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Arkham/D.R.U (James Merrarns invention)

Most who have heard of Merrarn know him by his reports and work for the G.E.D. But not many know him as the fiction writer and inventor. James actually posseses much knowledge in the field of science, and has used it all his life. When he wants to make something, he often researches it as well and checks for possible error on his part before even starting.

But there are certain times he seems to go into a sort of supergenius level inventing spree. It is time to behold, D.R.U (Defensive robotic unit) "Arkham."

A leap forwards in the robotics industry. And a masterpiece of materials. Arkham is an unkown super success designed to protect James' loved ones.

Strength: Having lifting strength of 500 tons it is capable of besting even most super strong mutants.

Speed: Capable of zipping past at a little over 5 times the speed of sound it is also easily faster than a bullet.

Agility: Highly agile and capable of twisting or bending nearly any part of its structure it is also nearly impossible to hold onto or beat in wrestling.

Sensors: Using advanced sensory input devices it posseses vision from all parts of its body in vibration, super high resolution mini cameras, x-ray, heat sensing, biological scanning, magic detection and distinguishing, and dimensional/time disruptions.

Electrokinesis: Arkham can manipulate electricity close in proximity to him. He can also generate various electrical constructs of varying power and sortts including plasma weapons, lightning generation, and electrical shields.

Programming: Arkham's programming might actually be lightyears ahead. It posseses almost all of the planets documents in both the internet form and many converted to it that had been only physical. It is capable of learning practically anything and adjusting accordingly. It is also capable of overwriting millions of high level security programs simoultaniously without so much as a jam in progress. Its information input is ever increasing and its intelligence is always at play with each one. Technopaths would find attempting to change or even just read it overwhelming as it is a very high level technopath itself.

Materials: D.R.U is made up of a special material similar in movement to a liquid. This is because Arkham is capable of changing its own density and structure to actually become liquid, super hard, flexible yet highly tough, etc. It has near complete control over its own form. It is also not made of metal, but in fact a more peculiar material much like some biological mold or plant/animal/technology hybrid. It uses electrical currents to communicate within itself and each cell within it contains almost all of its information and abilities. Due to the fact it relies on electricity to communicate it also has a very specific conductive nature that allows it to redirect electricity that it did not send. This also allows near lightspeed internal communication. Because of this material it is practically indestructable as it can alter its own form to fit its circumstances, fitting through doorcracks or chips in a wall, or hardening to adamantium level density. Its self manipulation makes anything external trying to manipulate it essentially useless. Allows limited shapeshifting.


Despite how well made it is it still posseses flaws.

The D.R.U has difficulty attacking as it was designed to only be a protector, it CAN attack but may not always do it to its full potential.

Arkham also does not possess the design to fit into normal people, or at all.

Cannot always process emotions.

Is not invulnerable to destruction. But if any is left it can find a way to remake itself.

One actual legitimate error in the creation is the fact it cannot compute the purpose of rabbits. James has no idea why, but it believes rabbits to be pointless and cannot fathom their purpose.


I had to get this out at some point even if I may not use it. It is both cvnu and cvbu. I am uncertain if it will play a part anywhere, if it does it is probably the cvbu.

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