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G.E.D James Merrarn report: "Gothic effected the world"

James Merrarn sat before the camera as usual, formal, suit and tie. The camera showed links to various things he would mention during the report as well as his name.

"Hello. Take notice of this please. There has been major occurences in Gothic city involving its destruction, first during America's 'reclaiming' as it would be called and again as a woman known as Ivana attempted to take it in a time of weakness. There are theories going out, threats, all sorts of information both true and false. You decide what you believe on it. Also a hacker known as Dox posted a video, clearly stating he believes this is the fault of the president. There have also been news articles about the events. The president promised to rebuild the city, with the help of some other companies as well. However until that occurs Gothic city appears to be ruins."

He paused to let some short versions of the videos mentioned play out on the screen. As well as what videos he could get of Return of the renegades and March Into Hell.

Then it turned back to him, "I am attempting to contact president Donn for an interview and I'm simply awaiting proper planning to commence for it to occur."

He took a short breath, "In other news. France is electing a new president. One who I will be attempting to contact to arrange an interview with as well. Gothic city was mentioned during a candidates speech and I qoute: We watched as a country, no, as a species of renegade and reckless mutants wreaked immeasurable havoc upon Gothic City. American lives were lost and displaced while homes were demolished and leveled. This was no riot. This was no battle. This was all out war on American soil. Our neighboring citizens whom I pray recover quickly and vigorously, had hoped that by electing a mutant president that they could not only feel a sense of security, but build relations with mutant kind. This was an admirable, but ultimately deadly error that cost so much.' Unqoute. The events that unfolded in Gothic are clearly even effecting european countries."

James leaned in putting his hands together, "America is having trouble, this is a certainty. And when America has trouble so does everyone else. I am still a citizen of the United States, and I can see it falling apart. But more importantly, everyone else sees it. I hope and pray this does not create unnecessary strife. But the world will react. That is the end of my report."

the screen would then continue to show information until it shut off or another report came on.


I've been needing to get another one out for awhile honestly. Gothic turned out to be a great way especially considering all the reactions to it.

Inknow this was reletively short compared to some of my other ones. But I also intend on doing the interviews if I can. Speaking of which, I actually do need to contact the French candidate.

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cv clone wars Terak

Name: Terak Kuliroshki

Title: Dark lord of the dead

Age: 25

Species: Human species


Mandalorian red and grey bounty hunter gear/armor (Jango fett and boba fetts stuff), twin yellow lightsabres capable of underwater use, sith robes, slave I.

Most well known force abilities:

Resurrecting the dead (Typically in a zombie like state) often sith, force sensitives, or dangerous creatures. Usually to fight against himself

Manipulating the elements, and even space itself.

Not a fan of the jedi mind trick, but is quite adept at it.

Can sense emotions, people, etc. Can sense a persons connection to the force.

Loyalty: Whoever pays the fee, however he's actually turned against most sith.

Best Op: As per his training to be a sith lord, he was sent to take out a jedi. More correctly, three. A jedi master, and two jedi knights. They had been threatening the droid armies. His skill with the blade wasn't what ended the battle, while he has mastered the majority of forms in both sith and jedi lightsabre combat. Terak has incredible skill and power with the force, he didn't need to fight them. He crushed them, litterally. Ripped the ground open beneath their feet and the forced it around them, before crushing it together. He made sure their remains were well grounded.

Other skills and abilities:

Posseses many of the traits of both jedi and Sith including enhanced physicals.


His striking and blitzing speed is even faster than that of darth maul and not far away from that of sidious or mace windu, if not at their levels.

Force freeze: Can suddenly "Halt time" by a blast from his hand. This practically halts all kinetic and even force energy. This can be overcome (by sentient beings) who have very high levels of will power. After a few moments of strong struggle they can release themselves.

Energy catch: Can catch and absorb (For use quickly), most forms of energy. He learned this trick while being shot with force lightning by his dark master, making it practically useless. This works with lasers as well and rockets even.

Force shield: Can create shields made of force energy, typically used on the hands or forearms, feet, legs, to block, deflect, or even grab, lightsabres.

Emotional wall: Can, usually, create an emotional barrier. This causes him to completely lose emotion, or to become fixed in a state of emotion.

