Ninjeta (CvNU Space Location

"The Backbone of the Omega System"



Farwick is the Capitol of the Planet Ninjeta, and at one point was home to more than 1.7 Million Ninjans. Farwick is considered to be the birthplace of Early Ninjan Civilization, composed of various un-unified Ninjan tribes that saw the city as a way to exchange goods and other commodities. Because of the sheer number of Ninjans that lived in early Farwick; many were susceptible to disease and virus; such was the case when an airborne virus wiped out thousands of Ninjans making the city susceptible for the Aquarians to conquer. Early Farwick stood for nearly 500 years, before the water-based Ninjans, the Aquarians moved in and conquered the city.

Under Aquarian rule Farwick underwent a drastic change in infrastructure, the water-based Ninjans crafted a canal that'd allow easy maritime travel between the surface city and it's under-water counterparts. The Aquarians controlled Farwick for about 60 years, enough time to finish their canals and intricate waterways; but they would not finish. The Ninjan-Aquarian war brought a halt to all Aquarian modifications, as the King and Queen of Celedon (Previously the King and Queen of Farwick), began a campaign to unite the Ninjans and take back Farwick.

East of Farwick was the city of Keltic which was on a beach that was a direct route to the Kingdom of Aquarian, the Ninjans conquered Keltic cutting off supplies from the Kingdom into Farwick which then began to place pressure on the Aquarians living in Farwick. To combat the advancing Celedons the Aquarians reached out to renegade Ninjan factions promising them immunity if they helped in the war effort.

The Battle of Farwick saw the near destruction of the Aquarian Empire reducing the empire that spans both sea and land to just the sea. Following the battle of Farwick hundreds of thousands of renegade, Ninjans and Aquarians were sold as slaves or killed. This was the official birth of the Ninjan Celeste Class.

The rebirth period for Farwick Ninjeta is a boom in culture for the city. Sports, Architecture, Politics and other aspects of culture ran rampant during this time. It was at this time period that The Ninjan languages were revamped and changed so that invaders would not understand the Ninjan Text. It was a more citizen-driven style, they experienced advances in technology, science, and Military powers.

Celedon "The Twin City"

The Twin City
The Twin City

Before the arrival of King Derekken and Queen Ninjeta, the city of Celedon was a small trade post of "Non-conformative Ninjans" After being pushed out of Farwick the King and Queen moved their people to Celedon conquering the area through diplomacy. It was Celedon that the King saw a vision of a fully unified Ninjeta.

Celedon served as the base of operations for the Ninjan Civil War, and The War with the Aquarians. Celedon was extremely instrumental in shaping Ninjan politics post Rebirth Period.

Modern Day Celedon has undergone a drastic change since "Ancient Times" it has become known as the central hub for all thing sports and game.




Kingdom of Aquaria


On the Planet of Ninjeta lived a race of woman formally known as Ninjans; while on Kandros a male population is known as Kandrosi. The Ninjan Goddess 'Current' purposely separated the two species and placed an embodiment of herself in Ninjan form in charge of the Ninjans and a Male embodiment of herself to take charge of the Kandrosi. At the time of creation, the Kandrosi lived in a condensed forest known as the Haven Forest. They spent their time under their “King” perfecting their physiques, as well as their hunting skills the males lived a life without their basic male instincts. Seeing that most of the Kandrosi died young, and didn’t have the means of reproduction, Derekken (Current’s male embodiment) shifted the focus from the hunting society to the exploration society. Derekken allowed for the first Kandrosi expedition into space, and he accompanied them to the sister planet Ninjeta.

Ninjans and Kandrosi

At the time of creation, the Ninjans lived in a more civilized community, despite the fact that there was a Queen present; the Ninjans had the earliest form of government and used it to settle disputes between ‘sisters’. The Ninjans excelled in science and philosophies; much like the males, they were without the basic female instincts, Upon the arrival of Derekken, the Ninjans had never seen males before, and vice versa. Initially, there was a conflict between the Ninjans and Havenders; but it was quelled when Derekken and Ninjeta met for the first time. The moment Derekken and Ninjeta made contact, both Ninjans and Havenders became aware of each other sexually which eventually cause Derekken and Ninjeta wed. Giving birth to twins, one male one female, both agreed to run both Kandros and Ninjeta from Ninjeta. Derekken named his son Manahar and Ninjeta named her daughter Zavanna. While their mini-empire flourished; the efforts of both Ninjans and Kandrosi combined allowed for quick industrialization of both planets. As Ninjeta took to raising their children a series of conflicts (The Lank Wars, The Aquarian War, War with Trioun) split the Ninjans.

