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Random bio

Real name: Randy Ronaldo Rodrigo Garian

Alias(s): Random, cyborg phantom, mechanical nightmare.

Height: 6'2

Build: Normal, slightly muscular.

Eyes: Dark blue (Can change)

Hair: Light brown.

Age: 22

Family/friends: His relationships are pretty unkown. He had been inside a facility making cyborg soldiers for most his life. He now however is not very anti social. He much appreciates freinds although he has a certain distance from them. Only one known friend: Kyle Brimstone. After an encounter on the street in which very odd events ensued, Kyle eventually made a decision to help bring Randy to control of himself. Now Randy uses him somewhat as a moral compass, one might say

Father: Lord Jonothan Garian (@lord_garian) Deceased

Mother: Regina Knightfall (@lady_knightfall) Alive, hiding .

Uncle: Cydrus Knightfall (@lord_knightfall) Alive, semi-hiding.

Brother: Carlos Garian (@lord garian)


Technopath: He's able to control technology or mechanics through remote connection or placing a very small self made device on it, it is so small it can't be seen by human eyes and would require a microscope to see. Even after removed he is sometimes able to keep control of it. He has massive amounts of technopathic power because of his mental capabilities as well

Air waves: He can sense and manipulate air waves to his specific liking. This also means he can change what people hear on a comms unit.

Blades: He has various internal blades made from an unkown material. It seems to not be able to be magnetized and keeps perfect even at long lasting attacks such as super tech lasers. It self heals after time.

knowledge: This is mainly of himself when Randy (Just about everything if Random) He has intense knowledge of technology, weapons, and fighting techniques and flaws, as well as enough to completely fix any problem he might have. This also gives him an advantage to other cyborgs who may have to obtain assistance. He has intensive access to anything in his own memory or on a network/web of some kind that he made contact with. So he knows just about every secret hidden on the deep web, every drug dealer or assassin, and has extremely dangerous hacking skills that go like 1000 of the best hackers/technoaths at hyper speed.

Deadly soldier: His programming (that sounds like the right word) gave him perfect martial arts and weapons genius and training. Not only is he given immediate memory access to anything in the past either by web or his own senses he can use anyones shown abilities against them.


His inside have been manipulated and certain aspects have been added to make him better. His brain can process every sense and muscle fiber in his body and still be able to come up with twenty perfect ways to win a chess game that hasn't even started yet. His mind is far more powerful than many supercomputers as he can imagine thousands of thousands of thoughtstreams at once.

Strength: Lifting power of ten tons easily. Not using absorption.

Speed: He works internally at near lightspeed allowing him to react to extremely fast opponents as well as heal at nearly immediate speed. He can blitz at mach 20 and keep that pace. If he uses his decomposing he could practically fire himself by creating a void between him and where he's going with almost no time in between, this does cause a rather powerful shock wave much like when lightning strikes and burns through air.

Intelligence: This can vary from normal to super genius. Don't underestimate him, or especially his ability to pick up even the most subtle cues. He's far better than a lie detector at finding the truth and has a talent for learning everything. More than this he can process over a thousand individual thought streams at once, and in fact usually is. Although this is sometimes where Random decides to find an entrance.

Durability: His extreme healing and specially enforced body create an extremely difficult barrier. He is immune to most disease including weaponized and his bones can take an impact of 50 tons moving at mach 20 before breaking. His muscle and other parts can stand very close before injury but heal quickly. His skin is hard to penetrate even with razor blades or bullets.

No bugs: Whatever materials were used made it impossible for him to be manipulated by telekinesis of any kind, including reality and time manipulation.

Energy/stamina: He obtains much energy through electricity, kinetic, and heat energy and even mystical and unusual energies. This allows him to literally drain it from around him if he wants. Although he is able to eat food and drink he is not required. And because of his special gift he has a source to get it from.

Assassin gear: Because he was a weapon he has various gear perfect for assassinations including various forms of vision, hearing, and sensors. He also contains a special kind of ray gun that can prevent cells from dying which in turn causes cancer. Radiation ray. Poisens. Darts. Sonic capabilities. Sonic sensors. Various other weaponry and gear.


He is able to force matter/energy/magic/powers to degrade/disintegrate/deconstruct/decompose and absorb/draw the energy from it whether it reaches him or not (including intelligence in some cases). This especially includes mutant or alien powers (also vampiric/witch/wizard/or the like). This is a new realized ability and he knows little about it. It is also not fully developed, but is constantly working (hence why he can't run out of energy) by a "certain source" as Cydrus put. This also allows him to temporarily make use of absorbed abilities especially magical or energy based. However even without absorbing a particular ability he can mimic others by exerting energy which he has stored up/is absorbing into that power. The exact source of his power is unkown but it is assumed to be either vampiric or mutant in nature with at least some influence from his fathers natural powers. It also grants an assortmant of other abilities such as vacuums which can mimic things like flight and can negate sound and light in the case of stealth wanted.


Awoke with little memory inside of a highly secure facility half like a prison and half a hospital. Having no chains as a doctor asked him questions he realized he was a prisoner and managed an escape. During his escape someone in a black suit with a cane approached him and ordered him to stand down. Although Ronaldo is unaware of this his eyes flashed red befoee he shook his head and continued his break out. Now he roams Earth as Random, the cyborg nightmare. He ended up having a strange problem that occured randomly which somewhat changed his personality. Although sometimes this instead caused intense pain normally occuring in his head. During that he would sometimes stutter "Get them out" or "So many voices". He assumes these are connected. It is also where he gets his name from because of his random changes in personality. During some of these "Episodes" A more specific character comes out who actually does call himself Random. He is a deadly sadistic man without any real moral compass. Though it seems Randy may have some control over him, he's still a wild card for everyone. Random has more control over the internet than Randy and doesn't usually hold back his fury.

Discovered he is an Alpha Sapien and Red program patient for his own uncle Cydrus Knightfall.

Is presently hidden far away to prevent himself from causing anymore damage, as his power is increasingly powerful and could apparently consume entire dimensions and time streams.

Fun facts:

1:Randy has sympathetic pain.

2:Randy sometimes refers to Randoms as, The Other Guy.

3: One of his mental discussions with Random

Not so fun facts:

1. His power is ever growing and has gotten to the point even focusing on one dimension or timeline to long can cause it to quickly disintegrate.

2. He still has but one friend who he cannot visit physically because it is far to dangerous.