DC Cosmic Entities (Strongest)

Characters Without Pictures

The Oblivion Shadow- Threat to the entire DC Metaverse which is all of dc

Pyscho Pirate With Medusa Mask- Repaired the DC Multiverse, Brought back the whole DC Multiverse

Una The Worm (Anu)- Created a Universe

List items

  • Fully Omnipotent, Omnipresent, and Omniscient. He held all of Creation (the multiverse) in his hands.

  • Shes currently the Presence

  • ''Worlds Funnest'' Destroyed several universes. Then went on to destroy all of Creation (the multiverse)

  • Beat a full power Spectre easily with his thumbnail. GEB is also next to God in power and has Omnipotence.

  • Created the multiverse and has near-godlike powers.

  • Is nigh omnipotent, can manipulate any external force for any effect he desires. He can manipulate reality on any scale he wishes. He is a higher dimensional being who exists beyond the totality of the multiverse, including all its timelines. There is really no limit to what he can do. He however can not create matter out of nothing.

  • Easily able to beat the strongest versions of Spectre on two occasions and is relatively omnipotent.

  • Almost destroyed the multiverse when she was near death.

  • Can practically do anything his feats include: repairing the multiverse, growing to the size of a universe, channeling the energies of 100 universes, etc.

  • Nigh Omnipotent and capable of destroying universes. He destroyed many universes in his reign of terror.

  • ''COIE'' He destroyed thousands of universes and almost brought and end to the Multiverse.

  • New 52 Version when he was eating and destroying universes and threatening the newly reborn Multiverse.

  • Has power beyond imagination. He has immense size shown when he held whole entire planets in his hands. At full strength he can destroy universes

  • Mandrakk also Known as Dax Novu has the power of 52 universes and is larger than the multiverse. He is capable of shattering and devouring universes with ease

  • Was able to defeat Dax Novu. Lifted a book with infinite pages that was larger than universes. Was Making the continuum tremble because of his mere presence, and was larger than the Multiverse. As strong as he needs to be can adapt to any situation.

  • ''Zero Hour'' Destroyed and recreated the DC universe, although he's considered to be a multiversal threat.

  • Can create realities by utilizing his victims fears to make them live there worst nightmares. He is able to merge these realities he makes as well, this ability seemed to be mentally devastating to Superman. He warped all of reality to get Kismet out of hiding, basically he screwed with the multiverse. He is a threat to all universes, in his own words he says ''all worlds all universes shall tremble when they feel the wraith of Dominus.'' He also forced Superman to feel the madness of the multiverse, confirming hes multiversal. On top of that he gave off cosmic energies that made star clusters and planets.

  • He was able to ingest/devour four dimensions into his being. Clearly a threat to entire dimensions. He was also able to destroy Mr Mxyzptlk's comic book universes and battle and punk Mxyzptlk and the other 5th d imps. 5th d imps are massively powerful so that is impressive.

  • The nigh omnipotent imp with massive reality warping powers to do almost whatever he wishes. He has done the following merges Batman and Superman into a composite being, makes a scab of skin turn into a monster that can punch Superman through a building, freezes time, hovers over the multiverse, screws with people by granting them wishes making a penny super large and buildings walk, recreates Doomsday Superman level being, messes with speech bubbles, erases Superman's ability to fly, creates a giant typewriter, turns the world into a cartoon, becomes a character in a film, creates a giant mushroom to catch a plane, making someone float, making footballs attack the players, gives a man the head of a horse, turns water to jelly, etc. His higher end feats include destroying a dimension as a part of a game and pulling a universe out of his hat. Also since Emperor Joker with Mxyzptlk's powers did things like threaten all universes in existence that easily makes Mxyzptlk multiversal in power.

  • Emperor Joker reshaped the universe in his image, was tearing apart the fundamental forces of the cosmos and threatening all universes, hes damn powerful. Its also worth noting he used Mxyzptlks power

  • A group of nigh omnipotent beings who are fundamental forces of existence itself. Delirium says there very existence is deforming the universe. The are generally above deities and gods as well.

