The Burden of Life

Moldova, Chișinău


Ada was the favorite amongst the order, even over Weston's own flesh and blood, she got results. In a display of his blessings, he allowed the former historian a personal audience with him here in Moldova. No one got a personal audience with Weston.

"Looks like you really worked a number on Grimm City, official reports show that about 40% of the population perished."

Weston subtly applauded as he devoured his bloody steak. The Poetic Assassin said nothing, instead, she sat rubbing her bruise suffered at the hands of Brian Newcastle. Her obsessive rubbing of the mark became so apparent that the Leader of the Order saw fit to comment.

"You know, had you just used your powers, you could've avoided that shiner," He said with a snicker stuffing more of the ripe cow meat into his mouth.

"I rather enjoy my war wounds. It reminds me that I am still human. That's the problem with our society now sir, everyone thinks they'll live forever." She said taking her glass of wine to her lips.

"Like Brian Newcastle?"

"Newcastle bears the burden of life. He extremely emotional for a full aged male. His emotions make him rash and impulsive, and he projects his 'power' in his seemingly unlimited resources. When his time for death comes, he will have regrets."

Her initial impression of Newcastle changed in their first meeting, his behavior based on his emotions force Ada to questions his potential position in the order.

"Jameela might be capable enough to topple him--might. Or your nephew could assassinate him." Weston wiped his face with his napkin before throwing the residue in the plate.

"Or...I'll take him down myself..."

"You?" she questioned with a curious brow.

"You didn't think I'd let you all have all the fun."

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"I don't think you understand sir. What I do isn't fun, It's a necessity. What's going to happen when the resources run out? Humans---average people like yourself...will be the first to perish. Then the metahumans will destroy this planet and perhaps others if we don't find a medium. Amin and I...we believe this...and that is why I bear the burden of life.

"You, are the pale horse. But that's not going to stop them from throwing everything at you next time."

It was true, Ada's 40% could've been much higher had Hawkshade not stopped her Sarin gas, the competition would get tough.

"Amateurs believe in tactics sir, but professionals deal with logistics. I don't care how tough they are they next cannot beat evolution."

"Which Reminds Me...We need to talk about the child..."

She's back
She's back