"The Greatest Story Ever Told"

The Order Helicarrier -Malta

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Moving the ship was a strategic one, having assassinated STRIKE director Ruby Gallagher, they'd overstayed their tenure in Valor, a return was eventual but a regrouping was in order.

The Poetic Assassin sat eying the various screens of the war room. Each screen presented a terror, live feeds of the war of gods consumed most of them, as her subordinates hone in on the particulars, she developed a schematic for world events that circled these events, which created a perfect seam for The Order.

With the assets of STRIKE now at her disposal, she could launch paramilitary operations just about anywhere and her sights were set in Russia. But before all that could begin, she needed the situation in the States to peak.

Cradling the book sought after by domestic and foreign deities, Ada's shamrock gaze surveyed the deck out of curiosity what she saw ultimately cause her to scoff. Her subordinates were suspended in animation--everything was suspended in animation save for her.

It was this moment that she understood what was at play forces so divine, it's presence could cause seizures in the eyes of mortals.

Taking a step back her eyes focus on the azure hue of what appeared to be a man, a god taking the form of something she could rationalize no doubt. His skin seemingly calmed into a respectable humanoid form to save Ada's eyes.

Under most circumstances lesser beings would be involuntarily forced to the ground in reverence, she could not. For this being in all his power, couldn't surmount the small ledger now resting between Ada's elbow and ribcage. It was a book of defiance, in the hands of one who would see it's will enacted.

"You, are a curious being" He finally spoke, his voice sounding like many collapsing and cascading on one another. "I will take that as a compliment coming from a being such as yourself" She responded casually moving from the command bridge towards his position in the center of the war room. He dwarfed her 5'6 frame by nearly three feet, and yet she still stood in his presence.

"You are aware that what you're wielding if unleashed will end life as we know it" There was a word he used that caught Ada's attention 'We' it confirmed previous suspicions about the nature of the book and how it relates to them. "If I wasn't before. I most certainly am now" She replied removing the book from her elbows offering to surrender it to him--a faux move. He couldn't touch it, only his children could, and with the last one coming to terms with her own mortality Ada's gambit took the 'Universal Gods' completely off the table, a non-factor in the events to come.

"As I thought. You are a Creation God. If you wanted to stop me you would've by now but you can't. I take it the destruction Gods are so timid about this book here they shan't be stopping me either." Her respectful tone ceases, now she circumvents him like a lecturer preparing to school him.

"You are correct, I cannot intervene. I just simply wanted to meet the mortal who wishes to murder the universe." He said calmly crafting a chair from the ambient space around him to sit.

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"I've read many tales that involve you, Ada Guillaume, Black Dhalia, The Poetic Assassin, The Serene Slaughterer." He called out seemingly enthralled with the number of nicknames she'd acquired. "Many of the books I've read lately have met their conclusion and somehow involve you. Curious though, most of them don't actually die because of you. Rather something you commanded them to do."

His head tilts to the side seemingly perplexed, Ada remained unmoved as if she were preparing for some sort of question when it didn't come she felt the need to defend herself.

"I have an adequate amount of fingers for the people that have met their death by my blade. However, I couldn't begin to tell you how many people have died because of something I've told them to do. It's that simple. I do not need to be the strongest, the fastest or a god. I just need to speak."

The Serene Slaughter popped the top off Ruby's bourbon container before pouring herself a glass. "Though, I suppose if I could feel remorse. It'd be for the children. When I send them to their deaths, it's never personal. They're a superb tool to exploit. That hesitation one has right before they realize..." Her eyes dug deep into the class of bourbon before taking a small sip, her voice soon transitions from conversation to just above a whisper. "Just before they realize. If I don't kill them, they will me. That's the sort of suspense missing from the cinemas" She concluded taking another sip of her drink before leaning on a nearby work station.

"When I exploit the religious, poor, racist; or the political fear in people. That's easy. I don't have to murder when people's raw unfiltered aggressions will do it for me. We're the masters of our own planet yet that's something we've never solved. Even the 'heroes' as they like to call themselves can't find a way to end ideological madness. It's why I'm still here."

"You believe yourself to be mad.?"

"I believe myself to be a necessity"

He hung on to her every word, his eyes following her body as she traced the work floor, he understood why she was in possession of the book, he understood why she hadn't used it yet. He understood why so many people died because of her commandments.

"Then there's you. The Creation Gods, who put us here with absolutely no purpose. You dropped us into the wilderness and told us to figure it out. And figure it out we did, or we think we did. We're murdering each other, enslaving on another so you can simply peruse the details."

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Ada's direct examination cease for a moment, she knew he was profiling her. feeding information back to his heralds. Now that he knew her location they'd finally come. With all the heavy hitters they'd come. And as god and mortal locked eyes for a moment. He knew that's what she was waiting on. The Final Crisis of mankind.

"Tell me something. Has any of these stories ever given you a nightmare?" She knew the question was rhetorical, he sat waiting for the kicker. "I hope you like this story, your highness because it's going to be the greatest story ever told" And if she had her way, it'd be the last.