  • JLA/Avengers Krona who destroyed universes

  • Can destroy and recreate universes, create black holes capable of sucking up universes, destroyed Warworld, destroyed Maxima's Galaxy, can decimate galaxies, has probes that can easily destroy 100,000 daxamites (worth noting daxamites are on par with Superman and other kryptonians. Imperiex probes can also destroy galaxies and fight on par with Mongul and Superman. He and his probes are damn powereful.

  • Possesses seemingly limitless powers. He was able focus the energies of an entire universe. His power makes him nigh-omnipotent, and he is capable of destroying galaxies with a thought according to his write-up.

  • Warped the entire universe and all timelines to his needs, can create his own realities form a single moment in time, messed with time and nearly destroyed all of reality, and destroys a slice of the multiverse containing the planets and stars of a whole universe which is a universal feat. He is pure entropy power.

  • Lord of the Unliving. Vast necromancy powers. Nekron is able to manipulate reality on a planetary scale.

  • At full strength when his powers matured and he was able to warp reality on a multiversal scale.

  • Was annihilating the universe bit by bit, all of the objects in the universe were dropping out of existence. He a threat to the universe.

  • Rao created the Universe.

  • ''Anti Life Entity'' The Anti Life energies instantly wrecked a planet upon being harnessed by mortals. The Anti Life Entity now destroys the sun. Then hundreds of star systems fell to the Anti Life Entity, the universe was about to be destroyed yet for some reason the Anti Life Entity turned back, but not before the Anti Life Entity's energies destroyed a 200 light year sector of space. Metron describes the Anti Life Entity as limitless in power.

  • Can take hits from the whole JLA and JSA like nothing. Knocks back the JLA and JSA with a single blow easily. Fought on par with Spectre, Anti-Matter mans defeats the Spectre leaving Spectre distorted and disfigured and unable to move.

  • ''Warlogog'' Freezes the Big Bang in time. He also remade the planet Krypton from a fragment.

  • A universal deity who was restarting existence (the universe) He created a blast that reached the center of the universe and reverted the universe back to a void of nothingness so he is clearly universal.

  • Trigon tore an entire universe asunder (into pieces). While in his own dimension he defeats the Teen Titans and Justice League. He rules over an entire dimension. Trigon remade the earth in his image. He easily defeated the Justice League. The violence of a universe boils inside of him, he also absorbed the souls of a whole universe. Trigon was easily able to conquer an alternate earth and slay most of its heroes. Trigon has strong telekinesis capable of manipulating the fundamental forces of the universe, manipulating reality, manipulate and distort the space-time continuum, and manipulate matter on a sub-atomic level. Can create, destroy, change, and alter reality just by thinking about it. He has reshaped entire planets and turned all of earths inhabitants into stone. He can distort the fabric of reality on a cosmic scale. He possesses the ability to project powerful eldritch blasts from his eyes. He possesses mind control to possess hundreds of people and powerful champions. Trigon has absorbed the souls of millions of worlds and stated he was forced to absorb the souls of his own universe as well. He can project energy capable of transmuting objects and telekinesis. Trigon can grow to the size of a skyscraper and is shown being at least three times bigger than the Teen Titans Tower.

  • Kills Wonder Woman with a gesture. He schools the Spectre. Dominates a group of high tier heroes. Dominates Flash, Martian Manhunter, and Wonder Woman. One shots Captain Marvel. Easily fights a large group of heroes in which he shrugs of Zatanna's attacks & beats Doctor Fate, Alan Scott, Blue Devil, and Captain Marvel with the Spear of Destiny, this is a huge feat considering how powerful Alan Scott and Doctor Fate are but perhaps the most impressive part is beating Captain Marvel with the Spear of Destiny because the Spear of Destiny is one of the most powerful objects in the DC universe. The Spear of Destiny is capable of altering worlds (planets), Some have nearly Destroyed the Spectre with the Spear of Destiny, so clearly beating Captain Marvel with the Spear of Destiny is impressive nonetheless.

  • Mordru created energies that could annihilate Galaxies. He crushes the JLA and JSA. He fights and overpowers the Legion of Superheroes. He rips the town of Smallview from earth and throws it into space. Owns Thunderbolt (a fifth d imp), Owns the JSA, one shots the powerful being Nabu. Can move worlds and blacken suns. Able to withstand the JSA and the Freedom Fighters. Has nigh omnipotent mastery over magic. These are all pre 52 feats. Other feats include easily beating Alan Scott, Classic Dr Fate, Hal Jordan, Superman, Batman, Hawkman and other heroes. Making Mon El and Pre Crisis Superboy retreat and global wide telepathy.

