Project 3: Quest!

 This one is for you quest addicts! The quest? It is to find my new alt!

Here is the clue for deciphering the end message:
0 = A
1 = B
00 = C
01 = D
10 = E
11 = F
000 = G
001 = H
010 = I
011 = J
100 = K
101 = L
111 = M
0000 = N
0001 = O
0010 = P
0011 = Q
0100 = R
0101 = S
0111 = T
1000 = U
1001 = V
1010 = W
1011 = X
1100 = Y
1101 = Z

It is sort of like machine language, but I think it is actually more complicated than this. Now it is you who has to make sense of it all. Have fun and hope to see you on the other side!

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Clash of the Comics 9 : The Riddler vs. Daken

Clash of the Comics 9


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                                                                                            The Riddler vs. Daken

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A man always obsessed with riddles and mental pursuits, the Riddler turned to crime mostly as an outlet for his imagination and mental acuity.

 Riddler's obsession
 Riddler's obsession

Daken is the son of Wolverine and Itsu. His existence unknown to Wolverine for years, Daken feels abandoned by his father. Daken’s name is of Japanese origin in which it means mongrel; it was not his given name but the one that he decided to keep.

 Daken's mother, Itsu
 Daken's mother, Itsu

RazzaTazz: Riddler just because it is so original and never really been copied.

A_O_N: Riddler – Being bored and unsatisfied from his work, Nigma sought crime as a means to be recognized. He left clues and puzzles in order to be discovered, and thus began his constant matching of wits with Batman. He is one of my favorite Bat-villains as he is really quite different from the rest of the crew.


None, but he knows how many sides a circle has.

Being Wolverine’s son, Daken possesses the same powers as his dad, claws (though he was missing one on each hand originally), healing factor, etc. But if that weren’t enticing enough, he has an uncanny ability with which he can play with the emotions of those around him – a low key mind control. 

RazzaTazz: Riddler because he would ... uh ... who am I kidding?   Daken would take him down in about one tenth of a second

A_O_N: Daken’s going to enjoy scarring the Riddler to pieces, very much like what he did to the Punisher.


Very distinctive costume based on an overall green scheme with question marks all over.  Also uses questions mark shaped items.

Daken stole Wolverine’s older look when he joined the Dark Avengers. Before which he traveled around with a naked chest and trousers. Now he’s gotten a personalized look, with some bandages. It sort of reminds me of Shishio from RuroKen.

 Daken's various looks
 Daken's various looks

RazzaTazz: It may look corny, but everyone knows who the Riddler is, so I go with Nigma on this one.

A_O_N: The Riddler’s costume is a clever design and a classic while Daken’s really hasn’t found that right niche yet.



Obsessive and super intelligent he comes across as an extremely eccentric academic.  

Daken is a manipulator who knows how to use his power set well. Like Mystique, he is another character whose true motives remain shrouded. However, he is a rebellious son – what Wolverine would be without his dignity. 

 Daken and Mystique on a date
 Daken and Mystique on a date

RazzaTazz: Riddler because of the riddle fascination, a genius character with a fatal flaw.

A_O_N: Riddler – While Daken’s actions are primarily based towards amassing power, the Riddler obsession with puzzles and riddles makes him a more interesting figure.


 The riddles come!
 The riddles come!

He has one of the most famous modus operandi in the entire comics universe.  If anyone even came close to a character that gives away his crimes in riddle format, they would get ridiculed as a rip-off of this guy

Daken wears a Mohawk and bears a giant tattoo that spans around his left arm, shoulder and left side of his back. It goes in hand with his attitude.

RazzaTazz: Daken, just because he is related to Wolverine.

A_O_N:  From his name (E. Nigma) to the most frivolous of his challenges, the Riddler defines what he is all about.

Best Story:

So many Riddler stories are so nuanced and self contained that they don't really stand out in the grand scheme though they are usually entertaining.  And although he was a major player in Batman: Hush one particular story arc which sticks in my mind was around Detective Comics 520 where he is on a crime spree to steal some baseball memorabilia and overwhelms Batman with dozens of simple riddles adding to his confusion.  

