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Why the hell won't the put this kind of action in the movies?

Superman made me wanna take the thunderbolt off my shirt, the way he beat the plagiarism shit out of Captain Marvel. JLU had countless incredible fights during it's run. But damn do I have to watch a cartoon just to see a good comic battle. I guess so if 100 million dollar CGI filled movies left and right show a majority of drama and suspense.

Let's Go!

Best SuperHero Movie Fight Scenes.

Superman Returns : Gravity.

His main obstacles were large round heavy objects. That big one put him in the hospital!!! (Superman Dead?)

Spider-Man : Green Goblin rapes Spidey.

After the suspense of saving MJ AND the children Osborn drags him under a bridge, bombs and beats the mask off Parker.....But it's ok he already discovered his identity. (Gay)

Fantastic Four : Thing Vs The Fire Hydrant.

Think about it, wasn't that like the only thing he had time for clobberin'?

Batman Begings : Can't's all black!!

Is it me or was the camera way too close during the fights. I had to get so close to the screen that....Dude I don't think that coat's so nice. I think that guy is homeless.

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