Reality M- History


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Reality "M" is a Amalgam Universe created by Maya Lopez (Summers), it is a universe that ran parallel to the CvU, and contained certain aspects of the CVnU; until it's growth was halted by a 3rd Society Controlled Thee Goddess and The Champion.


"Never give in to the'll eat you" -Lstpaladin


Solace (Maya Summers) and Mr.Mercury, were in the Ukraine trying to figure out whom was trying to kill her. Maya was insulted by a KGB agent causing her rage to reach a fever pitch, and as a result unlocked her Omega Level Powers. The stimulation of her brain forced her to relive the stressful time as Pamela Thorn aka Lonestar an Alter-ego credited with destroying the ICE Mansion.

As her emotional state deteriorates, the shattered walls of Reality "M" allow her two personalities as Maya and Solace to split: Solace takes pleasure in manipulating the world of "Reality M" with Omega Justice as her pawns.

In an attempt to end the real world Solace tries to create a reality altering storm that would erase all of Actuality; however her plans were thwarted by a Ninjan male named Fractured. In a desperate attempt to free herself from the Ninjan Sigma, Solace copied Fractured's "red" personality and transformed into man,dubbing himself Sigma Solace, realizing fighting Fractured was futile Solace disappeared.

Omega Justice awakes from Reality "M" back in CvU Earth, however there are major components of Reality "M" still lingering, like the whereabouts of Maya Lopez, The Sentinel and Lantern Siege of the City; the man floating and the man who had been floating in Black.

Mr.Mercury awakens in Japan upon learning the news that he is critically Ill, he vows to get vengence on the person whose responsible which he later finds to be his best friend/ lover Maya Lopez. Upon getting ready to confront Maya a sentinel attacks his home, killing his little brother Jimi in the process, fueled by anger Marc, heads to California ready to extract revenge.

Tessa wakes up in the home of her mother and Father; It isn't long before they too are attacked by sentinels; Tessa manages to escape with her parents, getting them to safety.

Slight woke up in France, at the end of the fight with T.I. (See TGA) The barley stable Omega Haven crossed the waters on it's way back to NYC, despite having been enemies Slight finds himself in an agreement with an unlikely ally, the Gray Fox, a person whom was nearly killed by Sigma Solace; agreed to help Omega Justice for the betterment of the Multiverse.

The Clue awakened at an undisclosed time, He happened to be ironically enjoying a calm meal when assaulted by a Lantern, being the highly trained person that he was, he was able to trick the Lantern into firing at him for no reason; which prompted the Sentinel to kill the Lantern for breaking the Law. Having secured a Lantern Ring and a homing Signal from a satellite Clue, decided to save millions. Heading into outerspace, he shut down the signal which was mass producing Sentinels; causing all the sentinels on earth to cease.

Fractured awakened back in Space; taking no time to return to Earth he engaged Omega Solace; hoping to end the madness; this caused Solace to increase in strength. Sha re-emerged from the Chaos Dimesion after being absorbed by Chaos Black; she immediatly jumped into Action, but was confronted by both Renegade Lantern, and Feral Nova, the fights took a toll on the Ninjan Queen, but she found her self in the clutches of her daughter...Stellaria a child between she and Charmix from another time period.

As the conflict continued, Omega Solace; combated Slight, Clue, Gray Fox, Mr.Mercury and Tessa McIntosh; and an Oracle controlled Slight. Oracle attacked both Clue and Gray Fox, this caused Clue and Gray Fox to retaliate. Absorbing the energy from all the Confusion and Anger, Omega Solace channeled all the fallen sentinels and created himself as the Omega Sentinel, literally stealing all the life that had not escaped New York. After breaking through the defenses Gray Fox; was able to confront one of the people responsible. Professor Dorian Gray from Earth "M".

Shortly after dealing with the combined forces of Dorian Gray, Florian Lebeau (M), Renegade Lantern (M) and Oracle controlled Slight. Maya whispered fade to black, where the OJ team were transported home.

Return to "M"

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After it's initial creation, "M" began to flourish on it's own. Heroes were born, Villains were born and the natural balance that every universe had kept the newly born universe thriving. However with the birth of the CvNU, an unforeseen variable entered the fray changing the landscape forever changing the lives of the many inhabitants of "M"

The 3rd Society gained control of "Thee Goddess", "The Champion" and other prolific heroes and Forced them to capture the universe in the name of the Machine Empire. On Earth Ziccarra wage a war that span continents, while in space the planet bursting capabilities of Alexis were too fast for any armada to contend against.

While The Champion fought with relative ease in Space, Thee Goddess had a harder time on Earth as she was met by the likes of Quintus KnightfaII, Ashley Nightfall, Team Cerberus, Addison Hopewell and Leonel Pettis.

There efforts combined were enough to nearly defeat Thee Goddess, and almost did had it not been for the return of The Champion. Realizing they now stood no chance at defeating the deadly duo, most of M's Heroes found refuge in other universes, it wasn't until 18 year old Maya Liafador opened accidentally opened a bridge back to M, that The Champion and Thee Goddess were defeated.

Afterwards, the Exemplars of the "M" universe had no choice but to declare Reality M a "Dead" universe; thanks to The Champions world bursting capabilities. The Mighty New God had destroyed so much life throughout the universe that it'd never recover.