Daken’s favorite story was when he was the Dark Avengers’ Wolverine and went to the Baxter Building. He got clobbered by the Thing but he managed to take a picture of it and gave it to Osborn. Osborn decided this as the perfect opportunity to defame the First Family in public. However, Daken then helped the Fantastic Four and somewhat succeed in earning their trust. Daken played both sides, his real allegiance unknown while neither side came out the wiser. 

RazzaTazz: Daken's story is good but I love a good crime caper, Riddler here.

A_O_N: Riddler – A good riddle is one that which the least number of people know the answer to. Like so, when the Riddler learned of Batman’s secret, he decided against leaking it to the public. Although all of the Riddler’s schemes revolve around some puzzles, they feel fresh. Unfortunately, so far about half of Daken’s stories have been about him tossing up with his father.

Fun Fact:

Hates the Joker as he thinks murder should not come into the equation for a criminal genius.   

Daken is a bi-sexual. He has kissed Bullseye in order to get him to shut up as well as manipulated many women into coming into bed with him. 

 One of Daken's victims
 One of Daken's victims

RazzaTazz: I love when villains hate each other (reference Cheetah trying to kill Doctor Light)

A_O_N: Daken – Riddler loses points for hating Mr. J.

Media Appearance:

A staple through the Batman animated universe (which makes sense he is in the top 5 Batman villains).  Also was in Batman Forever where he was played by Jim Carrey in an over the top performance which didn't really do the character justice.  

 Jim Carrey
 Jim Carrey

Daken is a new character, with a life span of about 5 years. Therefore, he doesn’t have any resume entries so far. 

RazzaTazz: Default! Default! Default! (Riddler because he has some, plus Frank Gorshin was awesome)

A_O_N: The Riddler for his engaging episodes in Batman: The Animated Series.

Current Whereabouts:

Recently returned to crime after a period trying to work with the heroes.  

Daken is currently squaring off with X-23 and Gambit and trying to amass his own criminal empire in LA.

RazzaTazz: I think Daken here because he is part of something constant.

A_O_N: Daken – He is running his own series albeit being a villain. Plus, Riddler return to villainy was a weak plot and lacked substance.

RazzaTazz: 6 – 3; A_O_N: 6 – 3

Total : 12 – 6 

 The Riddler calls Bats about the outcome of the next match  DUN DUN DUN
 The Riddler calls Bats about the outcome of the next match  DUN DUN DUN

Clash of the Comics 8 : Thanos vs. Clayface

Clash of the Comics 8


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                                                                                                     Thanos vs. Clayface

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Thanos was born on a planet named Titan. Even at an early age, he initiated genocide experiments of his home planet. From there, he became obsessed with death (both Lady Death and leaving death and destruction in his wake) and became a cosmic threat to galaxies and planets.

There were many Clayfaces but the most famous was Basil Karlo, an actor who at first has the ability to impersonate almost anyway.  Later he stole the powers of the other clayfaces.  

A_O_N: Thanos – If it’s one thing I really dislike in comics, it is when characters take over other characters’ names. With Clayface, this is done to an absurd level!

RazzaTazz: Thanos is too generic of a villain, I take Clayface here.


Thanos power level is cosmic and he is an Avatar of Death. He has squared off against all too many a powerhouses of Marvel and has not come out defeated. He has defeated Thor, Silver Surfer and the Avengers, tricked Mephisto and even nullified Galactus through a trap of his own design.

Clayface has the ability to shapeshift; he has also has a degree of superstrength and the ability to stretch.

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A_O_N: Thanos – ‘nuff said!

RazzaTazz: Thanos, unless Clayface turned into Thanos as well (actually that wouldn't work)


Thanos wears blue tights with some yellow armor on top. It’s nothing much but it is still a defining look. Thanos being the mascot of the Infinity Gauntlet is a much more effective attention grabber!

No Caption Provided

None really he takes the form of whatever he wants.  When he appears as himself he appears as a living mud.

A_O_N: Thanos – I don’t think anyone cosplays as Clayface.

RazzaTazz: Thanos, though really Clayface could have infinite costumes


Thanos’s name is derived from the Greek word Thanatos, which refers to the personification of death. Likewise, Thanos is a figure very much like the tragic heroes from Greek plays as he lets his hubris (pride) get in the way of his plans. Many a times, he has held the galaxy at his fingertips, but then allowed himself to be defeated.

