"The Greatest Story Ever Told"

The Order Helicarrier -Malta

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Moving the ship was a strategic one, having assassinated STRIKE director Ruby Gallagher, they'd overstayed their tenure in Valor, a return was eventual but a regrouping was in order.

The Poetic Assassin sat eying the various screens of the war room. Each screen presented a terror, live feeds of the war of gods consumed most of them, as her subordinates hone in on the particulars, she developed a schematic for world events that circled these events, which created a perfect seam for The Order.

With the assets of STRIKE now at her disposal, she could launch paramilitary operations just about anywhere and her sights were set in Russia. But before all that could begin, she needed the situation in the States to peak.

Cradling the book sought after by domestic and foreign deities, Ada's shamrock gaze surveyed the deck out of curiosity what she saw ultimately cause her to scoff. Her subordinates were suspended in animation--everything was suspended in animation save for her.

It was this moment that she understood what was at play forces so divine, it's presence could cause seizures in the eyes of mortals.

Taking a step back her eyes focus on the azure hue of what appeared to be a man, a god taking the form of something she could rationalize no doubt. His skin seemingly calmed into a respectable humanoid form to save Ada's eyes.

Under most circumstances lesser beings would be involuntarily forced to the ground in reverence, she could not. For this being in all his power, couldn't surmount the small ledger now resting between Ada's elbow and ribcage. It was a book of defiance, in the hands of one who would see it's will enacted.

"You, are a curious being" He finally spoke, his voice sounding like many collapsing and cascading on one another. "I will take that as a compliment coming from a being such as yourself" She responded casually moving from the command bridge towards his position in the center of the war room. He dwarfed her 5'6 frame by nearly three feet, and yet she still stood in his presence.

"You are aware that what you're wielding if unleashed will end life as we know it" There was a word he used that caught Ada's attention 'We' it confirmed previous suspicions about the nature of the book and how it relates to them. "If I wasn't before. I most certainly am now" She replied removing the book from her elbows offering to surrender it to him--a faux move. He couldn't touch it, only his children could, and with the last one coming to terms with her own mortality Ada's gambit took the 'Universal Gods' completely off the table, a non-factor in the events to come.

"As I thought. You are a Creation God. If you wanted to stop me you would've by now but you can't. I take it the destruction Gods are so timid about this book here they shan't be stopping me either." Her respectful tone ceases, now she circumvents him like a lecturer preparing to school him.

"You are correct, I cannot intervene. I just simply wanted to meet the mortal who wishes to murder the universe." He said calmly crafting a chair from the ambient space around him to sit.

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"I've read many tales that involve you, Ada Guillaume, Black Dhalia, The Poetic Assassin, The Serene Slaughterer." He called out seemingly enthralled with the number of nicknames she'd acquired. "Many of the books I've read lately have met their conclusion and somehow involve you. Curious though, most of them don't actually die because of you. Rather something you commanded them to do."

His head tilts to the side seemingly perplexed, Ada remained unmoved as if she were preparing for some sort of question when it didn't come she felt the need to defend herself.

"I have an adequate amount of fingers for the people that have met their death by my blade. However, I couldn't begin to tell you how many people have died because of something I've told them to do. It's that simple. I do not need to be the strongest, the fastest or a god. I just need to speak."

The Serene Slaughter popped the top off Ruby's bourbon container before pouring herself a glass. "Though, I suppose if I could feel remorse. It'd be for the children. When I send them to their deaths, it's never personal. They're a superb tool to exploit. That hesitation one has right before they realize..." Her eyes dug deep into the class of bourbon before taking a small sip, her voice soon transitions from conversation to just above a whisper. "Just before they realize. If I don't kill them, they will me. That's the sort of suspense missing from the cinemas" She concluded taking another sip of her drink before leaning on a nearby work station.

"When I exploit the religious, poor, racist; or the political fear in people. That's easy. I don't have to murder when people's raw unfiltered aggressions will do it for me. We're the masters of our own planet yet that's something we've never solved. Even the 'heroes' as they like to call themselves can't find a way to end ideological madness. It's why I'm still here."

"You believe yourself to be mad.?"

