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The laughing lord and the game maker bio.

Both are highly intelligent sadists and masachists

The game maker

The game maker seems to be a human veteran of some war. He is highly intelligent, especially at making life size death/ pain games or traps. Unlike the laughing lord he has made physical contact with some. He does however have impressive technology that somehow protect him from every attack, but he recently abandoned this. He seems to have unlimeted resources.

Real Name: George Mathew Winters

Height: 6'3"

Build: Muscular.

Very fit, almost superhuman.

Is both a masochist (finds pleasure in his own pain) and a sadist (pleasure in the pain of others). This makes it impossible to torture him, as he only finds it enjoyable. However he also sees this as a danger to him, so uses an advanced atomic reconstructer to keep himself alive. Instead of hightened regeneration this can completely reconstruct him on an atomic level, simply using materials. This device exists with a connection in numerous dimensions and doesn't have to be present to reconstruct him. Unless each of the devices is attacked in exactly the same way at exactly the same time then it simply will not be harmed.

Multi level genius: Can process 600 times as many things as a genius level human of IQ 200 or above. His IQ isn't calculated as he hates the tests, but it is known he has an intelligence that could out calculate a super computer. Has an internal world which is known as the garden and works much like another dimension, giving him time to think without any interuption in the physical world as it hyper speeds his brain beyond light speed. He can use this place to slow down his perception of time. In this mind world he has absolute domain, except to his own mind constructs which act like real people or things. However he does possess near omnipotence in it, as it is based on his imagination and intelligence. It also means he can mentall work at extreme speeds well beyond even the speed of light. This makes him a pain to any telepathic attacker, as he can basically offer a secondary thoughtstream that has absolutely no useful information or give him a bunch of pain by causing it to himself and others mentally, to his own enjoyment. He is highly capable of photographic and all around perfect memory and can mimic just about anything he's ever seen. He is also unbelievably knowledgable in science, magic, psychology, and just about everything he sees worthy of his games. His abilities to predict just about everything that occurs are uncanny.

Wears an army uniform. Unkown rank as it is only vaguely similar in style to american but has variations in emblems and some design changes.

Possesses highly effective and powerful teleporting (Time, space, interdimensional) technology on all times as well as many advanced military weapons.


Two Sentinal imitation rings. One imitates all the abilities of a green lantern but is yellow in color and the other is one is more creative in a way, it follows the typical powers of a sentinal ring, except it possesses a few extras, it is also shifty in color:

Insanity: This ring can cause people to become insane. Whether by mass or to a single person. The persons will, intelligence, and mental stability, all have play in this. Interestingly, it is far more difficult for an intelligent one to resist it, but will power and mental stability (as well as morality) all play against it. The ring also feeds of of insanity, including his own, and grows more powerful the more insanity and chaos is near it. This effects different people differently (feel free to choose and sell as you believe proper, but IF i use it please do sell. also these aren't the only ways.), some it causes hollucinations that are intended to drive the person insane, others it will create urges or emotions, and some others it remove most emotions except things such as dispair or rage.

Acidic destruction: Can fire/vomit/spray people with beams of acidic like light constructs. These can eat through most anything including non material things such as mystical energies and even other light or darkness constructs. Must be fired from either eyes, arms, entire body, or mouth.

Hate the telepaths!!: The Game Maker has always wanted telepethy but also doesn't like things to be to easy, so he does the reverse to telepaths and empaths. This ability super increases the senses of telepaths and empaths making focusing extremely difficult, the amount of stress this causes also makes it very dangerous because it can cause mental breakdowns. Best defense against it would be trying to become calm and simply let it sink in, do not resist. (Don't expect to use it, but if you get attacked with it, Sell as you see fit. It's really just supposed to end up negating telepathic or empathic abilities and he'd be fine with just them shutting down.)


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He has decided his rings are to powerful to have fun everytime and will sometimes use a power suit instead. This suit is made entirely of a non metallic material that has similarities to a mix between Nth, adamantium, vibranium, carbonadium, and with a self healing design. The suit is designed to require an IQ of 400 or above to even handle, something that Game Maker easily qualifies for. And it is designed to compact itself to be hidden.

Strength: Titanium breaking, can lift US carriers.

Speed: Enhances his actual speed to detect things at near lightspeed and allows easy hypersonic movement. well over 600,000,000 times the speed of sound.

Flight via a pair of rocket boots, rocket hand boosters, and jet boosters over the suit.

Anti telepath, empath, technopath, and telekinesis design to prevent control of Game Maker and his suit.

Is designed for space travel, extreme underwater depths, and tempuratures well above those of lightning and well below those of liquid nitrogen.

Self temperature and electrical conductivity manipulation.

Advanced oxygen supply.


Blades can come out almost anywhere on the suit.

Armed with numerous dangerous rockets and missiles hidden on the suit.

Can generate and lead lightning attacks.

Can generate sonic attacks.

Can create blasts

Repulsor blasts: Located on chest and hands these send particle beams over small or large area to attack or defend against energy or matter.

Advanced AI and computer system in the helmet capable of hacking almost any computer as well as giving innumerable amounts of information to Game Maker

(under construction)

Don't make the game maker angry

The Garden 2

The laughing lord

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