The Ninjan Civil War (War with the Aquarians)

Upon the rise of Queen Ninjeta on the surface of Ninjeta; a group of Ninjans who refused to be ruled found solace in the lakes and seas of Ninjeta. Having found one of Current's "secret treasures" these Ninjans began to adapt and evolve into a special water-bred of Ninjan--Aquarians. Because of their control over most of Ninjeta's waterways and lakes; the Aquarians often found themselves in direct conflict with their Ninjan sisters. The Ninjan's were driven out of Farwick by the Aquarians; who had learned how to control the power of water. After being forced out of Farwick by the Aquarians, King Derekken moved his people to Celadon.

Derrekken began to rapidly expand the borders of his kingdom. He first campaigned in the north against non-Far wick-Celdadon peoples such as the Attalonians, securing his northern border and gaining much prestige as a warrior. He next turned east, to the territory along the northern shore of the Triuon Peninsula. The most important city in this area was Triuon, which controlled the way into Farwick and also was near valuable silver mines.

This region had been part of the Aquarian Empire, and Aquarians still considered it as in their sphere (They had driven the Ninjans from the city). The Aquarians attempted to curb the growing power of King Derrekken and Celadon but were limited by the quick battle tactics of the Celadonian Ninjans. They could also do little to halt Derrekken when he turned his armies south and took over most of Triuon. Control of Triuon meant Derrekken was now closely involved in the politics of central Ninjeta and almost back in the land of Farwick. Derekken's presence in Trioun saw the outbreak of the Lank Wars; which pitted Attalonian Ninjans against Trioun and its allies. Trioun recruited the Celdans to join them and at the battle of Attalonious, Derrkken decisively defeated Attalonion Ninjans and its allies.

As a result, Celadon became the leading state in the middle Ninjeta kingdoms, and Derrekken became head of the Ninjeta Kingdoms, firmly putting the Celadon leader at the center of the Ninjan political world. 98% of the troops of the Ninjan armies were females, the losing armies were sold into slavery with a specific purpose in mind. Their families could buy their souls for a heavy price; most of the Ninjan slaves were sent back to the struggling planet of Kandrosi to repopulate, a tactic that would cost Ninjeta.

In the continuing conflict with the Aquarians, Derrekken marched east around Farwick in an attempt to capture the Keltic beach and the Aquarian Front. , thus cutting off the Ninjan Sea grain supply that provided Aquarians with much of its food.

The siege of Keltic proved to be successful, but the Aquarians realized the grave danger the advancing Celadons presented, and under Queen Starla built a coalition of many of the major Aquarian states to oppose the Celadon.

Most importantly renegade Triuon Ninjans, which had the strongest ground force of any of the city-states, joined the effort. The allies met the Celadons at the Battle of Farwick and were decisively defeated, leaving Derrekken and the Celadons the unquestioned master of Ninjeta. Following these Internal wars, the Rebirth Culture of Trioun happened and saw a time of peace not seen since the Ninjans were forced out of Farwick by the Aquarians. Following the victory over the Aquarians, Derrekken moved the Ninjan Capital back to Farwick.

The Rebirth period

The Rebirth Period was brought only partially to a close two centuries later with the establishment of Derekken rule over Farwick lands. Many citizens of Farwick migrated to Celadon, Trioun, and Attalonia and the many other new "Rebirth" city-states in Ninjeta.

Rebirth Farwick before Derekken's rule

The rebirth period for Farwick Ninjeta is a boom in culture for the city. Sports, Architecture, Politics and other aspects of culture ran rampant during this time. It was at this time period that The Ninjan languages were revamped and changed so that invaders would not understand the Ninjan Text. Farwick was captured by Celadon first, however, it wasn't legally Celadon's until Derekken defeated Trioun.

Rebirth after Derekken Rule

Were a more people driven style, they experienced advances in technology, science, Politics, and Military powers. These people developed a counter-language to that of the citizens of Farwick. Since Trioun was always in control of Farwick, most of the people here resented when Farwick became under Celadon (Derekken) rule. The high militaristic sentiment that came with Trioun Rebirth set the tone for a Ninjan War.

The Cratto War

Upon learning of the power of Current, Princess Zavanna sought out and obtained the power of Light and the power of the mind. Having been placed on a planet he felt was useless, Mannhar grew jealous and launched an attack on the planet of Cratto. Cratto had been engineering technology for the Ninjans that would enable them to naturally grow with powers.

This war was fought in the air space directly between the two planets, neither of the planets made a significant move on the other. Zavanna personally came to its aid and led the counter-charge against the Invading Kandros. Zavanna and her team succeeded in relieving the beleaguered Crattians. Despite overwhelming numbers, Zavanna was able to plow through the swarms of Kandrosi forces and saved Cratto.