"I believe myself to be a necessity"

He hung on to her every word, his eyes following her body as she traced the work floor, he understood why she was in possession of the book, he understood why she hadn't used it yet. He understood why so many people died because of her commandments.

"Then there's you. The Creation Gods, who put us here with absolutely no purpose. You dropped us into the wilderness and told us to figure it out. And figure it out we did, or we think we did. We're murdering each other, enslaving on another so you can simply peruse the details."

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Ada's direct examination cease for a moment, she knew he was profiling her. feeding information back to his heralds. Now that he knew her location they'd finally come. With all the heavy hitters they'd come. And as god and mortal locked eyes for a moment. He knew that's what she was waiting on. The Final Crisis of mankind.

"Tell me something. Has any of these stories ever given you a nightmare?" She knew the question was rhetorical, he sat waiting for the kicker. "I hope you like this story, your highness because it's going to be the greatest story ever told" And if she had her way, it'd be the last.


The Burden of Life

Moldova, Chișinău


Ada was the favorite amongst the order, even over Weston's own flesh and blood, she got results. In a display of his blessings, he allowed the former historian a personal audience with him here in Moldova. No one got a personal audience with Weston.

"Looks like you really worked a number on Grimm City, official reports show that about 40% of the population perished."

Weston subtly applauded as he devoured his bloody steak. The Poetic Assassin said nothing, instead, she sat rubbing her bruise suffered at the hands of Brian Newcastle. Her obsessive rubbing of the mark became so apparent that the Leader of the Order saw fit to comment.

"You know, had you just used your powers, you could've avoided that shiner," He said with a snicker stuffing more of the ripe cow meat into his mouth.

"I rather enjoy my war wounds. It reminds me that I am still human. That's the problem with our society now sir, everyone thinks they'll live forever." She said taking her glass of wine to her lips.

"Like Brian Newcastle?"

"Newcastle bears the burden of life. He extremely emotional for a full aged male. His emotions make him rash and impulsive, and he projects his 'power' in his seemingly unlimited resources. When his time for death comes, he will have regrets."

Her initial impression of Newcastle changed in their first meeting, his behavior based on his emotions force Ada to questions his potential position in the order.

"Jameela might be capable enough to topple him--might. Or your nephew could assassinate him." Weston wiped his face with his napkin before throwing the residue in the plate.

"Or...I'll take him down myself..."

"You?" she questioned with a curious brow.

"You didn't think I'd let you all have all the fun."

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"I don't think you understand sir. What I do isn't fun, It's a necessity. What's going to happen when the resources run out? Humans---average people like yourself...will be the first to perish. Then the metahumans will destroy this planet and perhaps others if we don't find a medium. Amin and I...we believe this...and that is why I bear the burden of life.

"You, are the pale horse. But that's not going to stop them from throwing everything at you next time."

It was true, Ada's 40% could've been much higher had Hawkshade not stopped her Sarin gas, the competition would get tough.

"Amateurs believe in tactics sir, but professionals deal with logistics. I don't care how tough they are they next time...you cannot beat evolution."

"Which Reminds Me...We need to talk about the child..."

She's back
She's back


The Order of Malta (Unfinished Concept)

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"Għal Dan Aħna ġlieda"

Following the Allied Victory over the Axis powers in WWII, a Maltese Banker by the name of Wesely Weston called a European Conference that involved influential politicians, Big Business Owners, and foreign policymakers. The Order was the source of several conspiracy theories in the early 50's however, all talk of "The Order of Malta" has ceased.

Weston believed that it was the Order's "duty" to enforce world stabilization, whilst also maintaining accountability on the growing "Super-Human" population. This meeting was to be held three times a year, once at the beginning of Winter, Once at Once at the end of Winter, and at the end of Summer to finalize goals.

Since it's creation, The Order of Malta has become more hands-on in their approach to their goals.

The Order of Malta is broken down into two distinct sections, "Il-Fraternità" and Il-Klabb", The Fraternity, are composed of strict businessmen. They meet twice a year to decide the course of action the Order will take.

