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Count Dracula (bio)

Name: Dirk Dracula

Age: Unkown.

Eyes: Yellow/red cat eyes.

Pale skin.

Height: 6'3"

Build: Slender.

Hair: Black as night and slick as silk.

Species: Strigoi/vampire

Affiliation: Himself. His castle inhabitants.

Has Castle and warriors.

Half brother of the better known Count Dracula.

Wears a black and white tuxedo with a long cape.

Family: (not known)

Allies: Strigoi/vampires. He has been known to be a more willing ally with Strigoi or vampires.


Ageless. He seems to live forever.

Daywalking: He can and does daywalk although he prefers not to.

Shifting: Not only can he change from humanoid to bat/wolf and other creatures, especially of the night, he can shift through walls.

Two organs: He has two of literally everything inside him that would normally have one.

Shadow manipulation: He can shift into shadow and shadowy forms as well as communicate and sense through them. He is also able to make things using shadow solids.

Telepathy/empathy: He is an expert telepath and empath with extreme levels of empathic force. He has forced other telepaths and empaths to do his will. This also allows him communication through animals.

Telekinesis: This is a dangerous one normally used to simply kill his victim. His strength with it is unkown as he's mainly used it for small items in presence of others. Although one occasion he created an explosion in front of a giant wall causing it to crumble at his feet.

Super speed/flight: He has extreme speed and often uses it while standing perfectly upright and gliding through sonic barrier instead of breaking it causing a silent attack. While he doesn't often use extended flight he is able to.

Stamina: Endless. However his powers increase triple when feasting on any meat. But the more powerful the better the result.

Strength: Again not a very used ability, he is strong enough to break down fortresses with a simple backhand slap.

Durability: He can't seem to die. To kill him you must drive pine wood stakes through both his right and left heart simoultaniously. However this is not commonly known as Dirk is thought to be only vampire. However he inherited this advantage from the Strigoi. While he can be stabbed it doesn't seem to effect him. Garlic is useless. Holy artifacts however have been known to weaken or frighten him.

Senses: His sense of smell is far superior to nearly any other vampire or Strigoi. He can sense blood from across the solar system and even know specifics. His other senses are also extreme.

Illusionist: He can manipulate matter/energy allowing him to create illusions that can even be touched. This is very dangerous as it means he might trick someone into coming near him before he preys on them.

Teleportation: He can teleport, even though he doesn't use it often. Even when he does he has mostly used it to go great distances to and from his domain.