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Big Girls don't cry

A list of larger than life women who you don't want to get on the bad side of. I'll add more as I think them up.

List items

  • Wonder Woman villainess who is big and powerful even before using her powers. Kill her boyfriend and you will suffer.

  • The Jade Giantess thankfully doesn't have her cousin's temper.

  • Like mother like daughter they say. With a little bit of the dad thrown in there.

  • The original, the best and definitely the most mentally unstable.

  • What ever you do don't kill a baby seal in front of her. My Norwegian friend found that out the hard way.

  • She maybe on the straight and narrow now but call her N word and there might be trouble. (The N word being Nora)

  • She's 50% towards becoming like the infamous Robin Hood. She's robbed from the rich but hasn't gotten around to giving it to the poor yet.

  • The phrase "Big things come in small packages" rings very true to this both pint and super sized heroine.

  • From a world where women rule over men. If a man called her babe she'd removed their heart and eat it right in front of them. Or maybe she's a vegetarian.

  • Although she's from Apokalips I don't think she's ever watched Apocalypse Now.

  • Too Tall Tara has been through a lot over the years. Just don't ask for money unless you want to get your ass kicked properly.

  • This girl definitely had the biggest growth spurt in Buffyverse history. She also had the biggest shrink spurt, go figures.

  • Towering former friend of Ben Grimm. Hopefully he remembered to take a step ladder when wanting to see her eye to eye.

  • As Ozzy Osbourne would say. She's going off the rails on a crazy train,

  • If you wanna get someone to leave your bar, she's the girl you wanna hire.

  • What ever you do don't make her angry or else it'll be Attack of the 200 foot Girl.

  • If she really is from the microverse she must be one of the most powerful size changers in comic history (Growing wise)

  • Don't let the name fool you. An interesting concept nonetheless

  • She's 599 inches of power and beauty. One more inch and there would have been a lawsuit.

  • As seen in Doctor Who Adventures #83 giant Donna is good at fixing roofs. If she stayed big she could have made a business of it.

  • I growing girl who could possibly drink Wolverine under the table.

  • Going from a mousy nerd to a 6'4 bombshell is the dream of all nerdy girls.

  • She's big, she's strong and possible out of her mind.

  • Kinda reminds me of Kitty Pryde. Too bad she doesn't appear more often

  • Seven feet of pure muscle and power. Just remember to bring your step ladder when you meet her.

  • Alternate Elasti-Girl. Shame her comic book career was so damn short.

  • Ultimate Kitty Pryde grew to match the mighty planet eater Galactus. Their fight was one for the ages.

  • A girl who go from 0-60 (feet that is) in 1.3 seconds.

  • The new Ms Marvel has the potential to be the most powerful size manipulation powers in the entire Marvel Universe.

  • When this girl's mutant ability finally activates she's gonna make a BIG statement.

  • The new Power Girl also has new BIG powers.