One of the wilder Batman enemies, Clayface’s powers often makes him act in a more animalistic way.  

A_O_N: Clayface – I wouldn’t like to hang out with either of them and to avoid Thanos I need to be a galaxy away?

RazzaTazz: Tie, both kind of psychopathic


He is bulky and looks menacing?

He can look like anything he wants, but is his natural form he can out-gross Venom.

A_O_N: Clayface – His name fits his appearance.

RazzaTazz: Tie, Clayface is what you would expect from the name, but Thanos screams intergalactic conqueror

Best Story:

Thanos’ best story has to be the Infinity Quest where he collected all the infinity gems and molded them into one of my favorite objects – the Infinity gauntlet with which he then harbored near limitless power. But, he got bored pretty quickly.

In Batman:Hush he takes on the form of a resurrected Jason Todd to further Batman's confusion.  

A_O_N:   Thanos – For a best story, Clayface has a minor part in the whole story and isn’t even the main villain whereas the opposite holds for Thanos.

RazzaTazz: Clayface, his was the part that blew my mind the most, as I thought for sure Jason was back. 

No Caption Provided

Fun Fact:  

Thanos once brought back Captain Mar-vell from the grave to ask him about relationship advice with Death after which he returned him to the deceased. Sheesh! Way to repay a favor.

Somewhat inspired by Lon Chaney, the Man of a Thousand Faces.

A_O_N: Thanos – But I can’t say the same for Captain Mar-vell fans.

RazzaTazz: Clayface – I like the references to the late great silent screen actor

Media Appearance:

Thanos doesn’t have much media appearance, maybe in few cartoon episodes and video game cameos. He was on a short list for being one of the villains for the Avengers movie but it seems a stretch. Thanos is a little too powerful to be used often; which in this case works as a good thing.

Appears often in the DC animated universe.  

A_O_N: Clayface – He has some good episodes in Batman: the Animated Series.

RazzaTazz:  Clayface almost by default but he deserves it anyway.  

Current Whereabouts:

Thanos recently came back to life in the Thanos Imperative, the latest Marvel cosmic event and helped the heroes fight against the menace of the Cancerverse. However, seemingly he along with Nova and Starlord died in order to stop the Cancerverse from spreading.

I don't know, I think I might have scraped him off my shoe yesterday.  In all honesty he is an A list Batman villain so he is never far.

A_O_N: Provided we haven’t heard much of Clayface lately and Thanos just died again, I would give this a tie.

RazzaTazz: Clayface as he could be literally anywhere, he might be posing as Oracle for all we know.  

A_O_N: 5 – 3; RazzaTazz: 2 – 5

Total: 7 – 8

Clayface defeats Thanos (I'm just as surprised as you) Now he should go work on being in Batman 4! (actually no he doesn't get my vote)

No Caption Provided

                                                                                                     That's really Clayface shapeshifted into Thanos!

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Clash of the Comics 7 : Kingpin vs. Firestar

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The Kingpin was the first kingpin of crime in the Marvel Universe and is easily arguable to still be the best. He sought to unite all crime in New York City under his control and was an antagonist to both Spider-man and Daredevil. Kingpin also has a degree in political science, and portrays himself as a legitimate businessman to the general public. 

Firestar is a mutant who like many other mutants manifested their powers during a stressful moment in their teenage years.  Her first appearance was actually in the Spider-Man cartoon in the early 80s.  Four years afterwards was her first comic appearance but unlike her cartoon version she was initially recruited to work for Emma Frost and the Hellion Club 

A_O_N: The Kingpin was the first of his type and set a trend for future kingpins that sought to carve their own legacy inspired by the original.

RazzaTazz: The mutant story is told so many times in such similar ways it would be hard to give it the edge here.


The Kingpin doesn’t have any superpowers except perhaps a slight dose of super strength.

Her powers are basically control of microwaves though this gives her additional abilities as her control is so strong.  She can create intense heat and also fly.   

A_O_N: Firestar would win in a solo fair fight.

RazzaTazz: Firestar would win if she could get past the army of assassins.  


The Kingpin doesn’t have a costume and he wears business attire. 

