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Jason Vargas Good-fellow (born March 11, 1988), alias The Mad Bad Abattoir

Early life and career

Jason was born in New Orleans, the son of Maurine and Billy Bob Goodfellow . Billy Bob Jasons father, worked as a Garbage disposable man for nuclear reactors, looking to dump waste illegally in the swamp

After graduating from SS High School he moved to New york to study for college entry a child prodigy.


On January 15, at the Nursery Day care center age 2 .One of the Nannies discovered an inert grenade he had reactivated in his lunch box & was killed while trying to dispose of it safely. Since then such incidents begun to occur much more frequently as Jason aged. Teachers friends enemies & neighboring pets all vanished mysterious, only to be found much later with ever increasingly complex signs of mutilation. Jason having managed to hide his involvement continued on what seemed a perfectly normal path.

My Time At Hellenders a Sanatorium for boys

During my childhood I spent most of my time in a asylum for the criminally comically deranged, Mommy & Daddy dearest would often run away through the sanatorium complex after dropping me off again after one of my more colorful self expressions. Oh Yes as I recall the eeriness of the Crazy Jail indeed, occasionally seeing a burning lunatic in the interior halls playing doctor or a misplaced person who was just visiting & accidentally got mistaken for a patient. On more than one occasion bawahaha,,,,,ha. During my younger years of self discovery, My special invisible head friends and I would venture onto the grounds and survey the expansive property, conjuring up thoughts of what we could make happen once outside these buildings. Peering through the outer fences past the dead woods, we would see the local village basking in the light of potentiality. I can recall my last visit as though it was yesterday! oh yes

It was a clear April 1st day back in 2000, a few ward 13 buddies and I trekked over the mounds of dirt blocking the access road on our scared broken enslaved hospital staffs backs . We kicked our make shift human horse's our way to the buildings and into the courtyard. We secured the staff bodies behind some brush and climbed through a broken window into the basement of the administration building to rewrite our medical histories in preparation for our next outing to the big city. The few of us wandered through into the hospital, wound up and down stairwells, toured the laboratories - witnessing some specimens contained in jars, wheelchairs, beds, etc. We reached the roof, the auditorium, and eventually the chapel, before heading back to the courtyard.

I recall seeing many pentagrams and swastikas painted throughout the complex, and signs that rituals of some kind had been conducted in the chapel. That alone was eerie as i had just tried to summon Satan by painting swastikas & pentagrams throughout the complex in blood not twenty minuets before. The scream that was heard throughout the building was enough to make the hair on the back of your neck stand on end! in anticipation of supper Upon reaching the basement level where we had entered, we saw that a police car was parked near our bodies burning.

That days visit will always remain with me. Having witnessed all a boy could do with a lighter A knife & an innocent wide eyed stare.


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A Fast food Burger joint owned by Abba & used as a front to disposed of bodies for the mob

Super Powers Origin

From a young age Jason exhibited exceptional intelligence, but was physically weak and socially awkward. When he reached his teens, his academic skill led to his acceptance at Princeton University, where he double-majored in computer science and electrical engineering. During his sophomore year at Princeton, Jason was recruited into Project: Right Stuff, which he believed to be some sort of prestigious government internship. One night, Jason began to feel ill due to secretly being fed drugs designed to activate latent abilities, and he tried to find a bathroom. He inadvertently stumbled into a restricted Pharmacy where the drugs & chemicals of four generations of human experimentation was stored. This is when his mental power kicked in & drove the pharmacology night staff insane. They instantly & force ably strapped Jason To a table then started injecting him with every drug available to them & the research team.

Meta-human Abilities:


In man or machine Jason Has the Ability to manipulate minds

Psychic Gluttony attack - Increasing hunger to insane & painful levels. Subject must immediately consume massive amouts of meat cooked or raw, forgetting any other distraction.

Psychic Berserker Attack- Turns the most peaceful person into crazed berserk blood lusting animal

Psychic IQ Points Attack- to a a person into a deranged child like buffoon,

Psychic Trauma Attack- Can also create fictional events in a persons past that seem as real as anything they have experienced.

Psychic Reprogram Attack- Reaching deep within the logical mind of a machine, Abattoir can easily disable it by attacking the very core of it's mind by driving it to madness.

Telekinesis -

He can employ it for the purposes of psychokinesis. He can also employ special Force moves, such as Force Choking.






The Usual arsenal of weapons hidden in caches all over.

Death star (I actually got my hand's on a death star in cannon) its currently cloaked in orbit around your anus

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Cybernetic Organism Multifunctional Engineered Atomically Tested Mechanical Everlasting Beatdown Replicating Object

The Come At Me Bro, Is possibly the Abattoirs, greatest improvement on the original, battle bot design.