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Game Maker: Making a new supervillain.

"The game is simple, you have to beat one another. Kill them if you can. The more pain your opponent feels, the more reward you shall recieve." The Game Maker said to the five people chained on top of a large circular stage forty feet over an acidic tub for them to fall into should they slip off the edge.

The five unfortunate players were different in many ways. Three of them were men, of which one was a mutant with the ability to shape his limbs into weapons. The other two were women, again one was mutant, this time with the ability to project bone like objects from anywhere on her as well as an enhanced healing factor.

"Jimmy, you are a scientist, learned biochem and with a perfect score. And yet you work as an emotionally stressed best buy employee." Game Maker said passing by one of the mem.

"Francis, you tried to join the police force, but only three weeks into it you were discovered as being a sadist killer with as many as nine victims brutally killed using just your bare hands." He said walking by another one.

He now began to pass by the mutant woman, "Yvette, you're a sad case, an underpaid nurse with the unfortunate problem of social anxiety."

Now the mutant man, "And you, Frederick, a former detective for Houston Louisiana before you mutated. After which you quite, to work as a plumber."

"And lastly, Pauline," He said stopping at the last woman, "You were actually impressive. Killed over twenty nine people on your first day as a killer by bombing a local grocery store. Nobody ever figured you out, never knew that you had manipulated all your victims into that one store. Well, all but three who evaded you." Pauline seemed surprised by this, despite that she seemed less intimidated than the others, except Francis who seemed equally stoic about the situation. The Game Maker shrugged suddenly teleporting to the edge, "Failures, all of you, you should be thanking me for this. It only took me a random day to cook up which I could have used elsewhere. Begin now I suppose."

Their chains suddenly fell right off. Interestingly, Pauline reacted the most strategically, if they were up against a typical enemy, despite being mentally unstable. She attempted to establish allies, "The best way to survive is to take out this man, all at once surround him and attack. Use chains as weapons." She said picking up a chain herself and moving to the side. While this might have worked if everyone else there was sane, Francis was not. Although he did take her advice on the chains. He was a big man and lifted some of the heavier ones up with ease. Swinging them in huge arcs and quickly slamming the end of them against the head of Jimmy to slow of foot to escape his wirling fate. But he was not to be left unchallenged, Frederick was quick to fight back being the closest. His hands turned to long spikes, the left one come up to allow the chain to wrap around it while the other extended to stab the insane killer. Unfortunately for him, Francis wasn't the only one who thought listening to the Game Makers words were a good idea, and who were unstable. Most present had some psycological illness prompting them to violence. While Francis dodged to the side and pulled the mutant closer by gripping his hand and heaving him forwards, Yvette came up from behind him and stabbed him with a long bone potruding from her wrist.

"Stop, we need to attack the man!" Pauline growled at them angered by their stupidity. But the others were already sent into a rage, admittedly the Game Maker may have given them a drug which increased probability of hostility. In addition to them all having some sort of mental instability.

Yvette was sent into a flurry of rage and danger as she moved with spikes and bone blades potruding from everywhere. She stepped on the cracked head of the first to die and advanced towards Frederick who stepped back trying to keep her at a distance with spear like hands.

Pauline saw she would be unable to stop them fighting against one another, and felt her own violence consuming her. So she embraced it. Embraced the sadistic love of violence, the cunning of the serpent, the rage and pleasure those like her derived from brutal combat. But she was more calculated than most, even while she was effected. She held the chains with a lock at one end, ready to send the heavy lock hurtling into the skull of the winner. She watched as Frederick merely tried to survive the onslaught. They reached the edge and Pauline realised it would be better if Yvette were to die first, she sent the heavy lock hurtling into the upper neck of Yvette. Not killing her but enough to knock her into the acid filled tub ready to consume her.

She was quickly reaching for another properly sized chain with a heavy end even before Yvette had fallen. "Let's even the playing field." The Game Maker said pulling out a syringe and suddenly appearing next to Pauline and injecting her with it. She stepped away but it was already done. Frederick was advancing and she was feeling an immense pain. She let out a jumble of words before an incredibly loud scream of pain. Frederick fell to the ground ears bleeding as her scream increased in volume and power. Becoming aware of her new gift she did it louder leaping over him as he began to crack of bones and body beneath the pressure. Even the floor beneath him cracked.

She stopped and stepped back looking with interest and awe at her work, "What is this?" She asked rhetorically.

"I've altered your genetic code precious one. Given you quite a few new abilities in fact, which you'll learn yourself. I ask only two things in return. You cause pain wherever you go," The Game Maker said before pausing.

"...And?" She asked waiting for the second request.

He simply smiled eerily, "You'll find out later." The room was suddenly filled with a sleeping gas. Calling her into unconsciousness.


This is actually a character introduction, for a character in the comic vine beyond universe. You'll know her when I show it. Still got a few kinks to get through though.

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