Though they don't know it, The Fraternita are completely replaceable, which is why most representatives send a person in their place "As sacrifice". The Fraternita will approve of Wars, "Economic Crisis" Pandemic's and Assassinations at their conferences; however the Third Conference in Valetta, Malta includes ll-Klabb.

The Klabb are the execution phase of The Order. The members of the Klabb typically only receive orders, however, they deny a course of action from the Fraternita; but they must have a reasonable workaround.

ll Klabb, also known as the Horsemen, have jobs that overflow each other. This is to ensure that one agent is not operating on one specific job for too long.

(I.E The War Monger Agent will only be dispatched to incite war after; the Political Instability Agent; and Assassination Agents.)


ll Klabb Agents come in Two's, this to ensure that if anyone agents are killed for whatever reason. Another can continue operations. Unlike the Fraternia, the members of the ll Klabb are completely unknown. This is due to the conspiracy theories already surrounding the Fraternia.

The ll Klabb members infiltrate countries and can live years as regular citizens before employing their scheme.

They typically come male and female, the selection criteria for the woman are different than those for the male agents. This was originally pitched by Ramon Liafador years after Weston II had passed.

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Name: Ada Guillarme

Age: 42

Nationality: French

Expertise: Population Control

Ada was once a student of Ziccarra Liafador in the Red Cardinals, all the while she was being groomed for taking the place of her former teacher. The Fraternia gave the order to begin protocols to tarnish Ziccarra once she married the Champion. Shortly afterwards Ada was told to write the "Book of Blades" which would cause division between Ziccarra and her Cardinals.

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Name: Jameela Sircar

Age: 28

Nationality: British

Expertise: False Flags Events

Jameela's father is a banker, and a personal friend of the Weston Family. In order to prove his loyalty to the Weston's Mr. Sircar offered his daughter to them at a young age. The Weston's took Jameela turning her into their "Horseman" of false flags. She typically works hand in hand with the other agents; because her job is typically seen as the Catalsyst for them all. Jameela's job used to belong to Ziccarra Liafador, but she inherited shortly after.

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Name: Royce Dallas

Age: 22

Nationality: American

Expertise: War Mongering

Royce earned her job from being the only living related relative to the Westons. She dabbles in everything from arms dealing, to choose which side of a conflict she's going to support. If it's a conflict between countries, Royce finances both sides of the conflict with a ridiculous interest rate, this allows her to cripple any country regardless of stature.

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Name: Devin Weston

Age: 22

Nationality: German

Expertise: Assasinations

Devin Weston is the heir to the entire Weston Family operation, yet he spends his time with the ll Klabb because he hates office work. He typically coordinates with Jameela and Royce to carry out his job. Weston and his partner will assassinate World Leaders and even other members of the Order.

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Name: Ziccarra Liafador

Age 46, stopped aging at 27

Status: Deceased

Nationality: Spanish

Expertise: False Flags, Political Instablity

Ziccarra's Political Instablity job currently remains open. An offer has been extended to both the Italians and Polish Liasons to feel that slot, but they have yet to send a represenative. Initially the order wanted to use Maya or Selene Liafador to fill their mother's vacant slot; however west wanted to see Spanish suffer for Ziccarra's sins against the order.


The Gift of the Magi

Valletta, Malta

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Ada stood pushed off in the corner with a glass of wine peering into the busy Valletta streets. Despite the celebratory atmosphere, The Poetic Assassin was more comfortable stashed off by her lonesome. She hated these type of get-togethers probably more than Amin. How she wished she could be with him at the moment, but the last time he was here, he nearly killed one of the financers--and rightfully so. These people were scum, the had ill regard for human life.

Ironically downing the last of her Liafador Wine, her eyes turned toward Benjamin Weston. The Weston family had risen to the level of the Rothschild's here in Valletta, a long time ago Wesely Weston (The current heir) blessed off on the rise of Ziccarra Liafador. What soon followed was important historic events: The Registration Act, The Return of the Red Cardinals, Venezuela etc.

Ada's rise was rooted deep within that backing of the former Spanish President; she infiltrated herself as a Cardinal Grunt. She sat there for years as a mole for Benjamin, she prayed Ziccarra never loss favor with the Westons, but she did--and she did it with a simple "I do"

The Marriage between Ziccarra and Alexis Pettis forced the Weston's to use Ada, and from that point, she'd been secretly working with Y-Intercept (In Spiritual form) to bring about the fall of the power couple.