Can, with focus and difficulty, remove a person from the force. This causes extreme stress and has caused him to go into fits of rage before occasionally returning the force to his victim. It is so dangerous for him it could kill him, so he avoids it.

When focused he becomes extremely fast, while not especially powerful physically. His strikes move fast even for a jedi, and could be compared to swordsman such as darthmaul or mace windu who have used extreme speed to appear to be sending several attacks at once. This allows him to also create an impenetrable defense of his lightsabers. That's one of if most prominants styles anyway. His other Is especially effective against multiple assailants, often crouching low and using confusing sweeping and fluid movements which proved difficult to track. Sometimes leaping as well.

Knows most styles of jedi and sith while he doesn't always follow them.

Now of course, he is also a master at explosives. His love for them has grown more and more over time and he carriers many on him.

He also has an appreciation for high grade non energized blades, which he also brings. He is an expert with this and has used them to slit the throats of his targets leaving no trace that it was a force sensitive or lightsabre weilding bounty hunter.

Expert at sniping targets, especially using darts.

Not actually all that good of a pilot. But is good at escaping and stealth.

His omnikinses is his main form of combat if someone discovers he's a sith. Being able to control elements and most of the physical objects has many advantages.

He avoids using the force in high levels to appear less threatening.

One other common style he utilizies in combat is a form very similar to fencing, he'll use on sabre and it'll extend slightly. When he does this he becomes especially precise and intelligent.

Highly agile and flexible. Nearly snakelike. Also can be reminiscent of a monkey during some cases.

Is actually rather intelligent and a very good strategist and inventor.

Highly dangerous unarmed combatant with varying and adaptable styles.

Is ambidextrous and favors neither right nor left unless strategically more advanyagious.


Oddly, he is not the greatest at endurance. Running over extended periods of time exhausts him. But give him even the slightest break and he'll rejuvinate.


Terak grew up on Mandalore, but in his youth was taken away by a sith lord known as Kirak. Kirak was however only a small part of his training, he was trained and taught mostly by a sith without a name. Why? He wasn't sure. But the sith was powerful, one to use force lightning commonly for torture, and wore a dark hood that always shadowed his face. Unbeknowest to him, this sith lord was the very lord Sidiois. Who had seen his power and potential in the force. Terak however did not fall to hate the way most sith use it. He had varying stages of emotions, one stage was almost no emotion, cold and calculated. And incredibly skilled at the force and. Another stage was the vexed, becoming an extreme danger at swordsmanship and a common weilder of force lightning and force choke. The worsts stage was fury, brought about only by intense stress, this stage was so violent with the sabre and so powerful in the dark side he would raise dark lords from the dead only to shred them to pieces again. He actually despised this stage, as he lost to much control in it. When he reached the age of 16, he escaped. Turning to bounty hunting, he knew what the sith had done to him. Now, even in his calm state, he has raised sith from the dead, to practice killing them. In his cold eyes behind his mask are the horrors he'd done as a Sith padawan. Killed so many innocents just because someone told him to. Told him he must complete his training. Now he calls himself the dark lord of the dead, even returning bounty hunters and force sensitives back to life only to do his bidding before he destroys them. He has not truly completed his training, but he practices and grows better all the time.


Game Maker: Making a new supervillain.

"The game is simple, you have to beat one another. Kill them if you can. The more pain your opponent feels, the more reward you shall recieve." The Game Maker said to the five people chained on top of a large circular stage forty feet over an acidic tub for them to fall into should they slip off the edge.

The five unfortunate players were different in many ways. Three of them were men, of which one was a mutant with the ability to shape his limbs into weapons. The other two were women, again one was mutant, this time with the ability to project bone like objects from anywhere on her as well as an enhanced healing factor.

"Jimmy, you are a scientist, learned biochem and with a perfect score. And yet you work as an emotionally stressed best buy employee." Game Maker said passing by one of the mem.

"Francis, you tried to join the police force, but only three weeks into it you were discovered as being a sadist killer with as many as nine victims brutally killed using just your bare hands." He said walking by another one.

He now began to pass by the mutant woman, "Yvette, you're a sad case, an underpaid nurse with the unfortunate problem of social anxiety."

