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Assholes didn't fix one common bug yet but made it a point of priority to get rid of the name change one.

God forbid after all, the owners of the site feel as ripped off as the paying members. Glad I never did.

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Dalek's need another upgrade. I just can't see the current one's as dangerous.

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Somewhat rushed.

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Watching the vids of all the climaxing situations Animus one pops a bottle of champagne with a smirk, some losses but more gains all and all. "Ladies and gentleman turn away from your monitors. We've got to toast this occasion. Sadly we were double crossed by two of ours, and now half our city has figure heads. This proves more opportune than disappointing." Turning away and listening intently the staff smile with a sense of accomplishment as basic droids bring them glasses, "Our new enforcement agency will have simplified targets, heads to the snakes so to speak."

"While most of the other did what was asked, none of them actually made it back to us. Therefore I'm not anymore out of pocket than when I started. For the most part we're up."

Raising glasses the affiliates stand, "With some rudimentary understanding of the British beauty Zedora's process for cellular manipulation we have been able to upgrade and improve on the genetic process to which we clone."

Pulling off his Bluetooth and sticking it on his desk the glass quickly spider's out in the form of a motherboard to a computer and branches down and across the floor, reaching upto the screens. He made it more for effect than practicality. On the screen his DNA began to rebuild from the actual contents the 3D imaging needed to map his entire genome. "With the distributed Bluetooth we've given to our contractors the machine has taken skin and tissue samples of microscopic size and digitized it. With the help of our science department we have used our own cloning ability to essentially... 'print' a copy of their genomes. Zedora's technology took a step further, we were able to splice them together on basic genetic level. These basic markers include fighting ability, muscle memory, intelligence potential, reflex potential, and physical potential. Let's drink. " He holds the glass high. Stepping off the elevator are two Animen (Synthetic guards made by the original thomas Newcastle) pushing an upright gurney trapping a man who's jawline could be seen in a steel case "To you all for your flawless work, to R&D, and most of all To Judge Grimm! "

"Here here!"

"To Mr.Newcastle!"

"To a new year and a new city!"

All together the group drinks and clinks. Faces warm and stomachs rumble. Only the fizz doesn't stop. It continued like a bad case of acid reflux, and continued to build until they all looked up at A1 who sipped from a bottle of sparkling cider with a smirk. Mouths begin to foam white, throats trying to inhale only embrace white mist that pours backwards into their lungs. Death was slow and drawn out. "It's time we started to economization is essential in the new order."

"Take the subject back down stairs. Prepare him for my Nephew.

"If the late arrival in the tin suit comes to collect, give him what he's due."

@laughingstock (PM me)

Next: A one shot to show the future of Law enforcement

Then: New Grimm debuts

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Animus One
Animus One
the black haired alt of Duchess
the black haired alt of Duchess

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Soon as I get a minute I'll get my post down

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@pyrogram said:

I swear, sometimes I read something about astronomy and space which just leaves me in awe for like five minutes straight, just contemplating the vastness...lol crazy.

One poster a teacher had in class tripped me out

Like fck it's not even recess yet and your droppin metaphysics on me.

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@surkit: If there is another one, the sequel, and since I'm not gonna be here and don't want to flake, I'll let you or G or Dre write Merc out, say something like an even bigger offer came up, and Merc says something like, "We're not done here." or whatevs to Charlemagne. So that there isn't an awkward gap in events... Unfortunately I got no idea about Assault though.

I had a feeling you went stray with Assault, don't worry about it.

How bout I call merc up and offer him a job that would take a long time? PM me, maybe we can set you up to find something you want him to have when get back.

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hmm...May have made him salty.

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The scene below was almost theater. The Tribunal watching in astonishment beside the Warden who grips the rusted pole beneath his hand so fiercely the red dust crunches of and falls downward onto the heads of sea swarming with a continuous flow of insane and sadists. But even still in the center of the crowd there was a gap as wide as the enemies arms length, incredible and infuriating at once.

"Warden...perhaps, we should goto the auxillary chopper..." A blonde female with a darkened face says stepping forward

"NEGATIVE! Go to the storage room and grab all the day sticks and manual weapons, throw them to the crowd. Perhaps they'll do the job of killing him and themselves for us." His eyes were barely white anymore, red veins engaging every inch, his head cracking back at the suggestive guard

"Anderson. I will send you as tribute to the crowd if you ever suggest forfeiting our holy mission, ever again." Peircing blue eyes filled with fear peer up from the hood as she nods and goes to get the weapons.