They were evil, all of them. Every suit and tie, fancy dress, slightly buzzed person in attendance. She was no different. After all, she murdered children to get here.

"Here she is, the woman who defeated the Goddess" Weston said, lightly grasping Ada around the waist before lightly grazing her cheek with a kiss.

"It was no small feat mind you" She teased, which drew a hearty laugh from Benjamin.

"You don't feel at all awful about discarding Ziccarra?" Ada asked legitimately curious. Benjamin released a deep sigh, before sliding his hands into his pockets.

"Wesely had some reservations about it. We loved Ziccarra, we trusted her when she married the Knightfall and she hadn't disappointed. But we simply couldn't take the chance with The Champion. She forgot who she worked for. She stopped coming to the meetings, when she became the President in Spain--she tried to break all ties with us."

As he explained, everything things began to make sense. "That's why you guys infected her with Nexcodexa. After that..."

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"It was all Xiao Zing. But yes, I do feel a little bad. But on a lighter note. I'm interested in your presentation." He said ushering her towards the podium.

"I'll introduce you, then I'm sure you got it from there," He said strolling on the stage.

Benjamin was the man the Weston's sent in to destroy an Establishment, Government etc. Once his family marked a regime for death he was called in to make sure it happened smoothly. He was also in charge of championing a new leader. With Ada it was a no-brainer--she had Y-intercept's blessing.

"Ladies and Gentlemen if I could have your attention, please. As you know the last couple of years we've implemented plans to eradicate Ziccarra Liafador. It's such a shame that we had to get rid of one of our brightest students, but in her place, we've found another. I'm sure you've all heard of the tragedy that took place in South Africa; here is the woman that made it all possible. Ladies and Gentleman I give to you. Ada Guillaume!"

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Ada moved so gracefully it was as if she glided to the podium. Once set she honed in on the plethora of eyes awaiting her presentation.

"A-ah, Forgive me. I just realized that I am the poorest person in the room" She joked which drew a tremor of laughter throughout the room.

"I've done it. The Order of Malta finally has the Liafador Replication Equation. With it, Liafador International has been destroyed. Ziccarra's children are a very real threat, but I believe our Queen is handling that herself. The Matriarch of the 3rd Society has gone dark, I believe we have nothing to fear on that front. We've done it, we've won."

Ada paused as the various members began applauding, she stood behind the podium nodding at their jubilation.

"The order will move forward with a new brand of being. The Liafador Replication birthed Catalina Liafador, this order once believed that Catalina could be used as a suitable soldier--The Champion proved this order wrong. Per the guidance of our Queen, I will use this equation to craft a pill. I will need the pharmaceutical companies to push this pill to expectant mothers. In due time an entire generation of children will be born. An entire generation of Y-Intercept."

Again, Ada paused the sounds of applause sent tremors through the building. With a simple nod of his head, Weston excused certain members of the Order.

"The projected location of this plan is to be implemented in either Gothic or Grimm City, with a heavy focus on it's African American and Hispanic Demographic. This is to be the final event before our Queen can once again return to this planet. It is my gift to you."

Ada's eyes peered toward Benjamin, prompting him to move toward her side for the conclusion.

"With that being said, a lot of you will not see the coming of our Queen." Behind them, X, Ada's assistant had already locked them in. "In order to preserve what was said here today, we must extinguish the old and start a new."

Angry jeers, from those in attendance prompt Ada and Weston to exit behind them; as the members of this affluent order stormed the exits trying to get out X released a devastating tear gas on them. "X...."

"Kill them all"


Karrit Administration Address --Laws of Chess

Paris France, The Louvre

"Go on, say it

A dense smoke danced delicately around the room, as the French Prime Minister tuned in from her Parisian Office. The cigarette's smoke majestically curled as it flew from her nostrils, crossing her legs; she ashed the butt before a knock came across doors.