Now the mutant man, "And you, Frederick, a former detective for Houston Louisiana before you mutated. After which you quite, to work as a plumber."

"And lastly, Pauline," He said stopping at the last woman, "You were actually impressive. Killed over twenty nine people on your first day as a killer by bombing a local grocery store. Nobody ever figured you out, never knew that you had manipulated all your victims into that one store. Well, all but three who evaded you." Pauline seemed surprised by this, despite that she seemed less intimidated than the others, except Francis who seemed equally stoic about the situation. The Game Maker shrugged suddenly teleporting to the edge, "Failures, all of you, you should be thanking me for this. It only took me a random day to cook up which I could have used elsewhere. Begin now I suppose."

Their chains suddenly fell right off. Interestingly, Pauline reacted the most strategically, if they were up against a typical enemy, despite being mentally unstable. She attempted to establish allies, "The best way to survive is to take out this man, all at once surround him and attack. Use chains as weapons." She said picking up a chain herself and moving to the side. While this might have worked if everyone else there was sane, Francis was not. Although he did take her advice on the chains. He was a big man and lifted some of the heavier ones up with ease. Swinging them in huge arcs and quickly slamming the end of them against the head of Jimmy to slow of foot to escape his wirling fate. But he was not to be left unchallenged, Frederick was quick to fight back being the closest. His hands turned to long spikes, the left one come up to allow the chain to wrap around it while the other extended to stab the insane killer. Unfortunately for him, Francis wasn't the only one who thought listening to the Game Makers words were a good idea, and who were unstable. Most present had some psycological illness prompting them to violence. While Francis dodged to the side and pulled the mutant closer by gripping his hand and heaving him forwards, Yvette came up from behind him and stabbed him with a long bone potruding from her wrist.

"Stop, we need to attack the man!" Pauline growled at them angered by their stupidity. But the others were already sent into a rage, admittedly the Game Maker may have given them a drug which increased probability of hostility. In addition to them all having some sort of mental instability.

Yvette was sent into a flurry of rage and danger as she moved with spikes and bone blades potruding from everywhere. She stepped on the cracked head of the first to die and advanced towards Frederick who stepped back trying to keep her at a distance with spear like hands.

Pauline saw she would be unable to stop them fighting against one another, and felt her own violence consuming her. So she embraced it. Embraced the sadistic love of violence, the cunning of the serpent, the rage and pleasure those like her derived from brutal combat. But she was more calculated than most, even while she was effected. She held the chains with a lock at one end, ready to send the heavy lock hurtling into the skull of the winner. She watched as Frederick merely tried to survive the onslaught. They reached the edge and Pauline realised it would be better if Yvette were to die first, she sent the heavy lock hurtling into the upper neck of Yvette. Not killing her but enough to knock her into the acid filled tub ready to consume her.

She was quickly reaching for another properly sized chain with a heavy end even before Yvette had fallen. "Let's even the playing field." The Game Maker said pulling out a syringe and suddenly appearing next to Pauline and injecting her with it. She stepped away but it was already done. Frederick was advancing and she was feeling an immense pain. She let out a jumble of words before an incredibly loud scream of pain. Frederick fell to the ground ears bleeding as her scream increased in volume and power. Becoming aware of her new gift she did it louder leaping over him as he began to crack of bones and body beneath the pressure. Even the floor beneath him cracked.

She stopped and stepped back looking with interest and awe at her work, "What is this?" She asked rhetorically.

"I've altered your genetic code precious one. Given you quite a few new abilities in fact, which you'll learn yourself. I ask only two things in return. You cause pain wherever you go," The Game Maker said before pausing.

"...And?" She asked waiting for the second request.

He simply smiled eerily, "You'll find out later." The room was suddenly filled with a sleeping gas. Calling her into unconsciousness.


This is actually a character introduction, for a character in the comic vine beyond universe. You'll know her when I show it. Still got a few kinks to get through though.

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James Merrarn, mind of a chess player

Perhaps James Merrarn was best known as the cynical interviewer working for the G.E.D. He'd recieved plenty of letters, or email more often, from people who hated his style of confrontation. Of course many appreciated his directness with questions. The thing is, this was much just one of his characters. James had many. The interviewer was a cold and precise detective of sorts. James felt he had no "Real you" as some people called it. He was just a bunch of personalities, and most of them were similar. Some were, however, extremely erratic and eccentric, like an actor. Often these ones were far more physically agile. But one of them, he called the Chess player.

