Wow. Hundreds of e-mails have been sent to Axel Alonso in the last 24 hours. We really made an impression. So much so that I received a response from Mr. Alonso himself. But I cordially ask for the e-mails to stop. The last thing I want is to annoy us out of the running. So if you haven't sent an e-mail yet please do not.
thank you,
Mike Galusick
P.S. Here's hoping! :)


Deadpool and Friends needs your help

Those who follow my Youtube page know I'm a big Deadpool fan... wel you can probably tell from pretty much any site.
I've always loved writing and comics and who knows maybe someday I could actually write a comic. I'm not saying I think I am the greatest untapped resource in the world. But I think I could do it.
I have been writing Deadpool shorts for over a year now. The point of these shorts was to show what I think a Deadpool comic should be like. Several times I have gotten comments like "this feels like a comic" or "you shoudl be writing Deadpool" and to those comments I say thank you. To those saying "Ryan Renyolds sure gained a lot of weight"  say, ha ha ha. That's right I can laugh at myself. I think I'm quite the funny topic :).
But Nate (of Deadpoolandfriends) a few weeks ago came to me and said "why don't we try to write a Deadpool team up book?" I didn't know what to think. This isn't how things work. But we through our hats in the ring anyway and told him at Wondercon we wanted to do it. He wasn't against the idea but then again it would have made him look like an ass if he did and that's not good for buisness.
We've started a grass roots campaign to actually make it happen. If anyone wants to help out send Axel Alonso an e-mail.
There's more information about here (and some jokes too) in this video: