wish literally) for lunch, and now I'm about to watch "The Expendables" on my work computer for the rest of the day!

i less than three komiks,
~  Aerock Parinas    

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Just Wondering

I've been around for a while, but I'm not as deep into Marvel or DC like I used to be as a kid.  Before, I would be able to tell you everybody on each team, who was beefing, who was dating who, what people's weaknesses were, etc.  Now, everything's so complex and grand that I'm way out of the loop; it's hard to keep track of my favorite titles.  One thing that I really loved as a kid were crossovers.  Can y'all help me out and let me know which biggest characters from the respective publishing giants haven't crossed over and that you would like to see?  Thanks!


Fitting Comics In an Adult's Schedule...

can be very frustrating sometimes!  Man, I've got literally hundreds of comics that are just sitting at my house for the past three months!  I remember when I was a kid, I read comics anytime I wanted to.  Now as an adult, I have to make time to read them.  Prioritizing sucks sometimes... I really wish I could skip work for a day, but I can't.  I can't even call in sick because the Army has sick-call that we go to after we report to work if we really are sick.  I would love to read after I get home, but there's laundry to be done, dishes to be washed, floors to be swept, yard to be mowed.  When all that's done, I still have bills to be managed and paid.  I can't forget friends to hang out with either.  Man, I need to find a way to get paid to read comic books... G-Man, Babs, Comic Vine staff, help!

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1000 in a week?!

I really like trying to accomplish the quests posted on the main page to get the extra points, but 1000 profile views in 1 week?!  Wow?  Can y'all help me out and check my profile if you're reading this?  Thanks! 
This is for the PIMP MY PROFILE quest if y'all haven't figured it out.


Influx of New Comic Vine "Members"

What's going on with all these new members?  It seems to me like the majority of them are just people spamming about jewelry or animal rights and have nothing to do with comic books.  Check out some of the newest members blogs if you don't believe me.  Come on moderators, help take the trash out!

Army Calls Again

I'm gonna be leaving today, Sunday, August 8th at 6:00 AM and I won't be back until August 28th.  That's a long time with no comic books or Comic Vine  :(  I know my pull will be waiting for me, but I'm going to miss all of the videos and reviews on this site.  That's gonna be a lot to catch up on when I get back!


Camping For Fun?!

I can't believe the weekend's almost here!  I'm heading out to Natural Chimneys Regional Park in Mount Solon,  Virginia today after work.    This'll be the first time I'm ever going camping for fun.  I've been in the Army for over 7 years, but I've never leisurely slept outside.  It's always been field training exercises in the woods here in the United States, or out in the desert in Iraq.  All I'm bringing is a sleeping bag, a box of MRE's if I can acquire one, and my converted van (it's HUGE).  I was thinking about bringing some trade paperbacks like The Ultimates, but I figure I should just devote all my time to the experience!  If anybody's reading this, I'd love to hear if y'all have any experience with camping for fun that you'd care to share!

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From Atlantis to San Diego Comic-Con

 FREE tickets to San Diego Comic-Con 2010!
 FREE tickets to San Diego Comic-Con 2010!
Atlantis Games & Comics does a lot of gaming events and midnight madness game nights, but it hasn't been giving the comics the love they deserve. Realizing that, the shop decided to do Comic Appreciation Day this past Saturday, June 19th.  There were snacks for shoppers to munch on as the shop raffled off prizes and gave insane deals on comic related merchandise.  ALL of the shop's comic back issues were $1.00 each, ALL shelved graphic novels were $6.00 each, and ALL 300+ variant covers and autographed comics were cover price.  The toys, statues, & t-shirts were heavily discounted as well.  One awesome treat was that for every $10.00 spent, the shop gave a raffle ticket.  Bonus raffle tickets were given for friends brought and if customers came in costume.  The top prizes were two 4-Day Passes to San Diego Comic-Con.  They also raffled statues, board games, toys, retailer exclusive comics, graphic novels & trade paperbacks.  The store went all out and had HEROCLIX demonstrations from 2 - 4 PM and had comic book movies like Hulk vs. Wolverine, Hulk vs. Thor, Bat Thumb, and much more on the television as well.
 How I felt after finding some of the deals
 How I felt after finding some of the deals
One of my friends showed up after I told her she could probably find Grimm Fairy Tales comic books at the sale.  She ended up finding theGrimm Fairy Tales TPB Box Set (2009 Vol. 1-6) for $60!  Man, that's a great deal in my opinion.  She said that she probably won't donate these to the library after she's done reading them, but she'll probably give them to me when she's done reading them.  I stayed silent and played it cool, but I really wanted to yell out "Byyyyaaaaaahh!" in victory.  She also gave me a sweet Punisher jersey that she had laying around for free.  I found a whole bunch of cool comics too.  Some of the highlights I got from my dig were a hardcover graphic novel of Hexed, Black Canary #1 (limited to 50 copies signed by Tony Bedard with a certificate of authenticity from Dynamic Forces), Marvel Comics Presents #1 (limited to 90 copies signed by Marc Guggenheim with a DF CoA), New Mutants #1 Dynamic Forces Variant (limited to 699 copies with a DF CoA), and some $1 books like Cerebus #'s 25 & 27, Marvel Team-Up #46, and Spectacular Spider-Man #'s 26 & 27.  I ended up getting 15 raffle tickets & hoped for a winning call back!
 SHEW from Fist of the North Star
 SHEW from Fist of the North Star
Well, I didn't win the tickets to Comic-Con, but I did win 3 other prizes!  One of their employees left me a voice mail saying I won a Northstar bust, 3 booster packs for HEROCLIX, and a Nexus Vol. 2 trade from Dark Horse Comics.  After I listened to the voice mail, I was like SWEET!  But then I thought of the bust they said I won...  When I called back, I was like, "Isn't Northstar the gay from Alpha Flight?" He quickly corrected me and asked what kind of prize would that be?  He said it was from the manga.  Then I was like, "Oooooh, Fist of the North Star..."  Man, we were both cracking up!  I had a fun weekend!
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Interesting Crossover

 Multiple Personality Disorders Gone Wild!
 Multiple Personality Disorders Gone Wild!
I've been doing a lot of reading recently and my favorite title right now is COWBOY NINJA VIKING.  I listened to the VineCast from May 21, 2010 and A.J. Lieberman and G-Man toyed around with a crossover between Batman & Duncan.  When Lieberman mentioned " DC/ Image crossover," my mind started racing.  I quickly thought of all the people that Duncan could kill that would be really fun.  I remember a character named Codpiece from Vertigo.  If you don't know who Codpiece is, check out G-Man's video he posted called " Everything You Wanted To Know About...CODPIECE!"  I know it's Vertigo and Shadowline, but if Duncan didn't kill him right away, I think Codpiece could make it... He's messed up enough, and who knows, he might qualify as a triplet!  I love how random my brain works sometimes.  Imagining Duncan seeing Codpiece for the first time and the discussion that Cowboy, Ninja, and Viking would have about the villain had me rolling...
If you don't know what Codpiece looks like, I'll give you a quick flash...

 I wanna dress up like him for the next con!
 I wanna dress up like him for the next con!

i less than three komiks,
~  Aerock
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