Zavanna used her mind medallion to permanently vegetate her brother; as a punishment; she used her fertility powers to transform Ninjans Asexual; meaning they wouldn't need the males of Kandros to reproduce. This act ended Kandros turning the planet near desolate. A few years later when all the Kandrosi were on the verge extinction, Zavanna destroyed the planet.

The Great Eruption

The great eruption was the explosion of Kandros at the hands of Zavanna, the two planets were so close; the eruption caused massive death and famine on Ninjeta. For 45 years, the Ninjeta sun never rose; causing the planet to enter a freeze period. Since Ninjans are weak to the cold; those who didn't flee froze to death. Those who did survive, were ultimately hunted and killed by the Aquarians. This marked the great exodus to Xiox; the Ninjans allowed the Aquarians to have the whole planet. Ninjeta is now known as the "Olde world".

The new homeworld and capital of the Ninjan Empire became Xiox, after the Great Eruption. Not long after landing on Xiox, the Ninjans began to set up a small outpost in space. The trade between the Ninjan outpost and Xiox allowed the Ninjans to set up massive cities and space stations all over the Omega Nebula. The Ninjan technologist has set-up a “ghost” network throughout there “Empire” to allow telecommuting. Xiox maintains the Ninjan hierarchy of the “Old-World” Nation-states, though all are affiliated beneath the overarching banner of the Omega System Alliance. Due to the superior engineering capabilities, the rift between the Ninjan classes became more noticeable than ever.

Zavanna's actions in destroying Kandros were brought on trial, the Ninjan Noble Class argued that she was not fit to be Queen because her actions forced them from their homeworld and left hundreds of thousands of Ninjans dead, and Millions dispersed across the Ninjan Empire.

The Royal Class waged that Zavanna's sentence shouldn't be as rough, because it was her strategy that won the Cratto war, not the Noble's or Sigmas. The debates became so intense, the OSA council had to intervene to ensure the Ninjans didn't implode into another Civil War.

The council decided not to charge Madison, rather the Ninjan race as a whole. The Ninjans were placed 1200 Earth Years restriction, prohibiting them from colonizing any worlds outside the Omega Nebula, thus restricting the size of their empire. The OSA also placed restrictions on Ninjan births in order to prevent the Ninjans from over-populating the nebula. Following the verdict, Zavanna was properly crowned Queen of the Ninjans.

The Ninjan-Talmut War

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Ninjan Politics

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Meridian (The Collective Homeworld)


"The Collective" is a microscopic parasite with unknown origins. They're only known function is to reproduce, but will only become active in a system with a dying sun. Once the sun goes supernova, the parasite gets dispersed across the cosmos and the process begins again.

Over the years the Collective have come into contact with Advanced Civilizations and technology; scientist begin to study the collective and their properties, but found very little information about this parasite that could suggest it did anything other than reproduce. Most scientist could never fully study the parasite because, once the Collective became active their own ecosystems begin to fall apart because of the dying star.

One such instances an abandoned A.I took note to the Collective's ability to survive in such a harsh climate and integrated into one of the parasites; now full sentient that A.I began the race known as the Collective and named it'self ONE. Because it could survive in harsh ecosystems ONE traveled to worlds interfacing with parasites to continue the reproduction process once enough of the collective had been born ONE vanished.


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Meridian is the fabled homeworld of the Collective established by ONE, it is the sole planet in the distance Ark Cluster.

At the center of the ARK Cluster is a black hole, a huge star that has collapsed into a region of space-time with gravitational effects so powerful that even light cannot escape. This example is believed to be a Kerr black hole approximately 12 stellar masses in size, and appears to have absorbed additional mass from nearby systems. Scientists believe that the radiation released from the creation of the black hole may explain why during Ziccarra Liafador and Alexis Pettis War against M that this system was left untouched-- "They didn't think anyone lived there"

In the Milky Way, study of black holes was still in its infancy. The forces around the event horizon typically destroy probes before they can transmit their data.


Reality M- History


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Reality "M" is a Amalgam Universe created by Maya Lopez (Summers), it is a universe that ran parallel to the CvU, and contained certain aspects of the CVnU; until it's growth was halted by a 3rd Society Controlled Thee Goddess and The Champion.


"Never give in to the'll eat you" -Lstpaladin


Solace (Maya Summers) and Mr.Mercury, were in the Ukraine trying to figure out whom was trying to kill her. Maya was insulted by a KGB agent causing her rage to reach a fever pitch, and as a result unlocked her Omega Level Powers. The stimulation of her brain forced her to relive the stressful time as Pamela Thorn aka Lonestar an Alter-ego credited with destroying the ICE Mansion.

