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Alexander Garrick

Short bio: Former military. Alexander Garrick fled to the forest after being falsly accused of theft of high level weapons. He encountered a strange agent who only gave the name "Crowley" and said he worked for Shock and Ghost. Ghost-shock. On several occasions he was simply nearby leaning against something. It seemed only Alex could detect him and that he was able to move extremely fast if Alex wasn't watching. (To be added)

Name: Alexander Garrick.

Height: 6'4"

Build: Soldier.

Eyes: Brown.

German/english/french look.

Shown abilities:

Peak human physically and high level mental fighting knowledge.

Proffesional with sword, revolvers (one or two), can be ambidextrous, unarmed street fighter (including against weapons).

He trained to use a sword as he felt running out of bullets would be troublesome and the sheer fact a sword is quieter and gives an advantage at breaking into things and close range.

Much of his unarmed skill is just natural talant to adapt. He can go from weapon to weapon to none to folded piece of paper with as much ease as a falcon has to fly.

Has impressive survival skills.


Two revolvers.

Sword, one or two handed. Hacking mainly. Soecially built.

Dagger and survival/medical kit.

Under construction