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G.E.D. (Global events discusion)

(Please PM me with public events so I know what happens.)

Soon the first G.E.D. Paper will come out. Here we will tell you about the major events in the world (of canon RPG and some not so major one. Be it Elections, sociopathic genius killers, or a giant magma worm falling from the sky. Or maybe just the anniversary of a certain special marriage...or a certain persons death.

The GED is a round world orginization funded by willing people or some of the reporters themselves. It actually requires most reporters to prove they no longer hold bias to something by being brought along with a more experienced reporter.

Many reporters become entirely outside of their country's citizenship by claiming some property on an island that the GED's main "base" is on. Most reporters are capable of minor defending themselves and are often seen carrying firearms.

Interviews and GED activities are almost always visual and audio recorded to be official. Many are also live broadcasted.

Meet our reporters:

James Merrarn

James tries to give an unbiased view of things. Just the facts. Although sometimes he does give his own view. He is currently our only reporter which means he'll be doing interviews, special reports, and so on. James also has this habbit of looking for secrets so he can find them out from witnesses, police reports, and footage from varying sources. There have been a few instances he's been attacked either while searching or at home but he's managed to survive using a 22 semi-automatic pistol and oddly enough a small spear. He has plenty of contacts making finding things much easier.

Height: 6'3"

Eye: Hazel

Hair: Black

Build: slender.

Extra information: generally unkown.


Double report: Politics (On Samuel Washington and Andromodeans.

Registration act

Gothic effects the world


Theory on hostage situation.


1: Tyrus, director of STRIKE.

2: Gale xanders/Xae

3. Meison Calidus (King or Atlantis)

4. STRIKE director, Lee Tag.

Samuel Washington, presidential candidate.


Registration act