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The Collective- Reality M

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"The Collective" is a microscopic parasite with unknown origins. They're only known function is to reproduce, but will only become active in a system with a dying sun. Once the sun goes supernova, the parasite gets dispersed across the cosmos and the process begins again.

Over the years the Collective have come into contact with Advanced Civilizations and technology; scientist begin to study the collective and their properties, but found very little information about this parasite that could suggest it did anything other than reproduce. Most scientist could never fully study the parasite because, once the Collective became active there own ecosystems begin to fall apart because of the dying star.

One such instances an abandoned A.I took note to the Collective's ability to survive in such a harsh climate and integrated into one of the parasites; now full sentient that A.I began the race known as the Collective and named it'self ONE. Because it could survive in harsh ecosystems ONE traveled to worlds interfacing with parasites to continue the reproduction process once enough of the collective had been born ONE vanished.

Addison Hopewell

Addison is a collective that was birthed by a Ninjan Woman in Reality 'M', shortly after she achieved active status the Reality M war broke out and Addison was held captive forcing her parasitic functions into regression as long as Addison is in a system with a young vibrant star, she will never know what her true nature is.

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Real Name: Zurita T'sela

Aliases: Addison Hopewell (Given to her by a fallen freedom fighter)

Height: 5'7

Weight: 138 Ponds

Age: 30 (Earth Years)

Hair Color: Red (With orangish yellow when burning)

Eye Color: Green

Species: Alien

Alignment: Hero

Orientation: Pan-Sexual

Birthplace: Reality M, Ninjeta

Relationship Status: Single

Family: Deceased.

Occupation: Currently the Ninjan Queen CvNU