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This is the end, come and face me. (CVnU oncoming event)

Holograms and mythical images suddenly began erupting all over planet Earth and around its allies and enemies. They were completely in unison and their source was impossible to find, because it came from almost everywhere.

The deafening and terrifying laugh of the Laughin Lord echoed with such intensity it made people wimper in pain,

"Humans of Earth, and your neighbors as well, I have something I must tell you! I am the Laughing Lord, elf of ages far before your pitiful dimension even existed. And I'm here to steal your souls!" He cackled for a moment, "Just kidding, I'm here to watch you writhe in pain as you fight amongst yourselves! I've watched it happen time and again and I'm getting bored. So, I've come to a conclusion. Sometime in the near future, I'm going to conquer your world. Bit by bit, it's a strategy game of course. I could have just destroyed you all, but I like to have fun. You beat me and my allies, I will leave your dimension and find some other one to torment." There was a moment of silence as the image of the insane man leaned forwards to look at them, as if he knew everyone who saw him personally, "But...I beat you, and you will all wish you had never been born! And I will rejoice in the glorious pain filled screams that echo from your mouths!!!!" He laughed again in hideous thunder like amusement. All images and holograms vanished leaving people to prepare for war.

The Game Maker, one of The Laughing Lords allies, was already preparing for battle. With advanced biorobotic animal creatures at his command, insanity and pain inducing gasses and contaminants, and two specialized rings designed to imitate lantern rings, he would be the first wave. Not going to hard on them, but not exactly being easy either.


I'm going to ask for countries willing to let me attack. So if you have one and are willing, that would be great!

because this is a game to them both he'll have the playing fields fairly evened or even against his own favor.

Not sure exactly when this will actually get started, but this is my plan to get rid of me from comicvine. So help getting through with it would be appreciated.

More details will be explained at a later date.