For being an early 80s inspired fashion victim, Firestar's costume holds up pretty well so much so that it hasn't ever really been redesigned (though it has been modernized)

A_O_N: Firestar – As usual having a costume trumps not having one.

RazzaTazz: Firestar –  I can<t pull of 80s fashion in modern day so I gotta go with Firestar on this one.


The Kingpin is greedy, determined and manipulative based on his actions. He wants to control crime due to the power and wealth it would indulge him with, and he even uses some of his cover business operations such as that of a spice trader in order to finance his operations. But the Kingpin also has a more humane element to him, that of a husband and father. At one time, he even quit his career at the discretion of his wife.  

She is often portrayed as somewhat of a socially awkward and confused person because of her powers, but she had come in to her own as a member of the Avengers.     

 A_O_N: The Kingpin – I like Kingpin’s personality outside of his work as it adds more depth to the character. It doesn’t follow the cliché of an abusive relationship or the crime boss being in charge of his own prostitution business.

RazzaTazz: The Kingpin – Archnemesis to on superhero and pretty major villain to another, Kingpin deserves the win in this category for being such an engaging villain.  


The Kingpin is a bald and vast figure. Not really a contender for the looks department. 

In some sense she doesn't differ much from other mutants in that her background story is very similar to some, but she is also consistently written as a fairly deep character

A_O_N: Firestar – This is not even a competition.

RazzaTazz: Kingpin because he is so characteristic, Firestar looks cool too but she looks like a hundred other characters.  

Best Story:

I’m not too familiar with some of his classic stories, but when Spider-man revealed his identity to the world, the Kingpin hired Spider-man rouges gallery to go after those closest to Peter Parker. Spidey reverted to his darker costume and almost let his anger get the best of him. The story culminated in the “death” of Aunt May which then led to the most hated story in Spider-man’s history.

I am a sucker for comic book romances (well ones that are well written) so the relationship between her and Marvel Boy is one of the better ones in my opinion.

A_O_N: Kingpin – Where Firestar is a character that writers often struggle to write, the Kingpin does not suffer from such misfits and is a prominent character in whatever he pops his big head in.       

RazzaTazz: Kingpin because of the nuances in the writing of him and how he almost always is the antithesis of the hero facing him.         

Fun Fact:

The Kingpin has tried to quit his career a few times. However, he has not been able to live peacefully in his retirement. In his latest such attempt he was attacked by the assassin Lady Bullseye which forced him out of retirement. 

Unlike DC which has been inspired from the small screen to create new characters for comics, Firestar is one of the very few Marvel characters to have made the jump the opposite way.  

A_O_N: Kingpin – Just like what Batman would say that he can’t retire and go play golf. However, in the Kingpin’s case it is a bit opposite but it stills delivers the same message that either you die or you continue in your endeavors. And, that your past will catch up to you even when you go to hide in a foreign country.

RazzaTazz: I always have a soft spot for those characters that go from tv to comics, I don't know why.  

Media Appearance:

The Kingpin appeared in the Daredevil movie as a crime boss and hired Bullseye to rid of both Daredevil and Elektra. But I think his most memorable media appearance, is the one from the Amazing Spider-man cartoons.

She started out in other media, and this is still where a lot of people know her best from, although those appearances are the majority of her appearances outside of comics.  

A_O_N: Firestar – Her career began as a result of her popularity through her media appearance.   

RazzaTazz: Kingpin because he has been more relevant in the media overall than Firestar has 

Current Whereabouts:

Being offered and then rejected to become the leader of the Hand due to the efforts of Daredevil – who desired not to let the organization fall into the hands of one of his mortal enemies and instead pursued a noble cause to change the organization from within as its new leader. However, this led to Daredevil’s own downfall and him being controlled by an evil entity per the events of Shadowland. In the aftermath Daredevil went missing, and Kingpin got to take over the Hand like he wanted. We haven’t seen much of him since then, but he’s out there certainly plotting his next grand scheme, shall we say.

Firestar is a member of the Young Allies, meting out justice superhero style.  

A_O_N: There are too many superheroes that outshine Firestar to make her endeavors outstanding and the Young Allies are somewhat of an annoying bunch. But, the Kingpin, on the other hand, I’m interested to see where he goes next.