"*Madame, The Press is here, they would like to get a statement regarding the video.*"

Of course they would, as one of their leaders it was her job to reassure them that Domestic Terrorism would be dealt with accordingly. "The Fabricated video" Ada replied fixing her mesmerizing green eyes on her lithe secretary. "Pardon?"

"The Fabricated Video. Saying 'The Video' gives off the impression that it's real. The events are real, but it's intended purpose is not. It's Fabricated. Go on, Say it"

This was Ada's secretary first day, normally such a trivial mishap would've been forgiven; but ultimatly the poetic assassin begin to pre-condition the mind. "Go on, say it"

"T-th-Th Fabricated Video" She studdered, which drew a smile on Ada's face. "*There we go. I shall address the media in 15 minutes*"

The Press Conference

"Where do we stand today"

Ada's popularity amongst the French increased each time she spoke, today she was without the President, and current head of the nation. The crowd she drew suggest otherwise, hundreds packed the entrance to the world's famous museum to hear what the newly appointed Prime Minister had to say. It was not Ironic that the renown French Professor/Historian chose this historic venue as the location of her speech. Ada's references, and historical allusions were and still are the best parts of her speeches.

Always the picture of elegance, stepping up to the podium appearing regal and flawless; from her sculpting brow to her stunning updo, there wasn't an element to her look that wasn't enchanting.

Ada's charismatic smile silenced the innocuous chatter, this would be defining her first address without President Amin.

"In 1789, a group of terrorist rose up and overthrew the French Crown. For 10 years they fought, fought to compose a government dictated by the people. A Freedom for France. It was then on the back of Charles De Gaulle and the French Resistence that our country survives into it's 5th republic, but where do we stand today?"

Like her counter-part, she graced both her hands on the side of the podium, but made eye contact with as many people as she could before transitioning into the next part of her impromptu address.

"I'll tell you where we stand. France is the undisputed leader of the EU. No longer are we dependent on the United Kingdom, or the United States of America. We have made allies of the Shogunate and the previously isolated Nation X. We have worked to create a comprehensive Intelligence Network to combat terrorism collectively with our allies. France is on the verge of transcending Europe itself."

"But of course, Change starts at the top. At the top it is implemented and disseminated to the lowest levels of governance. Therein lies the problem. There are people who neglect this vision of France, they kidnap their own brothers and sisters, slay them like animals. Only to tarnish our French Narrative. "These rejectors of excellence, will be brought to justice. We've been reactive in our approach thus far, but the laws of chess state that we must be proactive--and proactive we will be. Thank you and goodnight."

Thank you, and goodnight
Thank you, and goodnight

Ada turned and exited the podium, she nearly loss her train of thought in a sea of boisterous clamoring, but attacking this "Knights of Justice" fell on her and Amin.

Though there was a specific reason she'd purposely neglected to attribute a name to the actions committed. Doing so builds them up as a threat. This was no threat; this was an unruly child indeed of the rod.

As Mother of Discipline, she'd ensure this...Knights of Justice accept French Excellence...even if it killed them. "I need to speak with Monsieur, Amin."


The Woman Who Defeated The Goddess.

"You failed..."

The weeks that followed the eventual election of Amin Karrit filled the newly appointed Prime Minister with more responsibilities than she initially bargined for. He said it would be easy--and it was. The lights, the cameras, the press; none of them could rattle the Poetic Assassin.

She'd perfected the art of a 'Magnetic Presence', she was able to dwell idly in a room for only a moment before the attention was drawn to her.

This was no feat that could be achieved through senseless cosmetics or Parisian Fashion; this type of magnetic, graceful command presence was honed in the Lethal Weapon Program. Because of the brutal program, 'Dhalia' as she was sometimes called, was quickly becoming a household name in France.

Ada comfortably in the confides of her office, detailing a new education plan to be implemented in a 3 to 5 year span.

"Madam Prime Minister, you have a guest. It appears to be the President of Italy" Ada's green eyes shot towards the door, only she didn't see the Italian President, the person that walked through her door was a former mentor; and the former President of Spain. "Ziccarra..." She whispered, low enough for the War Goddess to hear.

"Oh yes, I absolutely forgot. I must've got lost in my work" Ada lied, rising to greet the President with a hand shake. Even this to her secretary was odd...Ada didn't forget.