As she was gone the entire block had fallen through the floor onto the undocumented, unknown of scientific anomally from across the pond. The block fills with a light show that would make a hundred epileptics seize as electricity shorts in the pool of bodies and currents instantly killing at least fifty. "Anderson you slut throw the weapons! ANDERSON! Stupid b!tch..." He turns to stare directly into the barrel of a pistol, the rest of tribunal literally backing her decision pulling their hoods down behind Anderson, "Anderson...? You- you need me. I have the sight, your all just conduits!"

Stepping forward Anderson drops a single tear and sticks the gun in his mouth, "True. we need your mind." Clicking back the hammer, "The rest of you is expendable." BLAM! the back of his neck flies out with a gush of raining red blood and spine chinks, the other members pulling out the gardening machetes and cleaning cleaving his head from his shoulders, the body spurting a torrent of red rain on everyone below as the body soon followed. The chopper not long later lifts from the helipad, shooting a spiraling side rocket at the main gate to do what they could for the surviving. They already saw what was to come, what was about to become.That revelation guided Anderson's hand, straight back into the Heart of Grimm.

Animus Tower

ten minutes ago the team guarding the building asked if it was meant to be shot down, A-One smiled and rubbed his forehead, "Of course not...of course not. Send them down, and send up one of the research team in R&D with a cryo box."

He waits on what looks like a throne designed by Warhol, the image in his abstract mind becoming a slowly solidifying masterpiece of manipulative and meticulous planning. It was almost ready. He only wondered now how the realistic fem fatale android was faring in the Asylum, and just who that Welshman with the iron knuckles was....H began to grow suspicious

"Send a communique to code:Matriarch. I've decided to Renege on my curiosity in her experiments, funding and protection ends tonight. Send her my deepest apologies and optimisms in her endeavors...Or some shit of that nature. Make it sound empathetic. In the mean time keep hover drones on her signatures and the blonde guy...his abilities are, resourceful."

East Grimm

"No!" Too late. The people started opening fire converging on the spot of the igniting force as he drops the grenade and sets the floor of the road in flames. Cars begin to explode and flip like dominoes, manholes blast off of the streets and crack with an orange glow. The street wasn't just dowsed in gas it was overflowing with it from the sewers. Every gas station in the area was emptied. Lead wanted the people to hold their fire to avoid sparking the rest of the catalyst but the damage was done and doing, Hitting the ground the new ally barks the same command he would have. Sliding behind a flipped vehicle besides a platoon of weekend warriors, Lead looks at the hyper reflexive supposed ally, "Thanks...I didn't see that coming" The masked master just looks at him with a puzzled eye, Lead didn't understand why until he looked into the upside down side view on the flipped pickup to see his own burned face bare, the wounds healing almost instantly.

Looking down to ask fro orders a man is stunned, "Ma-...LEAD IS a LIE! IT'S MAXIMUS NEWCASTLE! It's MAXIMUS N-" a foot to the chest and a pounce into the air, Max had no choice but to withdraw in disappointment and anger, the people would never have trusted the blood of Thomas Newcastle, he had to use deception as a volatile tool that exploded in his face as soon as the grenade did. Firing a line from his gauntlet beneath a sweater sleeve he grapnels onto the roof of a car park and spins off towards the main target, without his army. He only hoped the man that believed in his cause would act in his stead and take down the fire bomber and quell the people before they degraded back into a lawless conglomerate of looters.

Animus Tower

"I'm not surprised. That boy has been a disappointment since birth. Now he's on his way here..." Rubbing a cracked clone chin Animus One contemplates how to take out his technical relative. "Are the precogs in place?"

"Yes sir, linked to the central cortex of Warden. We're beginning testing on the amplifications to broaden remote viewing as well as future scoping." One of the scientists said in his corner parlaying with the division beneath the building working with the sanctuary seeking Asylum staff

"The bluetooth devices, did all the contractors go in with them? We have the readings? DNA imaging?" A computer engineer nods with a smirk, "Excellent. Begin downloading their neural patterns as well as any physiological anomalies and integrate them into code: Grimm.Begin cloning as soon as all point are integrated."