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Why is everyone giving this issue such a good review? 0

First and foremost. This issue isn't BAD exactly... it's just fine. I will say I enjoyed Bong Dazo's pencil work more than I usually do. The female characters don't look like porn stars and the action sequences were pretty cool. That being said, I'm getting so tired of Way's "Oh Deadpol had this elaborate plan, that there for no foreshadowing whatsoever for, all along" style of writing. He always just seems to convienently fit in something Deadpool did previously to solve the current issue. I ge...

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Surprisingly good 7

First and foremost, I absolutely detest issues 1 and 2 of Deadpool Max.  Every page had a gratuitous sex or violent act on it because... well because they could. They didn't add anything to the story or establish character traits. They just were. And I found it to be derivative at best. So I gave Deadpool Max #3 an ultimatum: blow me away or I drop the book.  And let me tell you something, it delivered. This book did a great job of setting up a villain who you loved to hate, and yet he didn't se...

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The End 0

I will say I will miss MWAM but mainly because of it's covers. I've said it before and I'll say it again. They're always brilliant.  The thing that annoys me about this whole mess is obviously Deadpool Corps was supposed to be just the next chapter of this book. Why start it early? The timeline is all messed up now. Also speaking of timelines, The ending of this book should mean we never see Headpool again. He should be stuck in a time paradox. Gischler didn't think of that when writing his sill...

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what... what? 0

Every now and then an idea surfaces that is so dumb whoever thought of it needs to be taken out back and made like old Yeller.  This issue has an example of such a bad idea.  That idea? Putting Deadpool in a rated g book. For starters you can't say "Dead" in a rated G book. So no one could even refer to him by name (they even had a little joke where everyone kept calling him Wade Wilson also known as the mercenary-" and then they get cut off... that would have been funny once, not three times). ...

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Daniel Way continues to surprise me 3

I think Daniel Way has listened to some of the criticisms he has received over the last two years. For a while his book seemed to pander and not get anything done. Deadpool had no sense of through line nor did Way acknowledge a lot of his previous mythos.  This is far from the truth for issue 26. We see some of the events leading up to Wade Wilson becoming Deadpool. His diagnosis of cancer and decision to join the Weapon X program.  Also what i really liked is you see Deadpool's deeper side too....

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The formula for success? 0

Something I've begun to notice is that Victor Gischler writes in a very similar fashion over and over again. This whole story feels like the same issue just with different jokes in different places. The story doesn't really progress. It is just Deadpool and friends run into bad guys. It looks hopeless, they fight. Then Deadpool winds up winning by a landslip all of a sudden. Deadpool hits on a female. She rejects him. They go off. Next issue they run into another zombie and the same thing happen...

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Ah... confusing 0

Well, my friend said the last issue was good I picked it up and yeah... it was alright. I won't bother with a review of a month old comic though.  This issue I decided to get too. It was... good. But the "culture swap" machine? Um... why does this thing exist?  The artwork is good (sort of reminds me of Shawn Crystal and I like Shawn Crystal) and the writing is very smart. But really? This whole concept was very strange, Also this comic reveals something I've always thought. When Deadpool and Ca...

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OH GOD! Skip this issue! 0

What the hell is this? They go in a complete circle wit this issue and leave off just as they began. Sure some of the Champion stuff was funny but that was like three panels. Gischler missed the mark with this issue. Nothing changes really. In issue 1 The corps abandons The Champion on a planet with a clever ruse. He then get off and tracks the team down. Now in issue two they abandon him on another planet with another clever ruse... it didn't work before, why do thjey think they've seen the las...

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CHAOTIC! But still good 0

Now, I;m going to start off by saying I HATED THE IDEA OF THIS COMIC WHEN I FIRST HEARD OF IT! A TEAM OF DEADPOOLS! IS AXEL ALONSO NUTS?  Then I read the prelude issues and guess what, the corps is constructed of some pretty interesting characters.  Lady Deadpool reminds me of the Joe Kelly days.  Kidpool is interesting... though I don't quite understand him.  Dogpool was a huge surprise. I thought I'd hate him for sure... but his origin is so creative. I instantly fell in love with the mut.  He...

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Awe strikingly good. 0

When I heard the rumor that Cable may be dying in Second coming (RUMOR! RUMOR! Might not be true!), I was a little upset but I could take it or leave it. This book however makes me really want him to stay alive.  Why?  BECAUSE I FORGOT HOW AWESOME THIS TEAM CAN BE! Seriously, I love Deadpool but when he's teamed up with Cable it makes him sooooooo much better. You need a straight man to keep the laughs coming. And the action can really flesh itself out when two players with very different tactic...

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I'm dropping Deadpool team up 6

When Deadpool got his third ongoing. I was skeptical about it but the "first" issue came out and I was blown away. It was so good. Ever since the book has progressivly has gotten worse and worse. Now all it is, is random characters that you've never heard of in story that makes no difference (or sense sometimes).  As a completionist it was very hard to come to this discision. I have EVERY deadpool appearance ever (excluding Wolverine 102.5 which is technically a wizard comic) so this is a big de...

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Good throw away issue 0

Every now and then there is an issue in a book that basically changes nothing. This is one of those books. Nothing happens in the 616 universe. Deadpool and "Headpool" basically travel through several universes and see Deadpool counterparts of those universes.  Some of the other universes are drastically changed... but let's face it... who cares?  I have a few grievances with this issue.  First and foremost, Major Wade is lame. Why would he have the costume if is the way he is SPOILER WARNING: ...

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Fun but missable 5

Anyone who follows my reviews knows I'm a fan of Mike Benson. So when I heard he and Carlo Barberi were teaming up again to bring a new Deadpool story I was excited. After reading this issue however I felt myself unsatisfied. Don't get me wrong. This issue has very funny moments but the whole first act just dragged on and on.  Benson tried to pull a Tarantio with the story structure of the book. But this made the story slow down and sort go in circles.   Carlo Barberi brought his great artwork a...

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Epic fangasism! 0

This is easily one of the best comics I've read in years!  I have loved Deadpool since before it was cool. This book has so much and by so many.  We have space aliens, mime's, therapists. Everything you could ever want in a comic!  And it brings onto the project so many big names in deadpooldom. From new people like Mike Benson and Pete Woods and legends like Joe Kelly and Rob Liefield (on the same story ARE YOU SERIOUS MARVEL? EPIC EXPLOSION!).   But I have to say even though they all are enter...

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I've been reading Deadpool for years and years and Daniel Way's take on the character has seemed very mediocre to me. But then he surprised me with he Bullseye story arc. That was the best story arc I've read in a long time for everyone's favorite mercenary. I read issue 10 and Daniel Way won me over and he kept it up pretty much all of the way throughout the story arc.  But then he followed it with this incredibly bland and witless issue. I'm glad he brought Bob back. He kind of left that ambig...

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Thor is back! And this time... ITS PERSONAL! 0

Recently Thor has made a few appearances in the Marvel Universe or at least something resembling him did. This was a droid made by Tony Stark and Reed Richards. This comic is not about him. This comic is about the real deal, the real Thor. The comic starts out with Thor is this void of nothingness. Thor contemplates whether he truely exists or even if he ever existed. A man comes to him and tells him his journey is not yet over. I won't much more but let's just say I'm glad Marvel didn't pull so...

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