The Chess player was a strategical genius, and a master at psycological warfare. He didn't always appear during chess. But it was his signature personality. Appearing almost psycopathic in gaze, and inclined to dark humor. But one thing that always bothered him after he took on his most common personality (Which didn't really have a name/title) was how the Chess player handled things. Like the actor who plays the insane man, pain meant little to him. Like the warrior, he was tactically advantagious and could fight incredibly fast and precisely with strength. But he was also a very very fast thinker, seeing moves and actions far ahead. Some of these included actual insanity for James. He already knew the only thing keeping him sane was his religion, without it he would have been a serial killer at a young age probably. And would certainly have become far more dangerous to society at large than many humans had been before. Especially considering his connection to energy. It was strange, the chess player was a cold man. But he had an interesting connection to the forces around him. Almost like that which those who speak of chi talk about. Sometimes, the forces were sinister. Causing him to hatch threatening plans and designs.

A note by James Merrarn, hidden in one of the legs of his desk, told of his fears.

It read,

'I know that, as a human, I am inclined to sin and faults. And I know mental diseases are not uncommon. But what I feel when I am the Chess player, it taunts me. A strategic and psycological intelligence and physical fitness I can't gain on any other personality. Someone so powerful its as if he is above even my abilities, someone who could take down countries without even releasing a soldier.

The Chess Player has few emotions, those he has are often dark, or even near sadistic. He terrifyies me, but he empowers me. I don't take him on intentionally, it just sort of happens. It's not like he's taking over, usually. But he causes me worry. What if this Chess player is not simply a personality based off of me, but a personality based off my dark side. My more powerful side. I know I could pose a great threat if I wished to, and this Chess player often does wish to. I fear, if I forgot my religion and moral values, he would be one of the first to take over my mind. He is strong, in mind and body. And he has many plans I only remember during my time as him. If anyone is ever to come across this, do not show it to anyone except me if I have turned. It may help me turn back. But, should you show it to me or someone else before that time. I fear it may trigger him into a self preservation mode. Forcing me to be a prisoner in my own body.

Sincerely, James Merrarn.'

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This is the end, come and face me. (CVnU oncoming event)

Holograms and mythical images suddenly began erupting all over planet Earth and around its allies and enemies. They were completely in unison and their source was impossible to find, because it came from almost everywhere.

The deafening and terrifying laugh of the Laughin Lord echoed with such intensity it made people wimper in pain,

"Humans of Earth, and your neighbors as well, I have something I must tell you! I am the Laughing Lord, elf of ages far before your pitiful dimension even existed. And I'm here to steal your souls!" He cackled for a moment, "Just kidding, I'm here to watch you writhe in pain as you fight amongst yourselves! I've watched it happen time and again and I'm getting bored. So, I've come to a conclusion. Sometime in the near future, I'm going to conquer your world. Bit by bit, it's a strategy game of course. I could have just destroyed you all, but I like to have fun. You beat me and my allies, I will leave your dimension and find some other one to torment." There was a moment of silence as the image of the insane man leaned forwards to look at them, as if he knew everyone who saw him personally, "But...I beat you, and you will all wish you had never been born! And I will rejoice in the glorious pain filled screams that echo from your mouths!!!!" He laughed again in hideous thunder like amusement. All images and holograms vanished leaving people to prepare for war.

The Game Maker, one of The Laughing Lords allies, was already preparing for battle. With advanced biorobotic animal creatures at his command, insanity and pain inducing gasses and contaminants, and two specialized rings designed to imitate lantern rings, he would be the first wave. Not going to hard on them, but not exactly being easy either.


I'm going to ask for countries willing to let me attack. So if you have one and are willing, that would be great!

because this is a game to them both he'll have the playing fields fairly evened or even against his own favor.

Not sure exactly when this will actually get started, but this is my plan to get rid of me from comicvine. So help getting through with it would be appreciated.

More details will be explained at a later date.


