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X-Men Read Through

Hi everyone. I wanted to start a blog because in about a month I’m gonna start re-reading X-Men comics from 1963 to about 2000 although I will most likely have to stop Uncanny X-Men around 1991. Each day I will read one issue and give everyone my thoughts and people can comment if they like. I’m going to start at the very beginning and work my way through. I am using the Essential X-Men graphic novels but I will be reading all the other X-Men related Essentials (Wolverine, X-Factor, Dazzler) and numerous side appearances, spin off material and LSs. Here is a short list of what I will be going through and I’m guessing that it’ll take at least a year if not longer.

A list of what I’m going through.

Essential Classic X-Men Volumes 1-3

Essential X-Men Volumes 1-11

Numerous X-Men one shots and specials (Mainly from 80’s)

Essential X-Factor Volumes 1-5

Essential Wolverine volumes 1-7

Essential Dazzler volumes 1 and 2

New Mutants Classics Volume 1-7

Excalibur (Entire run plus all specials and guest appearances)

Practically every X-Men limited series from the 80’s including both Secret Wars series. (Only X-Men LS from that era is Wolverine and Havok Meltdown)

Marvel Comics Presents #1-#50 something.

Entire Fatal Attractions and Age Of Apocalypse storylines.

Numerous guest appearances by X-Men members (Mostly focused on Kitty Pryde but a few Nightcrawler appearances and the team in general. Also includes Avengers Annual #10 and King Size Hulk #1 which reprints the very first appearance of Wolverine)

There are most likely others that I’ve missed out but I will probably get to them eventually. Hell people can post different things that are relevant that I might have missed. I was even thinking about reading the Marvel Transformers series while I go through these since I loved that series and it is within the timeline.

It’ll be an adventure and I hope that people will go along for the ride.


Fanfic complete

Just to let people know I've finally finished the last part of my X-Men fanfic. Hope you enjoy.


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First part of my fan fic is up

Part of my first fan (Posted on this site) is up. Its an X-Men team based in 1983 (Not the X-Men from 1983). See how the X-Men deal with the threat of Magneto and the Brotherhood while the teams youngest member Kitty Pryde goes through a big change.



Yo what's up boys and gals. I've been a memeber for around 2 years but I haven't been doing much so now I'm going to make more of a contribution. I wanna get my levels up and you can't blame me.