RazzaTazz: I go with a tie here they are pretty prominent members of the Marvel universe.   

A_O_N: 5 – 4; RazzaTazz: 5 – 3

Total: 10 – 7

The Kingpin: Business. That’s all it ever is, business.


Comic Book Annuals - Do they make any sense?

 Comic book annuals don't make any sense to me. There is no order to them and don't seem to have much connection to the continuing story of the title with which they share the name.

The Invincible Iron Man annual comes after around issue 30. How does that make any sense?

Nevermind this one.

First of all if annuals should exist, then they should come after a certain number, most likely a multiple of 12 marking the comic to be a certain amount of years old. Otherwise it could be incorporated as the 12th issue, a giant-sized issue like the ones we actually call anniversary issues where a comic book reaches issue 50 or 600 or 900. This makes the most sense as the 12th issue marks the real anniversary while the 50 or 600 is just a milestone. True 600 is divisible by 12 so it would be the 50th anniversary of a comic. It doesn't make sense to celebrate issue 50, instead celebrate 48 and 60.
But this proposed plan presumes that one comic book comes out each month and this is not always the case. Some months we get two or no issue of a particular series. This could slightly put the anniversary issue out of order. However, I still think celebrating issue that are multiples of 12 makes the most sense instead of bringing in a new artist or the entire creative team (in Thor's case) to celebrate the annual doesn't feel like a celebration.

Magneto's power

...can it be used to sort of mind control machines? I know he likes to crush them; but would he be able to control them as his pawns?


[Project 2] Super Smash Bros. meets comics

 I hope many of you have played Super Smash Bros. (be it Melee or Brawl or both) otherwise I wouldn't be able to get much conversation in this thread.
Basically we're redesigning everything we loved about the Super Smash Bros. series and translating it to comic book character interpretation. We're using the Gamecube controller settings for default; but it would be compatible for the Wii (I never could learn how to play Brawl with the Wii remote)

No Caption Provided

  So the functions:
the Control stick is to move;
the pad on the bottom left is mostly insignificant but it can be used for character emote (you can design those as well),
the middle button is to pause the game,
A button is to execute regular moves, Usually punches and kicks

No Caption Provided

No Caption Provided
where B is for special moves ( there are four: B, B-side, B-up, B-down depending on how you move the control stick)

No Caption Provided

No Caption Provided

No Caption Provided

No Caption Provided
The function of X and Y is the same and that is to jump.
L and R on the top work the same and that is to put up a temporary shield that gets smaller and leaves you defenseless if it breaks.
Z, also on the top is to grab.
No Caption Provided

The most interesting part (no doubt) will be the B moves. Each character can have four special moves B, B side, B up, and B down.
So here we try for Superman:
B is for laser beam (like Falco's gun)

No Caption Provided
B-side could be freeze breath (it could be like the Freezie item, where the opposing character freezes for a bit, and to play to Superman strength's it could have a one in nine of KO like Mr. Game & Watch's hammer)

No Caption Provided
B-up (not sure but i was thing of something that plays up his speed, maybe something like Meta Knight's B side move but goes up instead of sideways)

No Caption Provided
B down can create a whirlwind at his location to deflect projectiles or like Meta Knight's whilwind which doesn't remain stationary.

No Caption Provided
No doubt Superman will have to be toned down, so regard less of threat levels characters like Moon Knight and Daredevil have a fighting chance against Superman.

Other ideas, I was thinking some for X-men because they always seem to get the short end for being in games.
For Emma Frost, we can have B down to turn to diamond form, but then she can't use her other B moves. Kind of like what Zelda has with Shiek.
Nightcrawler could have the teleportation of Shiek

No Caption Provided
Rouge could have one of her skills like Kirby so she can use opponent's skills.

Although I'm not a fan of Super smash balls introduced in Brawl, we can integrate those:
For example Cyclops's super smash can be taking off his visor and does a Samus like smash where a huge red beam shoots to one side.

No Caption Provided

Of course, we can have items such as infinity gems, green lantern ring but we will have to figure how they would work. We can also have assist trophies for character that complex enough to have four separate moves maybe someone like Wolverine or Namor lols.

There's also stages. There a lot to work with so run wild with creativity and I will also check and contribute to this often.
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