Arkham/D.R.U (James Merrarns invention)

Most who have heard of Merrarn know him by his reports and work for the G.E.D. But not many know him as the fiction writer and inventor. James actually posseses much knowledge in the field of science, and has used it all his life. When he wants to make something, he often researches it as well and checks for possible error on his part before even starting.

But there are certain times he seems to go into a sort of supergenius level inventing spree. It is time to behold, D.R.U (Defensive robotic unit) "Arkham."

A leap forwards in the robotics industry. And a masterpiece of materials. Arkham is an unkown super success designed to protect James' loved ones.

Strength: Having lifting strength of 500 tons it is capable of besting even most super strong mutants.

Speed: Capable of zipping past at a little over 5 times the speed of sound it is also easily faster than a bullet.

Agility: Highly agile and capable of twisting or bending nearly any part of its structure it is also nearly impossible to hold onto or beat in wrestling.

Sensors: Using advanced sensory input devices it posseses vision from all parts of its body in vibration, super high resolution mini cameras, x-ray, heat sensing, biological scanning, magic detection and distinguishing, and dimensional/time disruptions.

Electrokinesis: Arkham can manipulate electricity close in proximity to him. He can also generate various electrical constructs of varying power and sortts including plasma weapons, lightning generation, and electrical shields.

Programming: Arkham's programming might actually be lightyears ahead. It posseses almost all of the planets documents in both the internet form and many converted to it that had been only physical. It is capable of learning practically anything and adjusting accordingly. It is also capable of overwriting millions of high level security programs simoultaniously without so much as a jam in progress. Its information input is ever increasing and its intelligence is always at play with each one. Technopaths would find attempting to change or even just read it overwhelming as it is a very high level technopath itself.

Materials: D.R.U is made up of a special material similar in movement to a liquid. This is because Arkham is capable of changing its own density and structure to actually become liquid, super hard, flexible yet highly tough, etc. It has near complete control over its own form. It is also not made of metal, but in fact a more peculiar material much like some biological mold or plant/animal/technology hybrid. It uses electrical currents to communicate within itself and each cell within it contains almost all of its information and abilities. Due to the fact it relies on electricity to communicate it also has a very specific conductive nature that allows it to redirect electricity that it did not send. This also allows near lightspeed internal communication. Because of this material it is practically indestructable as it can alter its own form to fit its circumstances, fitting through doorcracks or chips in a wall, or hardening to adamantium level density. Its self manipulation makes anything external trying to manipulate it essentially useless. Allows limited shapeshifting.


Despite how well made it is it still posseses flaws.

The D.R.U has difficulty attacking as it was designed to only be a protector, it CAN attack but may not always do it to its full potential.

Arkham also does not possess the design to fit into normal people, or at all.

Cannot always process emotions.

Is not invulnerable to destruction. But if any is left it can find a way to remake itself.

One actual legitimate error in the creation is the fact it cannot compute the purpose of rabbits. James has no idea why, but it believes rabbits to be pointless and cannot fathom their purpose.


I had to get this out at some point even if I may not use it. It is both cvnu and cvbu. I am uncertain if it will play a part anywhere, if it does it is probably the cvbu.

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New god of music

Name: Unkown

Alias: Phantom of the opera. New god of music/hypnosis.

A resident of Gothic city. Considered a ghost of music itself. And who haunts a Gothic city operahouse. The Phantom of the opera has been a danger to any who cross him even before he gained his powers. An architect, magician, hypnotist, singer, master swordsman, and all around genius. Even if he is crazy he is a man of many talants. And yes, he is crazy. He see's the operahouse as belonging to him, and has taken prisoner one of the most talented of the female singers. One who was his pupil even before she knew who he was. Nobody knows his name, nobody knows where he goes, and nobody has stopped him. Since he was known as the phantom his trademark seems to be a theatre mask, typically a white one which covers only half the face.

But now he's become something even more dangerous, by unkown events he has become a new god. With not only his incredible skills increased, but given a sort of power over music itself. Now becoming not just a phantom of the opera, but a god.

Hypnosis: Capable of hypnotizing near anyone merely by the sound of his voice, and that was before he became the god of music. Now he is capable of almost complete mind control and empathic manipulation. With simple singing, or even just a deep humming sound, he has put people into trances. Before he even gained this power he lured a woman by the name of Katherine, the excellent singer, into his lair. On several occasions in fact. Causing her to fall in love with him, as he was with her.