As her emotional state deteriorates, the shattered walls of Reality "M" allow her two personalities as Maya and Solace to split: Solace takes pleasure in manipulating the world of "Reality M" with Omega Justice as her pawns.

In an attempt to end the real world Solace tries to create a reality altering storm that would erase all of Actuality; however her plans were thwarted by a Ninjan male named Fractured. In a desperate attempt to free herself from the Ninjan Sigma, Solace copied Fractured's "red" personality and transformed into man,dubbing himself Sigma Solace, realizing fighting Fractured was futile Solace disappeared.

Omega Justice awakes from Reality "M" back in CvU Earth, however there are major components of Reality "M" still lingering, like the whereabouts of Maya Lopez, The Sentinel and Lantern Siege of the City; the man floating and the man who had been floating in Black.

Mr.Mercury awakens in Japan upon learning the news that he is critically Ill, he vows to get vengence on the person whose responsible which he later finds to be his best friend/ lover Maya Lopez. Upon getting ready to confront Maya a sentinel attacks his home, killing his little brother Jimi in the process, fueled by anger Marc, heads to California ready to extract revenge.

Tessa wakes up in the home of her mother and Father; It isn't long before they too are attacked by sentinels; Tessa manages to escape with her parents, getting them to safety.

Slight woke up in France, at the end of the fight with T.I. (See TGA) The barley stable Omega Haven crossed the waters on it's way back to NYC, despite having been enemies Slight finds himself in an agreement with an unlikely ally, the Gray Fox, a person whom was nearly killed by Sigma Solace; agreed to help Omega Justice for the betterment of the Multiverse.

The Clue awakened at an undisclosed time, He happened to be ironically enjoying a calm meal when assaulted by a Lantern, being the highly trained person that he was, he was able to trick the Lantern into firing at him for no reason; which prompted the Sentinel to kill the Lantern for breaking the Law. Having secured a Lantern Ring and a homing Signal from a satellite Clue, decided to save millions. Heading into outerspace, he shut down the signal which was mass producing Sentinels; causing all the sentinels on earth to cease.

Fractured awakened back in Space; taking no time to return to Earth he engaged Omega Solace; hoping to end the madness; this caused Solace to increase in strength. Sha re-emerged from the Chaos Dimesion after being absorbed by Chaos Black; she immediatly jumped into Action, but was confronted by both Renegade Lantern, and Feral Nova, the fights took a toll on the Ninjan Queen, but she found her self in the clutches of her daughter...Stellaria a child between she and Charmix from another time period.

As the conflict continued, Omega Solace; combated Slight, Clue, Gray Fox, Mr.Mercury and Tessa McIntosh; and an Oracle controlled Slight. Oracle attacked both Clue and Gray Fox, this caused Clue and Gray Fox to retaliate. Absorbing the energy from all the Confusion and Anger, Omega Solace channeled all the fallen sentinels and created himself as the Omega Sentinel, literally stealing all the life that had not escaped New York. After breaking through the defenses Gray Fox; was able to confront one of the people responsible. Professor Dorian Gray from Earth "M".

Shortly after dealing with the combined forces of Dorian Gray, Florian Lebeau (M), Renegade Lantern (M) and Oracle controlled Slight. Maya whispered fade to black, where the OJ team were transported home.

Return to "M"

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After it's initial creation, "M" began to flourish on it's own. Heroes were born, Villains were born and the natural balance that every universe had kept the newly born universe thriving. However with the birth of the CvNU, an unforeseen variable entered the fray changing the landscape forever changing the lives of the many inhabitants of "M"

The 3rd Society gained control of "Thee Goddess", "The Champion" and other prolific heroes and Forced them to capture the universe in the name of the Machine Empire. On Earth Ziccarra wage a war that span continents, while in space the planet bursting capabilities of Alexis were too fast for any armada to contend against.

While The Champion fought with relative ease in Space, Thee Goddess had a harder time on Earth as she was met by the likes of Quintus KnightfaII, Ashley Nightfall, Team Cerberus, Addison Hopewell and Leonel Pettis.

There efforts combined were enough to nearly defeat Thee Goddess, and almost did had it not been for the return of The Champion. Realizing they now stood no chance at defeating the deadly duo, most of M's Heroes found refuge in other universes, it wasn't until 18 year old Maya Liafador opened accidentally opened a bridge back to M, that The Champion and Thee Goddess were defeated.

Afterwards, the Exemplars of the "M" universe had no choice but to declare Reality M a "Dead" universe; thanks to The Champions world bursting capabilities. The Mighty New God had destroyed so much life throughout the universe that it'd never recover.