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Morlus Gatcop (Comicvine Fan-fic universe)


Name: Morlus Gatcop

Alliances: Seigal Larimda (admirallogic)

Strength: Near peak human strength. Has naturally strong body.

Speed: While not speedster level he is quite fast and very good respone time.

Intelligence: Has a knack for being able to make any situation into a poem. Is good at qouting previously heard things and improvising a personality to predict actions.


Complication: Can intentionally complicate a situation causing confusion in a specific way to shift to his own advantage.

Gadgetry: Has various gadgets such as EMP, electronic magnet strong enough to drag a car (fits in hand), grappling gun, etc.

Tactical equipment: Much like the equipment a high level soldier might have, tactial flashlight, dagger/knives, AK-47, various pistols, night vision, etc.

Detail vision: Can detect a lot of information in only a glimpse. This helps in finding weakspots.

Martial artist: Has expert training in armed/unarmed combat.

Magnetic pulse: Can emit magnetic pulses allowing him to summon or fire metal by emitting magnetic pulses. This allows him the ability to force metal attacks away.

Optical blasts.

Played by

Chris Pratt