Magician: Having years of practice, experience, and natural skill, the Phantom is one of the greatest magicians of all time. He can vanish in an instant, appear in an instant. His tricks often focusing on the disappearing and appearing of him or something (or someone) else. The operahouse itself is filled with tricks only he knows. Incredible stealth, speed, and dexterity, make him incredibly effecient at his vanishing tricks, not to mention his other uses of it. He has made entire swords seem to vanish out of a persons hand, almost as if they had been holding an illusion the entire time. He always carries an assortment of tricks, including "fire breath"

Swordmaster: A master in the art of the rapier. Could easily defeat most at close range with his skill. His sword is much larger and tougher than a typical rapier people see in movies, this is the kind that would have been used in wars. His skill is both natural and practice.

Photographic memory: The Phantom has a photographic memory allowing him many advantages in both combat and his tricks. It also makes the dark his playground. He's memorized practically every part of Gothic city and his opera house.

Music: He can summon music, background voices, etc, on a whim. Further enhancing his hypnotic singing. However he isn't just capable of hypnotism with it. Certain notes or sounds can be made often during song with devastating effects. Disrupting electronics and even candles, various sonic attacks or defenses, even sometimes causing the air and reality itself to twist to allow him to escape or teleport. Music is a powerful thing.

Combatant: Although not one to go into a fight unarmed the Phantom is at combat without his sword as well. His skill surpasses most even if he is not a true master. But his ingenuity with items around him could make up for that easily.

Athleticism/agility: Incredibly athletic. Easily does things others would find almost impossible, from jumping crazy lengths across bars, to practically flinging himself through the space between cars on a full speed train.

Strength: Peak human.

Speed: Very fast. Typically can dodge arrows easily, and even a bullet on a good day.

Awareness: He is highly aware of his surroundings. As he has spent much time in the dark his sight is incredibly good. But his ears are better, he has incredible hearing and could easily pinpoint a mouse across a house, how many, and whether or not one was injured.

Intelligence: Very intelligent and creative.

Healing: Not very accelerated unless he escapes present danger, he can heal from almost anything if he escapes. It is believed he can be immortal.

Rage: When he goes into a rage he is far more dangerous, but less calculated. He is capable of sonic screams or even all out sonic explosions. During this time dangerous voices are often heard chanting eerily. He also becomes completely immune to pain and forms of manipulation like telepethy, empaths, and even telekinesis. He becomes physically enhanced and is capable of easily dodging bullets, breaking vault doors, blades barely pierce him if at all, and his senses are are incredibly advanced. His muscles often bulge during this time and he'll sometimes even become somewhat disproportionately muscled.

Weakness: Katherine. He is emotionally attached to her, she's his biggest weakness in a way as even someone threatening to harm her can cause him to go into a rage.

ooc: I don't know if I'll get to use him or not. But I really wanted to put this character up, hopefully nobody else has him.

Also hope I'm allowed to do this, if not I'll edit it. So just tell me.

Up for interaction if anyone wants.

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Don't make the Game Maker angry

Saturday, june 1, 1992.

The Game Maker was 15 now, his younger brother 14. Although wasn't known as the game maker. His name is, or rather was, George. He was known well as the trap master in their little town, more of a village really. If it weren't for the two genius boys George and Charles there probably wouldn even be efficient food for survival. It was made smackdab in the middle of a forest for reasons none of them could remember. Although apparently everything in the forest belonged to the town. It was for this reason they survived. George would go out into the forest, often with Charles by his side, to set up highly complex and deadly traps for the animals. Ones that often pulled on a long cord connecting to a bell in George's room. The traps were so effecient they were designed to catch the initial prey, typically deer, and then the scavengers such as vultures.

Nobody thought they were normal, everyone had some sort of resentment for them it seemed. But they weren hostile to them. And since they both kept to themselves it generally wasn't a problem, that is. Until one day. A fool decided to mess with them, a mutant in fact. With the ability to send shockwaves from his fists. A big strong 17 year old kid with other big kids followi him. He hated George, and Charles. Why? Perhaps it's because they both never failed at school, Charles seemed like a nerd so appeared easy prey, and George always seemed to hold himself above the others, he also seemed delighted whenever someone injured themselves, and one such occasion was when the mutant tripped and fell. Both Charles and George were somewhat tall, but not by much for their age. And neither being a mutant, the big kid figured he could deal with them easily. His name was Bucky, and he was quite popular to the older kids.

