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cv clone wars Terak

Name: Terak Kuliroshki

Title: Dark lord of the dead

Age: 25

Species: Human species


Mandalorian red and grey bounty hunter gear/armor (Jango fett and boba fetts stuff), twin yellow lightsabres capable of underwater use, sith robes, slave I.

Most well known force abilities:

Resurrecting the dead (Typically in a zombie like state) often sith, force sensitives, or dangerous creatures. Usually to fight against himself

Manipulating the elements, and even space itself.

Not a fan of the jedi mind trick, but is quite adept at it.

Can sense emotions, people, etc. Can sense a persons connection to the force.

Loyalty: Whoever pays the fee, however he's actually turned against most sith.

Best Op: As per his training to be a sith lord, he was sent to take out a jedi. More correctly, three. A jedi master, and two jedi knights. They had been threatening the droid armies. His skill with the blade wasn't what ended the battle, while he has mastered the majority of forms in both sith and jedi lightsabre combat. Terak has incredible skill and power with the force, he didn't need to fight them. He crushed them, litterally. Ripped the ground open beneath their feet and the forced it around them, before crushing it together. He made sure their remains were well grounded.

Other skills and abilities:

Posseses many of the traits of both jedi and Sith including enhanced physicals.


His striking and blitzing speed is even faster than that of darth maul and not far away from that of sidious or mace windu, if not at their levels.

Force freeze: Can suddenly "Halt time" by a blast from his hand. This practically halts all kinetic and even force energy. This can be overcome (by sentient beings) who have very high levels of will power. After a few moments of strong struggle they can release themselves.

Energy catch: Can catch and absorb (For use quickly), most forms of energy. He learned this trick while being shot with force lightning by his dark master, making it practically useless. This works with lasers as well and rockets even.

Force shield: Can create shields made of force energy, typically used on the hands or forearms, feet, legs, to block, deflect, or even grab, lightsabres.

Emotional wall: Can, usually, create an emotional barrier. This causes him to completely lose emotion, or to become fixed in a state of emotion.

Can, with focus and difficulty, remove a person from the force. This causes extreme stress and has caused him to go into fits of rage before occasionally returning the force to his victim. It is so dangerous for him it could kill him, so he avoids it.

When focused he becomes extremely fast, while not especially powerful physically. His strikes move fast even for a jedi, and could be compared to swordsman such as darthmaul or mace windu who have used extreme speed to appear to be sending several attacks at once. This allows him to also create an impenetrable defense of his lightsabers. That's one of if most prominants styles anyway. His other Is especially effective against multiple assailants, often crouching low and using confusing sweeping and fluid movements which proved difficult to track. Sometimes leaping as well.

Knows most styles of jedi and sith while he doesn't always follow them.

Now of course, he is also a master at explosives. His love for them has grown more and more over time and he carriers many on him.

He also has an appreciation for high grade non energized blades, which he also brings. He is an expert with this and has used them to slit the throats of his targets leaving no trace that it was a force sensitive or lightsabre weilding bounty hunter.

Expert at sniping targets, especially using darts.

Not actually all that good of a pilot. But is good at escaping and stealth.

His omnikinses is his main form of combat if someone discovers he's a sith. Being able to control elements and most of the physical objects has many advantages.

He avoids using the force in high levels to appear less threatening.

One other common style he utilizies in combat is a form very similar to fencing, he'll use on sabre and it'll extend slightly. When he does this he becomes especially precise and intelligent.

Highly agile and flexible. Nearly snakelike. Also can be reminiscent of a monkey during some cases.

Is actually rather intelligent and a very good strategist and inventor.

Highly dangerous unarmed combatant with varying and adaptable styles.

Is ambidextrous and favors neither right nor left unless strategically more advanyagious.


Oddly, he is not the greatest at endurance. Running over extended periods of time exhausts him. But give him even the slightest break and he'll rejuvinate.


Terak grew up on Mandalore, but in his youth was taken away by a sith lord known as Kirak. Kirak was however only a small part of his training, he was trained and taught mostly by a sith without a name. Why? He wasn't sure. But the sith was powerful, one to use force lightning commonly for torture, and wore a dark hood that always shadowed his face. Unbeknowest to him, this sith lord was the very lord Sidiois. Who had seen his power and potential in the force. Terak however did not fall to hate the way most sith use it. He had varying stages of emotions, one stage was almost no emotion, cold and calculated. And incredibly skilled at the force and. Another stage was the vexed, becoming an extreme danger at swordsmanship and a common weilder of force lightning and force choke. The worsts stage was fury, brought about only by intense stress, this stage was so violent with the sabre and so powerful in the dark side he would raise dark lords from the dead only to shred them to pieces again. He actually despised this stage, as he lost to much control in it. When he reached the age of 16, he escaped. Turning to bounty hunting, he knew what the sith had done to him. Now, even in his calm state, he has raised sith from the dead, to practice killing them. In his cold eyes behind his mask are the horrors he'd done as a Sith padawan. Killed so many innocents just because someone told him to. Told him he must complete his training. Now he calls himself the dark lord of the dead, even returning bounty hunters and force sensitives back to life only to do his bidding before he destroys them. He has not truly completed his training, but he practices and grows better all the time.