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Ada's secretary made his exit closing the door behind him; as he did, Ziccarra's illusion shattered along with Ada's facade.

"Ziccarra Liafador-Pettis" Ada said shifting back into an submissive position with her hands positoned in a 'delta' formation out in front of her.

"I'll be honest Senora Pettis, this is the last place I expected you to show. Please have a seat."

The history between Ada and Ziccarra was brief, Ziccarra found Ada reeling from the effects of the Lethal Weapon Program, the then 'Conqueror' of the Tibetian provinces brought the young Ada into the Red Cardinals as a liaison; and instructed Ada how to hone her skills. Shortly afterwards, Ada left for France; and the rest is history.

"Ada." The beautiful Spaniard replied, before a serene silence parted them; only to eventually send goosebumps down the shoulders of the French Prime Minister.

"I must say, either I'm getting older. Or you have gotten younger." Ada knew this wasn't exactly the same woman she'd met years ago. This woman was younger, had children and was apparently married.

"I guess you can say I have lost a few pounds. But Ada, I shall get right to it. What is you plan to do here in France. What of this Amin Karrit"

Ziccarra's usually soft features begin to harden, A woman like Ada knew this was some sort of intimidation ploy; but The Former Spanish President didn't have the odds in her favor.

"Senora Pettis, You failed. You know exactly what I plan to do. I plan to lead my country, my people into the age Monsieur Amin said we will. I am not here to force feed them lies, or take away their pride. I am not you."


"Actually, Ziccarra it's Madam Ada" Ada interjected holding an index finger to halt the Goddess' attempt at aggressive...whatever this was.

Don't come back
Don't come back

"As I stated, I am in charge here. You failed. I don't know what you believed you would achieve by coming here but. You failed. Nothing you do will ever bring back the people you killed."

"You cannot even und--"

"Understand? Oh I understand just perfectly. You're weak. You look 27 but in all reality, you and I are the same age. You continue to use your powers, as if that's what defines you. You continue to try and impress the world with your super-hero family; but you aren't 27 Ziccarra. It's a bout time you use something other than that Goddess given strength. You're weak because you've lost your ability to critically think. But I suppose you don't have anything...otherwise you wouldn't have failed. The strongest men die in war, The weak are left to carry on legacies. Ziccarra you should've stayed dead."

Throughout her entire rant, Ada's demenor hadn't made the slightest change. She truly was as collected as a Queen, but could strike like Viper poison with a glance or her words. Even in this moment here, she'd manage to contain the Goddess.

"The next time you come here with the intent on threatening me, just know. I know where your island is. I know who lives on that Island; and what you're affording refuge too. It'd be a shame if that message was passed along to Commander Ruby of STRICOM now wouldn't it. Please don't come back"


The Tell-Tale Heart

No Caption Provided

This new disease had sharpened her senses, Politics. Politics were forging a rigid path; a path that leads to the nightmarish fork in the road. The nightmare however; was not the fork--rather the consequences of choosing. She'd all but finished her glass of Spanish Wine; when one of her more polished students approached her in the courtyard. Henry, 5'8, and short brown hair, with tantalizing hazel eyes--he was Brilliant, but not even his academic prowess prepared him for the course his country would take.

"Madame Guillaume, you've gone outside the curriculum for a number of weeks now. Don't take what I'm saying as a insult, I loved today's lecture on the French Revolution; I've never gotten that deep into it before. If I may, it almost seems like the pending election has your mind." He wasn't wrong, her type had known many suffrages; being a French-Jewish female mutant would not have been her first choice, but God didn't ask--He just dealt.

"The French Revolution was more than just a bloody time in our people's history Henry, It was the time period where French Citizen's raze and reshape our countries political landscape. We showed Europe the will of the people." Her words enticed him; she could feel his swaying in cadence caught in the allure of her professional elocution.

No one could understand why she was so popular amongst the students, other than the way she carried herself; she appeared to be a pretty mediocre looking woman. That was truly the disguise; No one knew that she could control and command with just the sound of her voice; or that she could amplify her telepathic waves to reach out to people all over the city.