Charles was sitting on a roof reading and smiling as his eyes scanned the pages with incredible speed, it happened to be a book on physics actually. He hadn't noticed the mob coming up, and George was out setting traps.

"Hey nerd!" Bucky taunted. Just as Charles raised his eyebrows and turned to look he felt the shockwave from Bucky's fist throw him backwards off the buidling. With surprising athleticisim he managed to survive it unscathed, though not graceful in the slightest. His book was not so lucky. It tumbled towards Bucky and right onto a mud puddle from a recent rain. Bucky ran around to the other side of the house to find Charles frantically trying to get back up onto the roof before Bucky got there. Another suockwave sent him sprawling.

Charles looke don him with cold eyes, certa not ones of fear, "You're making a terrible mistake." He said grabbing a rock and throwing it with incredible accuracy, even so, a shockwave threw it off course. And threw Charles off his feet.

"Whatcha gonna do, eh?" Bucky asked walking threateningly, "Are you gonna stop me?" He asked sending another shockwave that again sent Charles sprawling.

Charles coughed as his throat hit a brick, he rubbed it, "Don't need to, George will." He said, he shoved himself off the ground and turned the corner of his house. A ringing was heard in the distance and they realized he had called George with some sort of thrown together walkie talkie idea.

"Oohh, I'm so scared!" Bucky said mockingly following Charles behind the corner and barely blocking several kicks aimed for his chest. But he blocked them nevertheless. He was fast, clever, and part of a wrestling team that had few rules.

Charles sidestepped a jab to his throat, and then ducked a predicted strike from the other side, followed by a roll backwards as his feet were kicked from under him.

"Hey," George said seeming to appear right behind Bucky. George was at least a head shorter and half as muscular. But the sheer hatred and danger in his eyes was a bit offsetting. Even for Bucky.

He was stunned for a moment, but not long enough to get hit with the barrage of arrows that suddenly began raining death upon him from a hunting bow George held. Still, he was no arrow dodger and didn't have time to send a shock wave. Several arrows imbedded themselves into his legs and arms. And then came the worst part, George himself. He leapt upon the bigger boy with fists like lightning and ferociousness worse than a hungry tiger. A knife seemed to appear in each hand as he decimated the body of the screaming Bucky. Tearing his arms off once he cut deep enough and smiling a terrifying smile. Even Charles backed off. The others ran, in terror and screaming as they went to tell their parents and the police.

"What have you done?" Charles asked in horror as George finally stopped the bloody mess of the already quite dead Bucky.

George cocked his head and chuckled a deep chested chuckle, "I saved your life, and had myself some fun." He said eerily. Looking back at the corpse with a smile he said, "I've been wanting to do that to someone for a long time."

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"Prince" Cody Princeton

Name: Cody Princeton

Nicknamed: Prince

Alias: Paine

Identity: Guarded (Nobody knows Paine is Cody.)

Age: 13

Gender: Male

Height: 5'8"

Weight: 125 lb

Allighment: Various/Unkown

Species: Human mutant.

You might think a thirteen year old kid wouldn't be much of a danger. You'd be wrong. When he was four Cody spoke his first words, the only sound that came out of his mouth other than a cry for food, "You're lying to my parents." It was a surprise and almost terrifying how perfectly he said it. Even scarier was that he had said it to a man in their house claiming to be a house inspector. At first they dismissed it, simply because they were his first words. But they started listening when they discovered he'd taken their wallets on the way out. Now they listen to the teenage mutant, the one who was reading shakespeare at the age of five and a year later explained to them how he was a murant telepath.


Eieditic memory: Not only is his memory incredible, he remembers everything. Litterally. From the number of nurses at his birth, to the amount of words said on the first movie he saw. Everything he saw, felt, sensed, or thought, in any way. He remembers it all. Because of this he knows as much as most who leave college suma cum lauda.