  • They steal whole entire planets. One of the planets a Quantum Mechanic stole was Zrff from the fifth dimension, this would imply quantum mechanics are greater than fifth d imps. One Mechanic disguised as and imp tore the dimensions out of a fifth d imp, once again this implies there massive power. Being greater than fifth d imps is no small feat.

  • ''Zero Hour Extant'' Defeats the Time Trapper, lives outside the rules of reality, his entropy rift can destroy universes, wipes the 71st century form the time stream, was erasing the 64th century from existence, destroys another timeline, turns the JSA into old men, Extant destroys a universe very few heroes remain, easily beats the JSA, was threatening the universe, Extant creates his own universe, JSA try again to beat him to no avail. He's powerful.

  • Nearly indestructible armor. Beat three versions of Wonder Woman and Superman at once. Destroys North America, beats three Hal Jordan Green Lanterns, beats 52 Captain Atom's and three Superman (keep in mind Captain Atom is on par with Superman),

  • Conquers planets and enslaves whole galaxies using his mind control. He has armies of mind controlled lifeforms and heroes at his command.

  • Member of a Group of nigh omnipotent stars called the Council of Living Stars. He destroyed the whole Universe except for the JSA. He has great hypnotism enough to control the JSA.

  • Doctor Fate Has survived being thrown through infinite dimensions by the Spectre. He has Moved a planet into the sun. He was able to bind space and time, He was able to tower over the planet earth and restore it of life, taps in to the power of creation which created tremors that could be felt from far away universes like earth-one and earth-2, he had a good fight with Spectre, and beat two beings who were threatening the Multiverse. He also brought a man to the edge pf space and time in and instant. His favorite feat in my opinion is holding back a cosmic force that was going to destroy a universe with Spectre's help because Spectres my favorite character and i like seeing the two together.

  • Some Quotes of Power ''All of time is as one to me... One Infinite Eternal Time Stream. All Time is Now.'' ''Waverider. The seer of Hypertime. Keeper of Divergent Timelines.'' Feats now. Can travel trough space/time/reality on a whim, can stop time even in places as large as The Limbo, freed Superman from temporal stasis, faster than light impulses, kept up with Flash who was going faster than light, can go intangible, Lobo; Superman; and Captain Marvel can't even touch him, reformed from a blast equal to 1,000,000 nukes, has Gone up against Superman; Lobo; Captain Marvel; and even Captain Atom; has gone up against member of Justice League Europe. His More Impressive feats re-weaving time itself, can summon infinite copies of himself (and others) from microseconds of time, was momentarily able to balance the forces of entropy, protect heroes from a big bang, plucks ZH Parallax from the Time Stream and merges him with a good Green Lantern in order to preserve a stable point in time, and erased a whole entire timestream/reality/universe from existence.

  • Consumes whole sun thus destroying galaxies. A silver age sun eater destroyed whole stars, star systems and sometimes even galaxies. After each star it consumes it becomes more powerful.

  • The Source is fully Omnipotent, Omniscient, and Nigh Omnipotent. It Remade all of creation (the multiverse) in an instant. It is far more powerful than even Lucifer Morningstar and Michael Demiurgos.

  • S'ivaa is physically strong enough to tear a hole in the source wall and outmatched both Orion and Superman strength wise in combat this makes him one of the most physically strong characters in DC. He is so durable the combined might of both New Gods and Kryptonian's can't even scratch him. He is immune to the likes of Darkseid's Omega Beams, Orion's Astro Force, and Hihgtfather's Source Siphoning. S'ivaa's greatest power is the ability to rip apart space and time, he has causes numerous holes in space and time by simply moving his arms. S'ivaa's most destructive ability is his dance which if complete would completely tear apart the universe. He also can send energy daggers across the space-time continuum capable of staggering Superman when caught of guard.

  • Credited for their size and strength by the New Gods they are larger than planets

  • Held the Earth in the Palm of His Hands without any trouble.

  • Has control over the time-stream. Fought the Time-Keeper who was threatening to destroy the time barrier.

  • Almost destroyed the Time Continuum and the astro reality.