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James Merrarn, mind of a chess player

Perhaps James Merrarn was best known as the cynical interviewer working for the G.E.D. He'd recieved plenty of letters, or email more often, from people who hated his style of confrontation. Of course many appreciated his directness with questions. The thing is, this was much just one of his characters. James had many. The interviewer was a cold and precise detective of sorts. James felt he had no "Real you" as some people called it. He was just a bunch of personalities, and most of them were similar. Some were, however, extremely erratic and eccentric, like an actor. Often these ones were far more physically agile. But one of them, he called the Chess player.

The Chess player was a strategical genius, and a master at psycological warfare. He didn't always appear during chess. But it was his signature personality. Appearing almost psycopathic in gaze, and inclined to dark humor. But one thing that always bothered him after he took on his most common personality (Which didn't really have a name/title) was how the Chess player handled things. Like the actor who plays the insane man, pain meant little to him. Like the warrior, he was tactically advantagious and could fight incredibly fast and precisely with strength. But he was also a very very fast thinker, seeing moves and actions far ahead. Some of these included actual insanity for James. He already knew the only thing keeping him sane was his religion, without it he would have been a serial killer at a young age probably. And would certainly have become far more dangerous to society at large than many humans had been before. Especially considering his connection to energy. It was strange, the chess player was a cold man. But he had an interesting connection to the forces around him. Almost like that which those who speak of chi talk about. Sometimes, the forces were sinister. Causing him to hatch threatening plans and designs.

A note by James Merrarn, hidden in one of the legs of his desk, told of his fears.

It read,

'I know that, as a human, I am inclined to sin and faults. And I know mental diseases are not uncommon. But what I feel when I am the Chess player, it taunts me. A strategic and psycological intelligence and physical fitness I can't gain on any other personality. Someone so powerful its as if he is above even my abilities, someone who could take down countries without even releasing a soldier.

The Chess Player has few emotions, those he has are often dark, or even near sadistic. He terrifyies me, but he empowers me. I don't take him on intentionally, it just sort of happens. It's not like he's taking over, usually. But he causes me worry. What if this Chess player is not simply a personality based off of me, but a personality based off my dark side. My more powerful side. I know I could pose a great threat if I wished to, and this Chess player often does wish to. I fear, if I forgot my religion and moral values, he would be one of the first to take over my mind. He is strong, in mind and body. And he has many plans I only remember during my time as him. If anyone is ever to come across this, do not show it to anyone except me if I have turned. It may help me turn back. But, should you show it to me or someone else before that time. I fear it may trigger him into a self preservation mode. Forcing me to be a prisoner in my own body.

Sincerely, James Merrarn.'

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