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G.E.D James Merrarn report: "Gothic effected the world"

James Merrarn sat before the camera as usual, formal, suit and tie. The camera showed links to various things he would mention during the report as well as his name.

"Hello. Take notice of this please. There has been major occurences in Gothic city involving its destruction, first during America's 'reclaiming' as it would be called and again as a woman known as Ivana attempted to take it in a time of weakness. There are theories going out, threats, all sorts of information both true and false. You decide what you believe on it. Also a hacker known as Dox posted a video, clearly stating he believes this is the fault of the president. There have also been news articles about the events. The president promised to rebuild the city, with the help of some other companies as well. However until that occurs Gothic city appears to be ruins."

He paused to let some short versions of the videos mentioned play out on the screen. As well as what videos he could get of Return of the renegades and March Into Hell.

Then it turned back to him, "I am attempting to contact president Donn for an interview and I'm simply awaiting proper planning to commence for it to occur."

He took a short breath, "In other news. France is electing a new president. One who I will be attempting to contact to arrange an interview with as well. Gothic city was mentioned during a candidates speech and I qoute: We watched as a country, no, as a species of renegade and reckless mutants wreaked immeasurable havoc upon Gothic City. American lives were lost and displaced while homes were demolished and leveled. This was no riot. This was no battle. This was all out war on American soil. Our neighboring citizens whom I pray recover quickly and vigorously, had hoped that by electing a mutant president that they could not only feel a sense of security, but build relations with mutant kind. This was an admirable, but ultimately deadly error that cost so much.' Unqoute. The events that unfolded in Gothic are clearly even effecting european countries."

James leaned in putting his hands together, "America is having trouble, this is a certainty. And when America has trouble so does everyone else. I am still a citizen of the United States, and I can see it falling apart. But more importantly, everyone else sees it. I hope and pray this does not create unnecessary strife. But the world will react. That is the end of my report."

the screen would then continue to show information until it shut off or another report came on.


I've been needing to get another one out for awhile honestly. Gothic turned out to be a great way especially considering all the reactions to it.

Inknow this was reletively short compared to some of my other ones. But I also intend on doing the interviews if I can. Speaking of which, I actually do need to contact the French candidate.

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