In short, she was a concealed weapon; and if used in the right way—she could influence an entire nation. “Madame, if I may as to be so bold. Who do you think will when our election”

Per usual, she took a moment to think about her response; Dahlia, as she was often called was a methodical woman. Every response was chose for the sole purpose of making an impact.

“Well…Henry, as your professor; I am not at the liberty of discussing my political views. It tis conduct unbecoming of an educator. But I can give you my distinct views on the State of France.” Shifting her legs she crossed left over right, and took the tone of an educator.

"Our Government is led by outdated archaic policies. Archaic people, your generation has nearly 0 representation in it. Our politicians refuse to concede power; and allow a new generation to proceed forward with our diplomacy."

There was a brief pause, almost as if she needed more time to gather her thoughts; but really she was allowing the mental triggers she'd placed in her students throughout the semester to activate.

"The right, The right is really just racist, nationalist and xenophobic; whereas the Left? the left has shied away from it's original purpose which is to make the lives of the lowly workers better by distributing the national income among all citizens. They're a lot more focused on ideals that while, do work towards a better society, isn't really something that's felt by everyone. France is a mess, but only because we're governed by people who cannot understand how to harvest the ripe potential."

Another pause, she could see the mental persuation taking it's toll. On him in particular, he'd be a general; not the pawn she molded the others to be. He'd be the face, the face of a revolution that had yet to happen.

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"France needs a better intelligence council, fight the terrorist before they can infiltrate and kill us. We need a leader that will state France's problem and provide a solid solution to fix it. We need to Unify the French people; and take our position as the backbone of Europe."

For a moment, Henry dropped back with his hands folded; making intense eye-contact with his professor. "Again, If I may. I believe in your explanation you unknowingly showed your support for a candidate."

Her stare more intense than the last, the bell ringing overhead broke the uncomfortable silence signaling the end of their conversation. "Did I Henry? Was it really unknowingly"


The Importance of being Earnest

Jerusalem, Israel

No Caption Provided

Though she'd been present for quite sometime, her mere silence was the source of intimidation for many. Like the great thinker she was known to be; the Parisian Jew stood quietly with her hands deep within her romper--just listening to the elders.

Anti-mutant stances were emerging all across the globe; most recently in her home country of France, for someone with her background discrimination was one of the many things she'd learned to overcome. Many of them fled, they left France at a time when the killing of mutants evolved into an everyday occurance. The allure of mutants had finally wore off, leaving behind residue of hatred and fear. As the world, and her people knew too well a human that feared was among the most dangerous animals on the planet.

The innocuous chatter of the wise fell on deaf ears, no one in this council cared for France's mutants, nor did they care for Israel's mutants. But the ignorance of the council wavered when Ada moved into the center of the room, hands still in her pockets; she whispered but a word.

"Listen" Almost robotically, their eyes turned toward the 42 year old University Teacher watching intently as she prepared to address them for the 1st time in her three day stay.

"I have come to the conclusion that politics are too serious a matter to be left to the politicians." She quoted, not actually placing her eyes on any one person. She captivate them, not with words but with silence. She was like an angler fish holding their attention with her silence, before biting their heads off with her powerful message.

"I say this because, humans use their armies and politics to treat us as second class citizens. Some of your great grandparents know what it's like to be called a "Second Class Citizen". Your grandparents know what it's like to scream for salvation only to have that faith disinergrate into ash."

She strut around the room again, her long dark brown locks falling over her eyes only to be lightly wafted away; her green eyes making eye contact with the ones who lived it, with the ones who heard stories about a dark time in human history.

"They gassed us, stripped us of everything. Murdered our men, women and children in the street. All the while, the rest of the world sat idly for years trying to think of a plan. Gentlemen, does this at all sound familar."

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"Regardless if you're a mutant or not. French or not. People are being killed...like we were. I emplore you to answer the call of France's mutants. Put your money in a candidate that reclaim France's integrity. Goodbye friends, I pray that this is not the last time we meet."

She exit the council, she would return to France where she would continue speaking out against France's government. Her candidate had already been endorsed, but there was still more work for "Dhalia" to conduct.