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New god of music

Name: Unkown

Alias: Phantom of the opera. New god of music/hypnosis.

A resident of Gothic city. Considered a ghost of music itself. And who haunts a Gothic city operahouse. The Phantom of the opera has been a danger to any who cross him even before he gained his powers. An architect, magician, hypnotist, singer, master swordsman, and all around genius. Even if he is crazy he is a man of many talants. And yes, he is crazy. He see's the operahouse as belonging to him, and has taken prisoner one of the most talented of the female singers. One who was his pupil even before she knew who he was. Nobody knows his name, nobody knows where he goes, and nobody has stopped him. Since he was known as the phantom his trademark seems to be a theatre mask, typically a white one which covers only half the face.

But now he's become something even more dangerous, by unkown events he has become a new god. With not only his incredible skills increased, but given a sort of power over music itself. Now becoming not just a phantom of the opera, but a god.

Hypnosis: Capable of hypnotizing near anyone merely by the sound of his voice, and that was before he became the god of music. Now he is capable of almost complete mind control and empathic manipulation. With simple singing, or even just a deep humming sound, he has put people into trances. Before he even gained this power he lured a woman by the name of Katherine, the excellent singer, into his lair. On several occasions in fact. Causing her to fall in love with him, as he was with her.

Magician: Having years of practice, experience, and natural skill, the Phantom is one of the greatest magicians of all time. He can vanish in an instant, appear in an instant. His tricks often focusing on the disappearing and appearing of him or something (or someone) else. The operahouse itself is filled with tricks only he knows. Incredible stealth, speed, and dexterity, make him incredibly effecient at his vanishing tricks, not to mention his other uses of it. He has made entire swords seem to vanish out of a persons hand, almost as if they had been holding an illusion the entire time. He always carries an assortment of tricks, including "fire breath"

Swordmaster: A master in the art of the rapier. Could easily defeat most at close range with his skill. His sword is much larger and tougher than a typical rapier people see in movies, this is the kind that would have been used in wars. His skill is both natural and practice.

Photographic memory: The Phantom has a photographic memory allowing him many advantages in both combat and his tricks. It also makes the dark his playground. He's memorized practically every part of Gothic city and his opera house.

Music: He can summon music, background voices, etc, on a whim. Further enhancing his hypnotic singing. However he isn't just capable of hypnotism with it. Certain notes or sounds can be made often during song with devastating effects. Disrupting electronics and even candles, various sonic attacks or defenses, even sometimes causing the air and reality itself to twist to allow him to escape or teleport. Music is a powerful thing.

Combatant: Although not one to go into a fight unarmed the Phantom is at combat without his sword as well. His skill surpasses most even if he is not a true master. But his ingenuity with items around him could make up for that easily.

Athleticism/agility: Incredibly athletic. Easily does things others would find almost impossible, from jumping crazy lengths across bars, to practically flinging himself through the space between cars on a full speed train.

Strength: Peak human.

Speed: Very fast. Typically can dodge arrows easily, and even a bullet on a good day.

Awareness: He is highly aware of his surroundings. As he has spent much time in the dark his sight is incredibly good. But his ears are better, he has incredible hearing and could easily pinpoint a mouse across a house, how many, and whether or not one was injured.

Intelligence: Very intelligent and creative.

Healing: Not very accelerated unless he escapes present danger, he can heal from almost anything if he escapes. It is believed he can be immortal.

Rage: When he goes into a rage he is far more dangerous, but less calculated. He is capable of sonic screams or even all out sonic explosions. During this time dangerous voices are often heard chanting eerily. He also becomes completely immune to pain and forms of manipulation like telepethy, empaths, and even telekinesis. He becomes physically enhanced and is capable of easily dodging bullets, breaking vault doors, blades barely pierce him if at all, and his senses are are incredibly advanced. His muscles often bulge during this time and he'll sometimes even become somewhat disproportionately muscled.

Weakness: Katherine. He is emotionally attached to her, she's his biggest weakness in a way as even someone threatening to harm her can cause him to go into a rage.

ooc: I don't know if I'll get to use him or not. But I really wanted to put this character up, hopefully nobody else has him.

Also hope I'm allowed to do this, if not I'll edit it. So just tell me.

Up for interaction if anyone wants.

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