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"The Garden" part 2

The Game Maker strided through the streets of Gothic completely unnoticed. His disguise was perfect. An elderly man, one with a gun at his side, but still an elderly man.

Stepping around a corner the Garden appeared again. As well as the man who looked like him just somewhat shorter, a second time in this year. He had come to the Garden more and more often recently.

"I see you came to visit me again?" The man said more than asked as he sat behind a chess board with some of the pieces already moved.

So far it could go either way, and it was whites turn, which was the Game Maker it appeared. Sitting down the Game Maker made his move, a preemptive one to take out blacks queenl and at the same time get him in check.

"You were always the one better at games and tricks than I," The man said looking over the board and finally moving to counter it and attempt to prepare for getting one of whites bishops.

"Yes, I remember when I was called the trap master instead. That was before I begin playing with humans lives that is." The Game Maker replied taking his move and risking his bishop for taking a queen, a few moves away.

The man didn't fall for it and instead changed strategies moving to a more defensive and evasive, or it appeared so. "You know brother, they wouldn't have called us monsters if you hadn't been so sadistic and crazy with the bodies even after they were dead. " The man said again.

"Charles Charles Charles, it's not like I cared. I never cared about that. I just wanted my fun. Although it seems that fun is becoming difficult with the rise of intellectuas with power. You even gained power didn't you?" Game maker said trying to make use of Charles's strategical shift.

Charles nodded slightly again changing strategies but keeping more on the defensive side, "Yes I did, and there are even more out there neither of us have found. I must warn you again of that insane man you have worked with on occasion, he will kill you. We may be intelligent but he is beyond a humans mind. He could kill us both right now if he wished."

"The Laughing Lord?!" The Game Maker asked chuckling, "He likes pain to much, and I cause pain. So indirectly he wants me to live."

"He's planning something brother, it's coming soon and you'll be caught in it. And you will die." Charles warned, "I won't hesitate to kill you this time, and neither would he. It's time for you to go." Charles moved in the one way the Game Maker hadn't expected, he sacraficed many pieces in one move but suddenly somehow made the game infinitely harder.

Then the Garden was gone again and Game Maker was back in Gothic city. He didn't intend to stay and turned down an alley grabbing a man by the throat and then using a teleporter to vanish away and drop the man off a cliff to a pool of mutated gators at the bottom.

"Maybe he can beat you, and he's just been holding back." He said wondering.

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