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  • My favorite of the 4 Avengers books going.

  • Infinite Vacation #1 and Thunder Agents made me have to eventually give this a look. The bargain priced $10 trade of the first 6 issues was the perfect opportunity for this. Blasted through it. HOOKED.

  • Jeff Parker is really fantastic... one of my favorite books going right now, period. I seriously get a bit fidgity for my T-bolts fix in the days between the 3rd week after a new issue and new comic wednesday.

  • One of my favorite books being published today. Crushed to find out it's apparently just a maxi-series and not ongoing.

  • Still waiting for it to really start firing on all cylinders. Until then, still worthwhile for Mike Allred art.

  • Really interesting take on the team book; hopefully issue 4's general weakness was just a misstep.

  • I will follow Fred Van Lente onto almost anything at this point. Alas, poor Iron Man Legacy...

  • WOW. Thank goodness Nick Spencer's exclusive with Marvel allows him to keep this going. Now it's just up to DC not canceling it!

  • God damn Jason Aaron for making me give a damn about Wolverine. I really, REALLY don't want to care about this overexposed character... but Aaron's run on this title (and back into Wolverine: Weapon X, which I just blasted through the 3 trades of) has been one of the consistently better Marvel titles I've been reading of late.

  • Shocked at how good this is. SHOCKED. Loving Fantomex. One of Marvel's best books going.

  • I fell way behind on Godland, but loved it while I was keeping up with it. Here we have a brand new chance to get in on the ground floor of some new creator-owned Joe Casey madness and I can't wait. GORGEOUS art.

  • God damn Jeff Parker for making me give a damn about Red Hulk, who I've successfully managed to avoid knowing anything about up to his appearance in Avengers. Jeph Loeb's run just really seemed like something to be avoided. A new creative team redeems the book and the character, though. It's not as good as his work on Thunderbolts, but it's still a LOT of fun each issue; and a great value with the backup features as well.

  • The weakest Nick Spencer work I've read to date... but I'm giving it a chance; I'm sure, based on the strength of everything else I've read from him, that it'll click soon.

  • It's not Bendis' best work but I really don't understand why this book is being torn apart so badly by web critics. It'd be worthwhile just for Maleev's art, but it's also better than solely being worthwhile for that reason.

  • Yay, Hercules is back! They only ordered like... less than 5 copies for the shelf at my local store. I really hope that isn't the norm... I want this book to go onwards at least the original volume's length; the first issue made me VERY happy

  • Leonardo Manco on Hellraiser is one of the greatest ideas in the history of mankind. Doesn't matter if the book itself isn't that great... only the art matters here.