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Aelia the Nemedian

Name: Aelia.

Her last name is unknown, and she has used a horde of false identities to throw the authorities, bounty hunters and vengeful masters of the sorcerous arts off her trail.

Race: Nemedian.

Age: Unknown.

She was born an urchin and orphaned at a young age. As such does not know her real age, though she appears to be in her late twenties.

Height: 5'2

Weight: 115lbs

Hair: Walnut brown.

Eyes: Slate blue.

Languages: Nemedian, Aquilonian, Kothian, Shemitish, Barachan.

Aelia has a knack for languages. She can learn a language quickly, and her ears are keen to the sounds of different regional and cultural dialects within that language. Every language that she speaks, she speaks fluently and she can mimic different dialects, which is an invaluable skill for a woman who is constantly on the run from, or to, another score.

Physical Abilities: Aelia was malnourished as a child which stunted her growth. To compensate she became a gymnast of exceptional ability, which is a lifesaving skill when one needs to slip into the ivory tower of a wizard or scale the walls of a princes pleasure palace. She has all the quickness and agility you would expect from a one hundred and fifteen pound woman who engages in frequent exercise. She runs daily, for training or survival, and she has exceptional cardiovascular endurance.

Mental Abilities: Unschooled and self taught, but raised in a culture which prized learning and knowledge sparked a fire inside Aelia at a young age. She sought out knowledge wherever it could be found and studied with a feverish intensity her pampered peers could never match. Growing up a homeless urchin strengthened her wits and a life of thievery has sharpened her survival insect to a razors edge. Truth be told she teeters on the brink of paranoia.

Skills: First and foremost Aelia is a thief. She has traveled the world, chasing the next big score, fleeing enraged nobles and fighting shadow wars with rival thieves. She lusts for the thrill of acquisition, and that has driven her to master many disparate skills.

She is an accomplished acrobat and gymnast. Her senses are keen, not due to any genetic advantage on her part but simply because she pays close attention to her surroundings at all times. She is also an adept survivalist, having lived on her own since she was a young child and having traveled as far south as Shem. As such she can survive in almost any environment. She has extensive knowledge of alchemy and poisons, having made a serious study of naturalism in many parts of the world and even 'liberating' tomes on the subject from various marks. As a fighter she is good, but not great, having no training. She is, however, an exceptional knife thrower because she carries several throwing knives at all times and makes a sport of throwing at various objects as she travels. Over the years this has made her one of the more accurate throwers in the Hyborian Age, though her skills have gone largely unheralded.