Telepathy: His mutant gift, he is an incredibly powerful telepath. Originally incapable of controlling his gift he was always reading peoples minds on accident. Even at his age his strength is incredible. However its not just telepathy, mind control and pure nerve manipulation as well. He has at some points caused people incredible pains in their heads. His skill needs some work, but he is very powerful. It's actually unkown except to his parents and a select few.

High level comprehension: He can understand almost anything, and use it. It's the original thought that's still limited.

The combinatio of his memory and telepathy has made him incredibly knowledgable in almost all matters, particularly school ones.

Athletic: Not any sort of body builder or warrior, he is only thirteen, but still quite an athlete.

Parot skill: Like I said, he remembers everything. Every time he sees someone make a fighting move or trick he can copy it without ever actually practicing. Because of this, he has become quite a competent opponent. And learns with each fight. He is also fully capable of applying this to other skillsets or actions.

Intelligence: No genius, and not exactly skilled at any particular thing except one. And that is, imitation. He can imitate pretty much anything, including acting. Because of this he is one of the best actors in his school. He is still clever though, and could probably see a lie or a trick coming, or be the one making the trick, even without his telepathy.

The act: Prince is not actually a patient child, even if he pretends to be. Seeing all the superheroes on the news made him want ever so much to be one of them. So he invented Paine. In a want for action he hunts down criminals, and not always just the more bad criminals, and attempts to scare the crap out of them using whatever they fear most. Thanks to his large knowledge of science he is quite able of forming concoctions or tricks which will further terrify his victim without using telepathy. The general idea is to get them so afraid they turn to the police, ending up in jail.

When acting as Paine, he wears a red metal mask on it and an untidy suit. He also carries on him things like sleep gas, fear toxins, and just plain gas to make it difficult to see. He uses a breather in the mask to make those useless against himself, and has light changing safety glasses so he can see without risking anyone easily injuring his eyes.

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"The Garden" part 2

The Game Maker strided through the streets of Gothic completely unnoticed. His disguise was perfect. An elderly man, one with a gun at his side, but still an elderly man.

Stepping around a corner the Garden appeared again. As well as the man who looked like him just somewhat shorter, a second time in this year. He had come to the Garden more and more often recently.

"I see you came to visit me again?" The man said more than asked as he sat behind a chess board with some of the pieces already moved.

So far it could go either way, and it was whites turn, which was the Game Maker it appeared. Sitting down the Game Maker made his move, a preemptive one to take out blacks queenl and at the same time get him in check.

"You were always the one better at games and tricks than I," The man said looking over the board and finally moving to counter it and attempt to prepare for getting one of whites bishops.

"Yes, I remember when I was called the trap master instead. That was before I begin playing with humans lives that is." The Game Maker replied taking his move and risking his bishop for taking a queen, a few moves away.

The man didn't fall for it and instead changed strategies moving to a more defensive and evasive, or it appeared so. "You know brother, they wouldn't have called us monsters if you hadn't been so sadistic and crazy with the bodies even after they were dead. " The man said again.

"Charles Charles Charles, it's not like I cared. I never cared about that. I just wanted my fun. Although it seems that fun is becoming difficult with the rise of intellectuas with power. You even gained power didn't you?" Game maker said trying to make use of Charles's strategical shift.

Charles nodded slightly again changing strategies but keeping more on the defensive side, "Yes I did, and there are even more out there neither of us have found. I must warn you again of that insane man you have worked with on occasion, he will kill you. We may be intelligent but he is beyond a humans mind. He could kill us both right now if he wished."

"The Laughing Lord?!" The Game Maker asked chuckling, "He likes pain to much, and I cause pain. So indirectly he wants me to live."

"He's planning something brother, it's coming soon and you'll be caught in it. And you will die." Charles warned, "I won't hesitate to kill you this time, and neither would he. It's time for you to go." Charles moved in the one way the Game Maker hadn't expected, he sacraficed many pieces in one move but suddenly somehow made the game infinitely harder.

Then the Garden was gone again and Game Maker was back in Gothic city. He didn't intend to stay and turned down an alley grabbing a man by the throat and then using a teleporter to vanish away and drop the man off a cliff to a pool of mutated gators at the bottom.

"Maybe he can beat you, and he's just been holding back." He said wondering.

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