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This is chaos. 0

 Cover: Although it is by Stuart Immonen, I am not fond of the design.Good: Stuart Immonen pulls a great job and most of the characterizations are well done.Bad: First of all, I do not like the concept of the story. Hammers falling out of the sky? Characters picking up hammers and being controlled? Why are they all picking up the hammers anyways? This might be an okay pitch for an action story but it seems to have no plot whatsoever. I doubt the slug fest will matter in a year so even all t...

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I'll be back in business 0

Cover: It is Dustin Nguyen, one of my favorite artist, but Batman getting beat on the cover doesn't look appealing. Good:  Other than it premiers the return of Blight, I don't have anything good to say about this book.Bad: Having recently re-watched all of Batman Beyond, and this being my first Batman Beyond comic it hardly feels like a continuation of the show. The characterization and dialogue of Bruce is not in conjunction with his personality exemplified in the animation where he is clever, ...

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This is going to take all of us. 0

Cover: Take of it what you will; it's a little strange and poses more questions than answers. But that isn't necessarily bad, for it might persuade you to check out the comic.Good: I've never read Moon Knight and have seen him in the pages of Secret Avengers where he is mute. With big name Bendis on the title and me being curious from the cover, I decided to check this out. It may not have felt in continuity with previous stuff as the other reviewers mentioned; but going in almost totally new to...

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Scott Summers, annointed savior of the alley cats! 5

Cover: Not too appealing. I don't like heroes being beat and on the floor on the cover, and it seems to happen a lot recently.Good: Gillen gives strong characterization to the X-men. Cyclops, Emma, Kitty, Colossus and Magneto are the only X-men that appear in this issue. And, the issue manages to distribute time proportionately among the characters. Gillen's run seems to have begun strong.Bad: Not necessarily, but the plot twist in the last few pages is a bit risky. It betrays how Gillen portray...

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Puff Up 1

Cover: It is done by Amanda Conner, one of my favorite artists. Look for yourself; it is simply gorgeous!Story:Good If you thought this was going to be a mediocre issue, due to the absence of Dini you are in for a surprise. Guest writer Mathew Struges pulls out an awesome script and an interesting villain for Zatanna’s skills. This villain, Backslash, reverses Zatanna’s words so she has to find new tricks to defeat him. The whole issue keeps you entertained, and the reviewers titles may be an in...

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